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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. It's almost like this weird toxic masculinity/gay misogyny thing where they can't fathom someone they've pegged as "feminine" to be in the position of "power" in a sexual relationship.
  2. I 100% am in agreement.
  3. Meanwhile you were present this week when someone laughed at me when I mentioned that I'm a top...
  4. Ugh, agreed. I hate lazy, toxic "oh you're such a bottom" jokes. It's problematic on so many levels. Let gays be gays regardless of sexual preference, and what's with the obsession with putting people in boxes anyway?
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    That’s the person I was talking about.
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  6. Scream. That figures.
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  7. Most likely they haven't been pegging anyone, that's where their self-righteous irritation is coming from.
  8. Thank you (all) for helping me cope with this with humour, who needs therapy?!
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  9. Hope you’re feeling better now! The last few pages have been a jouuuurney.
  10. When I started dating my first boyfriend in high school, I was talking with one of my best friends and the subject of sex came up, and she was oh so sure I'd be the bottom and it lowkey pissed me off but I didn't wanna make her mad so I didn't say anything.
    Of course, that boyfriend and I never actually had sex but whatever.
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  11. Like I find it slightly creepy (although also possibly harmless unless they vocalize it to the person) that people believe they have the ability to immediately know what someone’s sexual activity preference is by taking a look at them?

    Why are you even looking at me like that!?
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  12. I find it weird when people (read: straight people) ask you outright what role you take.
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  13. It's interesting that the Twitter gays only want to claim the feminine/non-conforming queer men when it benefits them for a hit tweet. Other times they'll just roll their eyes.
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  14. "Are you the boy or the girl"

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  15. I usually say "I'm his silly rabbit"
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  16. My mom every time I bring a guy around....
  17. The password at this Lisbon bear bar last night was youareabottom.
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  18. Password??? What kind of Belinda Blinked hell is this
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  19. I meant the WIFI!
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  20. kksks which one? I think I only went to TR3S when I was there.

    I need to move there for a while. The ass I'd have walking up and down those slopes every day.
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