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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Bet it will be some good dick though
  2. He’s... really unattractive.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Mr.Arroz

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    Can we talk about the...narrative around Will Smith's recent photos? We've got these

    which I think he's touted as his "worst shape ever"... which...isn't even too far off from the typical/normal/visible masc-identifying body? It's curious to see so many supportive comments when a body type like his, which isn't even "out of shape" is oft ignored, harassed, and outright ridiculed on social media and dating platforms.

    It's then led to

    which just feeds into the rhetoric of fatphobia. That any bodily change which is outside the scope of acceptability must be combated and "corrected". His body is... a body. A functioning, moving, breathing example of not needing to adhere to social standards of being cut, ripped, and visibly "hot". The idea that his body in those photos is predominantly viewed as "sloppy" just perfectly depicts what "our" ideal visibility "should" be. Giving him a show for it is just as toxic and unproductive as that Colton Underwood shit. It just frames LGBTIQA+ stories in a very harmful way, and gives weight to stereotypes by way of appearing that our supposed community is a pool, rather than fractured pieces that share occasional commonalities. Centering our weight as a factor of value has always been to our detriment, no matter how prominent it is.

    But a conversation of that nature cannot define all instances of change. It also leads to a general conversation of whether any weight/body change itself is inherently fatphobic/harmful. Surely, people shift weight because they believe that they must meet a standard which is visible and also inescapable. But that also challenges the stance of whether there are also people that would like bodily changes (whether gain or loss) to occur which might instead improve/relieve bodily-related dysphoria or causes which might be stem from other impacts. Not everyone that wants to lose weight is doing so to avoid "fatness" or perceived "fatness". We can accept by example that fatphobia is a very strong undercurrent of current desires of weight loss, while also understanding that by nuance that all weight change itself is varied. I guess I'm trying to survey the very dimensions of weight change, by calling attention to how the LGBTQIA+ community frames it, versus how those that might be labeled as part of this community individually approach weight change. There's a lot to be explored and expounded upon here, but it's so shaded and expansive, and I hate how it's being examined in other places.
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  6. londonrain

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    The caption he posted under that image in the first place is more nuanced than the narrative suggests.

    It’s fine for him to consider that out of shape for him, but he’s a celebrity and looking a certain way is arguably part of his job.
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  7. In both photos it's the way he's posing that makes him look 'funny' and 'out of shape'. Both of these things he is not really. This is the body of the average man around the world. ALSO yes celeb, etc, but when was Will known for his body or showed skin? It's all a bit iffy.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

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    I’m not talking about how it was originally framed - I’m talking about how it’s being consumed and regurgitated - which is the larger picture here. It’s the overall context which matters bc that’s what ends up impacting mass bodies of influence.
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  9. Yes you’re right that’s the main thing - all I’m saying is his body is fine in the pic? And the “omg fat go back to fit” commenting is dumb.
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  10. I think he looks great!
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  11. Around Bad Boys 2. Will being in shape for movie roles (including 2016’s Suicide Squad) has been highlighted and gotten publicity every time. Him and Jada (and now Jada’s Mom) have often been cited as fitness goals by people of color.
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  12. I would say it started with Ali. I remember how buff he got for it being a talking point during the promotion of the movie.
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  13. Oooop! You’re absolutely right, I got my timelines mixed up and thought Ali came after Bad Boys 2.
    *goes to make sure they got the year Suicide Squad came out correct*
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  14. Ma'am these movies are from 2002. Like, 300 is more recent (2009?) and nobody expects Butler to look like that or makes a fuss he doesn't. Present day Will isn't some super fit hunk who fell off after being buff recently (the narrative being pushed here).

    Anyway it seems like this has been a YouTube stunt all along so...
  15. Sis…
    I answered you with when his physique was highlighted. A majority of his output within said past 20 years include a shirtless scene. Will has every right to frame it as him having fallen off when he has been keeping himself in shape for the past two decades of his career.

    EDIT: A fairly recent, pre-COVID-19 example of the media focusing on Will’s weight. Plus everyone knew Gerard Butler’s abs were fake.
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  16. That´s exactly it! Post a mildly "out of shape" picture of somebody who looks perfectly fine, spark a hollow discussion about celebrity being out of shape, shortly before meme hits its peak announce the product that you want to sell.
    Just stop bying into it!
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  17. But wait, Will Smith is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community? I didn't know that!
  18. Where do we talk about the cock destroyers splitting up? I need support.
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  19. Yes please! Let's not discuss or feed rumour re someone's sexual orientation.
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