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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’m coming off a situation where the other guy started off saying he wanted a serious relationship but was then so paranoid about me wanting more than he did… and ironically it ended up with more of an imbalance between us and with me getting way more hurt than if he’d just said he wanted friends with benefits from the start.

    There’s no accounting for other people’s own ingrained phobias.
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  2. He


    Yeah, a lot of people do the "I would love to see you again" stuff, just out of politeness and it´s really confusing.

    Just don't. Have a nice time and thank each other for it.
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  3. It’s weird that people think politely leading someone on until ghosting is a better alternative than “thanks, I had a nice time but I’m not interested in pursuing this further. Be well.”
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  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I think it’s because they think that ghosting has less chance of someone actually trying to have a conversation about WHY they don’t want to pursue things. It’s not about what’s better for the other person at all.
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  5. I've hooked up with a couple guys who were in open relationships, but were good at communicating that and what they wanted. I honestly have a lot of respect for people who are in them and can make it work cause I imagine it could be hard at first.

    Communication when hooking up in general is definitely key. I've been led on by guys who say they want more when they really don't and it's absolutely more hurtful then an honest "I just wanna have a bit of fun then never see you again,".

    It's honestly great when it goes from planning a hookup to being interested in more but people on both sides should always be honest about what they're looking for from the start.
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  6. Crisis averted! I told him I wouldn't get out of work until bar close, and he suggested we meet for brunch before he has to fly out tomorrow afternoon. Pressure removed. I feel so much better.
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  7. So happy for her!

  8. So so happy for her! She’s positively glowing, and there’s such a light around her at the moment that is so exciting see!

    Now when is everyone, I guess trans people included, going to stop using the phrase “trans brothers and sisters” which, while well intentioned, upholds the idea of a binary gender system only and fails to recognize and include non-binary identities? Just use “siblings” or “family.”
  9. Well, fuck Hungary's government.

  10. SBK


    You often will hear again from those guys at around 3-4am on a Saturday morning.

    I guess it depends on the situation, if its in the room as you're getting dressed and they put you on the spot, you kind of have to be polite. If its after and you're texting, and they're not interested, I agree there's no point leading you along, but a lot of guys probably don't want to cut their nose off to spite their faces... Fuckboys like to keep everyone interested so they always have options.
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  11. I don't know if you've seen season 2 of Special but this came up and it was something that hadn't really occurred to me before.
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  12. European countries going backwards one by one is honestly so fucking depressing.
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  13. kal


    Next they’re gonna ban sex education..
    It’s frightening how much traction regressive conservative movements have been gaining.

    Honestly, I just want a plague to eradicate humanity at this point. We’re way past our due date collectively.
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  14. Update: Coffee went well this morning. Next time he's in town, he wants to fuck. I shall be ready then.
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  15. I have a date planned with a guy and we’ve been texting but he’s already kind of getting on my nerves before we’ve even met? I’m not sure if I’m into it at this point but also wanna give it a chance. As an introvert I just hate first dates from apps where you know right off the bat when you meet in person there isn’t chemistry but you stick it out to be polite. I’m not sure how to navigate it.
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Has there ever been a situation where your gut feeling about someone has turned out to be completely wrong? If not, then listen to your gut.
  17. SBK


    How is he getting on your nerves? Are you sure you're not just self-sabotaging looking for reasons to avoid the first date? (I say this as an introvert who spends most of my free time thinking of ways to get out of many life events often before they're even on any normal persons radar)
  18. Matched with someone on Facebook Dating, moved onto WhatsApp after several days of good chat, had an hour long video chat which went well, another week of WhatsApp messages, began to plan meeting up, asks me how my weekend is, I reply, not heard anything since. This is why I hate dating.
  19. I made the mistake of 'outing' myself at work and now I'm being tokenised

  20. I loathe this so much.
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