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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Thank you very much for posting about this. These are very hard times and it still baffles me that this can happen right in the middle of Europe.

    A year ago, I had a student who had tried to commit suicide because they were gay. This was not public information, so all I could do was be a very confident gay person in their eyes so that they would know that it is possible to be gay and happy. Apparently that's against the law now. The oppression is there for everyone, but it is really the children and teenagers who will suffer.
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  2. It’s totally okay to still be figuring it out — respect and appreciate the journey. Thank you for sharing with us, and proud of you to for opening up to your family.

    And most importantly, welcome to the club! Xx
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  3. My current situation:

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  4. I’ve just reported one of the undercover security staff at work because he came in, put a pride mask on and started pretending to be flamboyant. This man was legit mincing up and down the aisles because “nobody suspects a gay person would be a security guard”. I told him 4 times that he was being offensive to which he simply said “have you seen white chicks? That’s racist to white women”

    Sir, enjoy unemployment.
  5. So I had a good time at my first Pride yesterday. It was a different experience as there were many restrictions due to COVID related safety guidelines, making it a shorter and more lowkey event. I did feel nervous, isolated and a bit out of place going alone at first, but once I was at the place and saw such an incredible amount of people happy being themselves, heard some empowering speeches, and just the sight of various sexualities and gender identities being represented through their respective flags and the people branding them alone, I think I was able to let go of my insecurities and to feel safe and accepted during the following parade. It was such a liberating feeling. Seeing this many younger people, like some kids with their parents and groups of kids celebrating was so heartwarming and I hope they felt loved as well. That day really left me with a cheerful and hopeful feeling. Hopefully next year will see the return of the event with its usual activities and this time, I'll make sure to bring trans pride flags and make an effort to break the ice with people and to lift them up too.

  6. Not “thegaymemedealer”.
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  7. No, we're not doing that. We're not passing on generational trauma lol
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  8. And then you get a fine for calling while driving here, teehee!
  9. Grindr convo of the day
    Damn, dude. Chill.
  10. There's a new Dutch dating app... It's called Breeze (yes that's bad reminds us all of breezers as drinks when we were 16 and went out with girls). Basically you select which cities you want to date, you have 2 options for a match (they overlap your preferences for cities) and if you match them, you pay for a date and then put in availability to meet the person offline. No chatting involved except for letting them know you arrive. I'm trying it out but no matches today.
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  11. Fond memories of living in Oz, and getting invited to an "ice party" for the first time...
  12. The only guys talking to me on the apps are Italian.


    They keep asking if I'm German cause I'm so pale.

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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. The Italians:

  15. 6'7", 275 lbs

  16. Ma’am, he loves the US and our imperialist ways (military)… next!
  17. Very proud to see so many people at the protest in Liverpool today following the surge in homophobic attacks in the city.
  18. I... literally opened grindr by mistake yesterday after almost two years (don't even know why I still had it in my phone) and now I'm having two dates on two consecutive nights with two different (gorgeous) guys? Either they're thirsty after 16 months of lockdown or this is a prank made at my expense.
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  19. He does look really dumb. Usually I go for that, but not that kind of dumb!
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