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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Yeah, I'm definitely not reading that statement the same way some others are. I hear him saying that there are other causes that he chooses to put his energy toward - not that he thinks LGBT+ activism is bad (hence, “the correct direction for the country is toward respect, tolerance, and the quest for equality”).

    Not every queer politician is going to prioritise queer rights when there are so many other things that equally need attention: women's rights, people of color's rights, disability rights, climate change, corruption, infrastructure... I think it's kind of unfair to expect it to be a priority for queer politicians if you don't have that expectation of cishet ones.
  2. In some circumstance, I would say any sort of activism, even if its just being aware and educating yourself. I was fortunate that my family (maybe because we moved around quite a bit) were fairly liberal but having moved to Australia, I've since met some people from the countries (or neighbouring countries) I've lived in who were afraid of reading any material related to any LGBTIQ+ discourse when they were living in their hometowns because of threats and being afraid that their devices would be searched. Often, the threat/violence came from within their own families. Some would not talk about sexuality or even anything related to the topic with anyone at all, for fear that the person may dob them in.

    This attitude and paranoia sometimes carry forward even after they moved to another "safer" country. Some people may think that these are extreme cases but its not actually that rare in some countries/cities.

    I'm not trying to make excuses for those living in societies where it's safe to do so but chooses not to but a blanket statement saying that that gay person shouldn't have the choice in getting involved in activism is a very Eurocentric view. Although thinking about that now, it is understandable considering most people in this forum are probably from the "West".
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  3. I honestly couldn't care less about the platitudes like "respect, tolerance, and the quest for equality" in political discourse, I want to see actual plans for change on a social and legal level - keep slogans about abstract values for pop music. Singling out a marginalized group as "not a priority", regardless of the amount of other issues that need attention, is a form of exclusion and it only divides the group further apart from the rest of the society. Even if it was well-intended (and if it really was, the question is why say it in the first place), such phrasing bears implications that LGBT+ activism is given more than enough space or that the situation is good enough. In Brazil of all places? Nah sis, we're not doing that.

    Activism comes in different shapes. I agree that my view is very much painted by Eurocentrism because of my upbringing, but the country I grew up in still doesn't offer any legal protection for queer people and is quite far from an exemplary showcase of human rights. Growing up queer, however, forces you to think of the ways in which you can contribute to the community through the means available to you, without putting your life in danger. I agree that sometimes that might just be raising awareness in your friend groups or just demanding a better situation, it all depends on individual circumstances. The fact that someone is queer, however, is political in itself, not just because modern queer identities were shaped by activist movements. Even more so, it is because our identities are always already a matter of political discussion and reconstitution, and in most countries we face certain social and legal repercussions for it. And if you're openly queer and part of a political platform, you don't get excuses for bullshit such as "there are bigger priorities". There's a whole history of people who sacrificed their comfort, relationships, families and lives to allow for someone queer to become a politician 50 years later and then ramble about priorities.
  4. Yes, very much. Maybe way too much.
  5. I suppose you define "too much" as more than enough to take a sentence out of its context, but still not enough to engage in a meaningful discussion.
  6. Nothing would be more major for gay rights in Brazil than Eduardo Leite getting elected.

    The chance is infinitesimally minimal, but it is there, given how polarized and intense the political landscape is. If he needs to Trojan horse his way into power, it won't worsen the situation and stands a good chance of improving it. Him coming out during/just before his race is major in itself. Now the GP needs to be convinced he's not their worst Pabllo Vittar-esque leftist nightmare so he can slide into power and govern - something he does pretty damn well, certainly better than Bolsonaro. Who knows? A Leite presidency might even give folks in the Legislature enough wind to finally pass through much-needed legislation.
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  7. Here's a weird little yarn...

    I've successfully stayed off the dreaded apps for a few weeks but curiosity got the better of me a few days ago when I was waiting around for an appointment.

    There's a 'hello' from a guy who looks familiar somehow. I don't know how, but I respond with the polite 'good ta, how about you?' stuff and drop in that he looks familiar.

    This unleashes a tsunami of messages asking who I am, where I know him from, where I am right now, what my name is etc. Fuelling it, I went in for my appointment, 45 minutes later checked back and there were 28 messages from him demanding an explanation.

    I contemplated explaining that he merely looks familiar and maybe we chatted before, but it was too creepy so I blocked him and re-deleted stat.
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  8. Witness protection program?
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  9. *opens the app*

    Message from blank profile: You're so ridiculous.


  10. He's doing a bad job of it if he's sticking his mug all over hook-up apps!

    Some of the pics were of him on a horse in all the 'professional' gear so maybe he's some equestrian athlete... because I'd be so familiar with the big names in that field.

    (LOL, 'field').
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  11. Was it Iotv.
  12. The way it’s impossible to get further than two sentences on Tinder with someone who initiated a conversation themselves. I hate men.
  13. My limited experiences on Grindr seemed to suggest that you had a choice between this or arseholes complaining on their profiles with "don't say hi, try harder". What a wonderful world.
  14. Neonazis marching in Chueca (Madrid) yesterday:

    The police? Doing nothing <3
  15. [​IMG]
    Fucking stanning this pfp on this AM.
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  16. Girls, I am having my Honeymoon in the Gay village from Toronto. I already discoveres the Wednesday dirty bingo at O'Grady's and Sunday drag brunch at Glad Days and afternoon Barbecue at Black Eagle. I couldn't find a specific night for Woody's/Sailor. We are there from October 16th until 23rd.

    Any other insider tips for that village (or anything else for that matter). Perhaps from our resident lhbtqi-Canadians @ohnostalgia / @iheartpoptarts / @slaybellz (no clue if you know the area and sorry if I missed a famous PJ-Canadian).
  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I’ve only walked around the village when I visited @R92. I wasn’t really out yet so I only felt comfortable going into a bookshop. @R92 is the one to ask.
  18. Ooh fun and congrats! Crews & Tangos is probably the most notable spot. I've heard some good things about The Drink as well. Other than that you've seemed to have picked the other most popular spots.
  19. I love Crews & Tango! I truly miss going out in Toronto… it’s more fun than going out in LA.
  20. Is it really? That's surprising to hear.
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