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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I see (I forgot to include federal states), but what about heterosexuality?
  2. kal


    I assume that refers to Florida’s “don’t say gay” bill which is just a first step to violence towards anyone who isn’t a heterosexual.
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  3. There are over 40 countries where being homosexual is illegal. As a cover many enter into heterosexual relationships to avoid prosecution, death penalty.

    Odd that these basic facts are being questioned by someone in this forum.
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  4. Uno


    I made a post saying "if you're straight, leave now!" (in regards to Pride events this year) and one of my boyfriend's friends blocked me and went on a rant saying I am heterophobic and "part of the problem in this divisive society" and she requested all of her followers go to my profile and drag me.

    I have to laugh.
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  5. Amazing how "snowflake"-y heterosexuals can get when they are confronted with just a small taste of what people in the LGBTIQ+ community have faced on a more serious scale for thousands of years.
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  6. I was specifically asking about western and democratic states in the post before. The quote that @kal posted was a very broad statement. I assumed that it was definitely NOT about other countries but presumably America or the UK. "Violently enforcing values" is quite drastic and since I´m neither from the US nor the UK I wanted to know what this was about.
  7. Ok.

    Distinguishing equality and rights between the queer communities in western countries and elsewhere is a slippery slope, treating discrimination in the latter as somewhat expected.
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  9. Also, this.
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  10. Mr.Arroz

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    I have clients that are trans; my sister is a trans woman... I remember being there when we lived in our parents' house and she tried on her first wig and the joy in her face. It's posts like these and energy like this that drives me mad. Gay men are not exempt from transphobia and shitty behavior, and watching gay men on OF be like "this is my first FTM collab!" and "I wanna try boy pussy" is disgusting. Reducing people to their genitals and thinking it makes you look progressive~ is fucking mindless and shows how a lot of gay men are fucking braindead amoeba.

    I swear to God gay men want spaces of inclusivity but still also objectify people despite thinking they deserve safe spaces for themselves. It's no different than saying "I wanna finally date a Black guy"..."I wanna date someone poz", "I wanna date an Asian". Like...reducing people to a very rigid stereotype as if they're an experiment or a hypothesis. Gay men got rights and got dumb in the process. It's gross.
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  11. I've always tried to fully understand this phenomenon, I appreciate you breaking it down. I'm Mexican-American, and when I hear/see white & other poc people say a version of "Mexicans are so hard [email protected]!!!! "your accent is so amazing,"etc., it just makes me cringe. I try not to take it to heart, because most people are awkward when meeting strangers and yes queen my accent IS amazing, thank you!

    Great on the surface, but you're right, it does come off as objectifying. I hate to draw a political parallel, but it's giving missing the forrest for the trees neoliberal tea.
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  12. I think a lot of it with trans men is that they think that trans men work really hard every day to make themselves be more masc. And these kind of gays LOVE guys who are masc. When in fact, there's plenty of trans men who aren't masculine and don't want to be. But yeah it's disgusting to boil people down to such specific attributes. And it goes the other way, too. I was seeing a trans guy for awhile and I was discussing him with one of my nonbinary coworkers who dates men - and they replied with "Oh, I could never be with a trans man. I bottom, I need a dick". It was horrible. Like you are nonbinary and want to be treated equally and have people respect your identity... but you're going to boil someone else's down to what parts they have?

    It's like... People are more than the porn category you've unceremoniously put them in.
  13. I know they’ll slap a rainbow on any old shit nowadays to make a penny, but this is too much.

  14. This is one of the most random collection of songs I've ever seen and the title is an absolute lie. Like what?
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  15. Recon message:

    Feb 16, 2022
    Him: Hey, want to chat?
    Me: Hello - sure!

    June 3, 2022
    Him: So, what's up?

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  16. SBK


    Were any gays consulted!?
  17. Kevin Lyttle??
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  18. Return of the Mack?
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  19. Justice for the #masc4masc gays, they're (kind of?) proud too!

  20. Circling back to this to say... it was a fun gay movie, with like... a refreshing 'quality' level to it? Like it had its budget, didn't feel like it was making-do with any of the material or cast. So yeah, more films like this (not necessarily about this Island though) pls.

    It's really Bowen and Joel's story, which is fine, but if you were expecting more of an ensemble moment with the group of gays, then that's not really gonna be the case. Despite that, every character is pretty well executed. Only a few caricatures.

    Did anyone else watch it?
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