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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Yesterday my manager asked me if the company should 'do something' content-wise for Pride (a message that she was typing for 10 whole minutes ddd).

    After telling her we should only consider marketing content about our LGBTQIA+ staff once we've done the bare minimum of establishing internal mission statement/policies on how we support people under the umbrella, the idea has been dropped entirely.

    Oh and she didn't want to volunteer for Pride because she wants to 'get drunk and dance' there instead.

    I hate straight people.

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  2. nn I can’t argue with that. I love the, “Oh you’re gay? Let me hook you up with my nephew! You’d be perfect for each other!”

    The fact we both suck dick is not really the matchmaking miracle you think it is, Barb.
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  3. At my first job I said “gay people find it discriminatory to have to work at the weekends” and they all laughed but then I never worked weekends again soooo what can tokenisation do for you I guess.
  4. Ladies … do I … even try to indulge this? Ddd

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  5. It's giving Grindr bot.
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  6. I mean, I agree — but they actually have a profile picture and legitimate photos on their page along with just liking a slew of my photos. (This message was on IG) so while I know there is about a 97% chance it’s crap … I’m not too proud to be a sugar baby if it was legit fffffff.
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  7. Ask how they will give you the money. I would bet $100 they're going to ask for your bank login details and conveniently don't have Venmo.

    I also would not message with this person over text - they could find more info on you by reverse searching your number and threaten you.
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  8. My boss didn't approve PTO for next weekend for like three weeks so I deleted the request and sent a new one saying the trip was for pride (it is).

    Approved almost instantly.
  9. Oh don’t worry y’all. I’ll humor, but I am not giving this guy any identifying info on me, phone number, location, anything like that. Im sure it’s bullshit, but I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.
  10. I'm thinking about going to the Pride in the biggest city nearby this Saturday. That's something I've wanted to do for years and if I go, it would be my first. I admit I'm somewhat intimidated, I mean I'm used to doing stuff alone so in theory I shouldn't be bothered that much, but I kinda feel weird about not having someone by my side in what should be a celebratory event? A local LGBTQIA+ association is asking people to join so I could reach out to them though. I don't know why I'm so scared nn. On top of being more and more "out" but not to everyone, maybe that's just my anxiety over potentially meeting people IRL or being back in a big crowd after a year and a half of reclusivity as well.
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  11. God I wish I could go to a Pride parade. Stupid middle of nowhere I'm stuck in.
  12. Come to Montana and sit in a mountain lake alone with me.
  13. Okay. We can get drunk and go swimming. Maybe not in that order.
  14. The way I'm in NYC and I would love nothing more than to spend pride sitting at a lake instead.
  15. They’ll ask you to create a document proving you are not harmful to lgbtiqa+ persons which costs about $10 so its a scam!

    or you gotta pay “transaction fees” so they can paypal/etc you the money.

    dont fall for it
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  16. I’m thinking of popping my pride cherry with Shetland Pride next year. Haven’t been back there since I was 5 and would love to ruffle the feathers of distant relations with my out and proud self.
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  17. Fingers crossed, I'm gonna be in the Manchester Pride parade again.
  18. I think Barb might be onto something tbh.
  19. Fuck you, Barb!

    Is your nephew hot, though?
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  20. Get to choose between Football colours, or "bright colours for Pride" in work tomorrow...

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