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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

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  2. Sam


    @Vasilios <3

  3. NO.
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  4. Scream, isn't he the same fool who chose between white and black too?
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  5. Yes!!!!!!
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  6. This is trash.
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  7. Gays were a mistake <3
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  8. Not even clicking play, stop giving them a voice wtf.
  9. Fuck his Andy from Toy Story ass to be honest.
  10. I think the better question is why do you guys insist on making this thread into a weird echo chamber of reposted Twitter content vaguely related to being a cigarette?
  11. nn I had to unfollow someone in my social circle who was non-black and being extremely racist towards white people on both Twitter and Instagram while saying racism is bad and posting a nude with the caption "so you white folk gonna continue being silent?"

    I completely understood his frustration but damn he was acting so tone deaf.

  12. You [redacted]'s better be preparing those shrines in honour of Marsha while you do some squats to get more power when you ram into a cop <3
  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Well, the past week has certainly revealed which adult performers need to be cancelled. At last count, Dillon Anderson, Ben Masters, Scott Hunter, Ashton Summers, Gabriel Phoenix, Woody Fox, Donte Thick and Austin Wolf can all get in the bin.

    It's also interesting to see just how defensively some of these yt gays react when called out. It's exhausting, and I know I find myself calling out racism less often because I just don't have the energy sometimes to get into an argument where the other person is painting themselves as the victim and telling me as a POC how they're not racist.

    But you better believe I'm finding the energy lately.
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  14. Hey everyone, i'm in need of a bit of advice.
    I started going on a few dates with a guy back in feb, and even though once lockdown hit we couldn't see each other we've spoken every day since, and a lot.
    We never got to the hooking up stage or had the chance to go to each others places, but It's been three months and I feel pretty invested at this point. We've hung out the last two weekends on socially distanced walks and it's been great.
    Last night I asked if he saw us as exclusive, and he got spooked, basically citing the above reasons and saying he needs time to himself to think about things.

    I'm wandering if I jumped the gun and probably fucked it/ or should I be hopeful ?
    I let him know it's not like I expect anything to change, I just feel like three months is a long time to invest in someone and by now it'd be nice to not be worried we're competing with others.

    I'm just feeling really crap about it all.
  15. Add Billy Santoro:

  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Forgot to mention him. He’s been openly trash for a LONG time now.

  17. If he says he needs time you don't have much of another option rather than wait and see what happens. I don't think you did the wrong thing by asking -three months are quite a bit- but some guys are legit turned off by commitment. Also see if anything changes in his behaviour in the meantime; if he suddenly starts veering towards unavailable territory hints are made.
  18. Then that's your answer for now, and you should probably just leave him to cool off for a bit. As @Gabeee9292 said a lot of guys are terrified of any sort of commitment, but also don't underestimate how fucked up lockdown has made people and the idea of being in a relationship when all this is going on might just be too weird or stressful for some when things are heavy and intense enough as it is.

    It's said often in this thread, but just be content with being friends for now and if anything more comes of that it's a bonus. Don't get too attached with the idea of being with him when he might not be ready for it.
  19. Also you have absolutely no reason to feel crap about it all @jenny fromdabloc, if it doesn't work out it just doesn't, far from a death sentence or anything like that. Just carry on!
  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    I’ve always refused to fill out the ethnicity field because I don’t think it’s something people should use as a basis to find or exclude me... but the fact that they waited until NOW to do it feels very “doing the bare minimum”.
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