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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Someone legit texted me saying this: "Are you one of those gays who gets into gay arguments"

    Now huñtita:
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  2. Hunni, I'm gay. Every argument is a gay argument.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Island

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    rosalia <3
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  5. A guy on Tinder asked me earlier how long I've been single. I responded with -


    But he decided to press further and asked me if I've been single for so long because I'm difficult. Mess.
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  6. "Maybe. What's your excuse?"
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  7. Wow, of course the assumption is that it’s you who is the issue... why couldn’t he have just been happy with a Titanic reference and stopped pushing.

    It’s this kind of flippant agenda people have when trying to figure you out at first that’s prevented me from going on dating apps currently. Just over six months now since I ended a near 9 year relationship and although I think I’m ready to date (and lockdown has been quite the experience in processing a lot more than I’d have probably wanted to) when things get better, part of me is still reluctant. Is it going to be worth the potential psycho analysis and/or rejection when a guy automatically concludes I’m damaged goods when this topic comes up?
  8. The right guy won't dwell on whether you're 'damaged goods' so if someone does, that's their problem not yours!
  9. Anyone who legit thinks the amount of time you’re single says something about your self-worth doesn’t even deserve your wasted breath. It’s a huge sign of immaturity, and it should in itself be a red flag!
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  10. You worded it so much better than me!
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  11. I am definitely one of those gays who gets into gay arguments.
  12. I also think the "right guy" or individual will acknowledge that he/she/they, too, have their own set of issues to work on and that they'll support you and vice-versa. Vulnerability is hard but it can be worth it when you are both open to it (but also a little painful when it's not reciprocated)!
  13. You’ve both made me feel so much better (cc @man.tis.shrimp ) it’s not something I would dwell on or think much of a red flag either.
  14. We are on aren't we all???
  15. If it’s about an ideal Tangled Up singles run.

  16. I know some gays who get into gay arguments about gay arguements....
  17. Not to flip the convo entirely away, but I'm about halfway through Red, White & Royal Blue and this review pretty much sums up my thoughts so far.

    It's beginning to make me angry how well liked this book is. It's garbage! I've never read clunkier dialogue.
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  18. This just made me realise this year will be my 10th year anniversary of Me, Myself and My Single Life Where I Am Always Ready To Mingle But Do Not Expect Me To Invite You To My Place Cause I Ain't Sharing No Coffee With No Man Sorry To This Man.

    Here's to the next ten!

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  19. Your husband cleaning you out after your 12th post lockdown hookup.

  20. Sam


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