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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. He


    Yeah the stock of the newer one is quite low, think. Good luck!
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  2. I read this in The Atlantic… Christ.
    Nearly all of the 100 million available smallpox vaccines are ACAM2000, an inoculation that, per FDA documentation, gets punctured “rapidly” into the arm via 15 jabs of a bifurcated, escargot-fork-esque needle, in a fashion “vigorous enough” to draw blood. In the weeks following, a gnarly, pus-laden lump blossoms, then scabs and falls away.

    Also @chanex sent this to me earlier today and I chuckle every time I think of it.
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  3. I got a homophobic rapper's video removed from TikTok this morning.

    Little deeds.
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  4. Heartwarming to see a beautiful Pride ad campaign on many billboards in Beirut the last couple of days.

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  5. I was totally led to believe this was just the rebranded Monkeypox, aka The Artist Formerly Known As Monkeypox. Someone with better Googlefu or scientific knowledge please clarify!
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  6. They are unfortunately two different things. From what I've heard, meningitis is more dangerous and potentially fatal if you are unvaccinated. And it's passed through prolonged salvia contact.

    Don't want to freak out and hopefully it can get contained, but it's definitely giving me anxiety now. Best thing to do is just get a vaccine.
  7. Monkeypox is caused by a virus and meningococcal menigitis is caused by a bacterium. As @iRelate said, bacterial meningitis is more dangerous than monkeypox. Whilst monkeypox causes a mild disease, meningitis can lead to inflammation of the membranes around the brain (and also blood poisoning).
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  9. Monkeypox can be fatal! I don’t believe anyone has died from the current outbreak, but Wikipedia says between 3 and 10% of cases are fatal depending on strain.
  10. So it was a cute night out and a guy spoke to me when I passed him. He said dont u remember me, me and I didnt… awh. Sorry.
    Then I said I will never forget if you tell me your name now, so he did. And then we made out. He was so hot with his beard, feeling a ‘lil Kesha here. All fun and we danced a little but when I left he was making out with another guy.

    A cutie but too busy. After forgetting him, can’t say it wasn’t deserved. But I did ger his number, so we’ll see!
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  11. RIP to the victims
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  12. quite enjoyed the raytheon float at today's pride parade
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  13. I walked a dance category at a ball for the first time yesterday and now I'm so overwhelmed with the love and support I felt, and the connection with our community that was very much real and strong last night. It's so wonderful to be reminded that we are more than just a bunch of individuals sharing experiences, and that we can really love and support each other in a way that helps us move past our personal fears and have a safe space for exploration of us and the world. I had spent the whole day doomscrolling through hopeless news, feeling absolutely atrocious and not ready to walk, but the event itself was so overflowing with positivity that I was reminded of why it means so much that we are here for each other in these times, and how our celebration has always been so much more than partying. I feel now it's more important than ever to cultivate these ties with each other and provide each other with all the support that we don't feel from the system and from the world. I am so proud to be queer and deeply connected with all of my queer siblings, and I'm so grateful to have the support (better than that) of a true family. That word has always felt empty to me, and it's easy to see why when you experience what a community really is. I know that this is idealistic and based on a safe space that doesn't reflect the uglier parts and injustices in our inner hierarchies, but with all this hopelessness and dread around, it's so moving to get flashes of what it could be like for us, because such moments are still incredibly real.
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  14. This makes me emotional to read. That is such a beautiful and wonderful thing and i'm glad you got to experience it.
    I'm really hoping I can find that support in my community here someday. I've tried to put myself out there, be vulnerable, and gotten nothing in return except cold shoulders. It really hurts. I'm glad it's not like this everywhere.
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  15. I prepared myself for an uncomfortable family dinner today, following the terror in Oslo. Neither of my parents are afraid to voice their islamophobic views over dinner. To my surprise, the events in Oslo weren't mentioned at all during the dinner, but afterwards, as my sister, my mom and I sat around talking, it finally came up. "Well, as dad said" mom started "it's not really surprising, it does kind of get to be a bit much". I asked what was a bit much. "Well, you know, the pride and parade and all that. I don't know, it's always in your face, isn't it?" I wish I had the strength to curse them all out and smash the china. Or just cry, to let them know how paper-thin their "support"/acceptance really is.
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  16. We get one month a year! They get every single day. Heterosexual culture is in our faces all the time.
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  17. Helped organise the first-ever Pride March in Colombo with some hunties, and it went... incredibly? It was so stressful and fraught trying to put it together – things are really bad in Sri Lanka right now, with a spiralling economic crisis resulting in shortages of basically everything that is causing so much suffering. On top of that, the ordinary queerphobia of both state and society makes it distressingly treacherous to even consider public gatherings for the girls and gays. Round that off with the malicious gay faggotry of the queer community itself (many of whomst were plotting to stop others from attending ddd) and I was convinced that the March would just be me and my girls.

    But like, hundreds turned up? And it was bright and loud and colourful. And we were kinda able to frame the whole thing beyond ~love wins~ foolery, and explicitly against the liberal-tinged fascism that is choking people here literally to death, as elsewhere. All the while being super super gay, which takes so much courage here. There was a point where the march turned past the (corrupt!) Prime Minister's official residence on one side and the US Embassy (which is both corrupt and imperialistic!) on the other, and when the giant rainbow flags we had made were floating up above us, my jaded, cynical heart felt like it would combust. It was all the things they say about community and queerness and solidarity, but in vivid real life. I have nothing going for me serotonin-wise right now, so gonna hold onto this for as many minutes as I can!

    I'm in here somewhere kii
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  18. How are you so iconic
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  19. So I’m doing a pride panel at my work next week and we’re going to do a section on how to be an ally and I was wondering if anyone had any great resources which I could give a read and then link to
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