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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Ooh let us know how it goes ddd.
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  2. Sam


    plans fell through and I went home to get drunk with my mam and our family friends. There will be other times lmao
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  3. Unknown number: I wanna met you

    me: who dis?

    unknown number: you don’t remember me?

    me: no

    *unknown number sends 2 deek pics:


  4. It’s 10 years to the day since I got outed on Facebook for all of my family and friends to see and honestly my cig ass is thriving whilst the person that did it is stuck living in Falkirk. Who was the winner in the end, ladies?
  5. What happened?
  6. A girl in my year at school somehow got onto my Facebook and "came out" on my behalf. I just didn't delete it because I had nothing to hide, still being outed at 13 years old wasn't the tea.

    I shouldn't have even been on social media at that age nn
  7. What a twat
  8. Why did she do it?
  9. Boggles my brain to this day if i'm honest.
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  10. Gays always win in the end

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  12. A homophobe started abusing me last night... whilst it disgusts me there's still people out there like that... it impressed me that the entire smoking area of the bar abused him and he got banned for life

  13. I’ve been single for like a week and a half (never doing long distance again) and already have my bed occupied with someone local, attractive and sweet.

    Safe to say I moved on quick. (Two days crying over what could have been, but I haven’t even talked to the ex since)
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  14. Hope you're ok!
  15. I'm fine my love, thank you. x
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  16. I'm torn somewhere between being pandered to and wanting to spend money on this
  17. I went back on the dreaded apps today and uploaded a new picture I thought was really cute... it has killed any and every sign of activity.

  18. I feel like ten years ago, or so, UK friends were always getting their Facebook "hacked" by mates who then posted something "lolz random", including but not limited to lots of fake coming out posts.
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