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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. 'how old are you because you look old but also young'

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  2. I'm the exact opposite ddd
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  3. Sam


    Being back out and among the gays last night felt so fucking good
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  4. tea


    I got my first boyfriend

  5. As we come out of the pandemic (and my year-long celibacy) and with my 26th birthday approaching... I have slowly but surely come to the conclusion I am quite interested in topping now, something that never appealed to me at all before. Is this transition a gay cliche? ddd

    Confusing and trying times!
  6. Imagine getting everything you ever wanted in an incredible person but not being able to accept it because you're too hung up on the last person you were with, who is definitely not right for you.

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  7. I am very much enjoying the panic of Twitter gays waking up and realising that their final thirst Fleet is still on the timeline.
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  8. Au contraire, I've used the threat of fleets disappearing to post my first and last thirsty fleet and, not gonna lie, I've been enjoying the attention.
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  9. Every now and then, I get the urge to top. I've not done it in about five years now so I'm overdue my 'try'. Having said that, I have topped over three people in my time so I can't hate it that much.
  10. I prefer to top, But I am deemed too fem for most bottoms to be interested in me. So I usually either have to bottom or not have sex. Fun! Meanwhile all the bottoms complain there is no tops. Then it always gets people to think of that meme where the fem top is like "Yas sis"... Like, that's not how it is at all.

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  11. People are so hung up on all that. It’s so weird to me. I’ve always seen it as very dependent on the mood, the guy you’re with, any number of factors.
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  12. Talking with this guy on Instagram who has a lot of mutual followers. He's older and spends his time split between L.A. and Montana, but he has a lake house and seems quite put together. He's trying to get me to meet him for drinks on what he says are "friendly terms with no expectations."

    But he has apparently decided I would look hot with a military-style buzz cut and wants to do it himself. Why does this feel like a strange way to sort of claim me? Like, marking his territory by shaping me into something he wants.

    The kii is that I do look pretty good with a buzzcut, so maybe I'll just let him do it and flee nn.
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  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I mean... if he'd said you'd look hot with a buzzcut and you'd then enthusiastically agreed, that would be one thing, but basically just going "I feel like I want to change the way you look but also I don't want to make any sort of commitment to you" is a weird thing to do.
  14. Well this was his response when I asked him what he meant by "meeting for drinks."

    Which, OK. I can read between the lines here and you definitely wanna fuck on some level.
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  15. I really wish I had more friends from our community. Over the years I feel as if it would've been a huge benefit to me mentally, and socially. I've had to endure far too many toxic straight cisgenders.
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  16. So I'm currently in Tokyo on hotel confinement with work. Anywayyy, im with some of my crew downstairs in the lobby lounge area playing cards when the Spanish and Brazilian Olympic football teams walk on jaw hit the floor.

    Extremely beautiful human beings.

    Not me constantly refreshing Grindr to see if anyone crops up.

  17. It's because you had such fab company sis x
  18. Sam


    U right x
  19. I shouldn't think figging's for me.
  20. Maybe it's a hair cutting fetish? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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