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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I ...... see what you did there

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  2. Goes to show how little these companies actually know about the community they profess to support one month of the year.

  3. I was happy not remembering that tweet.
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  4. Pussy pearl? I love their song Don't Mess With My Man.
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  5. Faster kill faster still Pussy Pearl

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Psyllium husk, children. Psyllium husk.
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  8. I mean, a lot of the ones that put up their rainbow flag also have donated millions to anti-gay politicians, organizations, etc. So... Yeah, we should get mad at them doing the bare minimum performative activism.
  9. I haven't entered this thread in a minute so these are an interesting two pages to catch up on dddd.
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  10. So today I’ve updated my Grindr profile with a selfie with my freshly dyed pink hair & received a number of messages from headless torsos saying stuff like, how I even expect to find sex or love when I look like that, why would I do such a feminine thing, and that my mom probably didn’t do that to her hair, etc.
    I just…
  11. The way gays make it so hard to root for them. Absolutely disgusting.
  12. [​IMG]

    Yuck. There is a certain kind of gay that takes up an unfortuntely large, vocal chunk of Grindr that merely sees other profiles as a menu of sex objects meant to cater to their every preference. Stay true to you boo, I'm sure you look killer with that pink hair.
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  13. Headless torsos trying to lecture someone about what is sexually appealing when that’s the least attractive type of picture to post? IHaveToLaugh.gif!!

    Keep rocking the pink and showing you have more guts than those trolls xx
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  14. This is so weird. These guys need to stay in their lane. Literally no one asked for their input.
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  15. Sounds like gays who are trapped in a heteronormative perception toxic cycle.

    It is completely their fault and something they have to work on to get themselves out of.

    You keeping doing you.
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  16. It screams insecurity, really. Like, even if you had those thoughts (which, ew in the first place) why the fuck would you be compelled to tell that to someone?
  17. I was hoping to meet this cute Irish guy that I've been talking to, but now I'm worried, I've been talking to him on Messenger and Snapchat and he didn't reply to me once today as I wanted to try and work bus times and what time to meet up at, we've only video chatted twice, I've even sent him money as he's been unable to order food or haven't had money for rent and I felt bad for him, I've sent him over £130 during the time we've been chatting and I'm starting to wonder if he's fucked me over, we were supposed to meet tomorrow in Belfast as he's supposed getting the bus up from Dublin and now I'm absolutely shitting myself in case he's absolutely fucked me over, I was sexually assaulted in a toilet by a guy I met off Tinder and I don't want to believe or think he would even dare do such a thing to me, but I just believe that I feel he'll not show up tomorrow and that hurts me to think about as I feel he could be one for me.
  18. I'd hate to say this, but I think he scammed you.
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  19. If this is true and he did scam me, I made the payments through PayPal so I should be able to get my money back should I not?
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  20. Uh I think so? I'm not entirely sure how PayPal works, since I barely use it myself. But I hope you can!
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