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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. You’re being purposely obtuse to the point I was making. It’s okay tho I’m gonna to jerk off. Stay safe, love you.
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  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    My point was that racism is never okay regardless of who it’s coming from, and these people are obviously going to be more visible due to their larger social media followings, so they’re obviously going to be called out by more people.

    Your point is... what, exactly? That all sex workers have been forced into drug addiction and prostitution and so haven’t had a chance to learn not to be racist? Fuck out of here with that nonsense.
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  4. I mean regardless he still ended up voting for Trump and I think that’s unforgivable, even if he was a Bernie supporter originally. Also pretty sure he’s said he only fucks white guys (and I’ve never seen him work with POC porn actors, like ever, so...).
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Agreed. And he voted for Trump because he thought Clinton would be a continuation of Obama’s “horrible neoliberal policies”.
  6. He


    The voting thing I don’t find so terrible. And kind of get his reactionary (but very dumb) vote.

    Him saying he only fucks whites is quite gross. I really wouldn’t have expected it. He does have scenes with POCs in his artsy project though, otherwise I don’t follow his stuff.

    But I’m not going to waste more time on him.
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  7. Didn’t say otherwise.

    My point is that I question the moral value of upholding a class of people with little to no economic power and grouping them together with any celebrity and or wealthy person as if they’re on in the same is wrong. And that attempting to frame that as being anti-sexwork is some misinformed mental gymnastics. Thats somewhat separated from the situation at hand, I agree that the racist pornstars in that Twitter thread suck fucking shit, and that Billy Santoro is a lunatic, but I also think that the standard set by the reviling and celebration of sex workers downfall for any reason doesn’t hold the same contextual weight of cancelling more privileged public figures, and I think it sets a dangerous standard, regardless of if it’s justified (as it is in this case).
  8. I’m just arguing that in this case considering the social class of porn stars is contextually relevant, and the identity politics of the situation don’t sit right with me in ways I’m trying to explain. That said, I’m trying to make this point without like being insensitive to @londonrain more consciously after the first few posts, so my apologies if I have.
  9. I see a lot of this on twitter and I don't understand why you or other people make a problem out of a company/person doing something positive, whether it be the timing, or you don't think its a big enough contribution. The fact is they are doing something positive that's in the right direction, and you're saying they waited until now, well maybe the awareness that is out there now sparked something with the people who are in charge of Grindr so is it not a positive thing that things are getting changed thanks to the awareness being spread around the world. I just feel like you're going to call a company/person for not doing/doing something then you should be using that energy on people who are actually being harmful etc because every contribution no matter how small or the timing is still a contribution and helps. Mind you I have thought that it was problematic for a while that Grindr have a filter for race, but they have gotten rid of it now and that's a positive contribution.
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  10. Well... that’s correct in itself, nn.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    Literally who is saying that cancelling Billy Santoro is the same as cancelling some billionaire celebrity?

    Considering the social class of anyone when determining whether or not calling them out for being racist is not only classist but also demeaning to anyone who (like me) has to experience racism - like we should just sit here and put up with this shit if it's from someone who isn't "educated" enough because the poor babies couldn't learn that calling for black people to be shot is a bad thing.

    So no, I don't agree with your point at all. Am I saying people should be cyberbullied to the point of suicide? No. But should people be held accountable for their words, especially when those words are published to thousands of people on social media? Yes.

    And voting for Trump was a better option? Only someone with the privilege to not be on the receiving end of his outright racist policies would have the luxury to think that.

    Well, I don't know if you've been reading the last couple of pages, but I am using that energy on people who are being harmful, and look how that's going.

    I'm happy that Grindr is doing this but I think it's perfectly valid to say that it's sad that they had to wait until there were literal riots on the subject of race before they implemented it. People should not have to literally die in the street before corporations acknowledge that racism exists. That is all. But good for them.
  12. It is not a positive contribution.

    It is finally stopping a very harmful contribution to the gay community, and they deserve to still be criticised for it. A donation does not absolve them of that. I didn't even realise that this had been made a feature on Grindr, and I'm honestly disgusted that it could be even attempted to be framed as them "making a contribution" by no longer having a racist filter on their app.
  13. But again to be clear, I’m not arguing against people making racist sentiments being held accountable for their actions regardless of who they are. I’m arguing that the treatment of porn stars/sex workers as inherently privileged and equated to traditional celebrity is something I take issue with, and I think that’s actually anti-sexworker. And that was in response more to the idea expressed in here that sex workers with 100k followers and OnlyFans accounts are now seen as platformed public figures and not just people trying to survive is twisted and bourgeois.
  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Who is treating them as inherently privileged and equated to traditional celebrity?

    They are literally "being held accountable for their actions regardless of who they are". That's it.
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  15. They may not be celebrities on the level of movie stars or pop stars but if they have thousands (in some cases over 100,000) followers then they have a huge reach when posting ANYTHING on their social media, so for all intents and purposes they may as well be called celebrities.
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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This thread has dragged plenty of white nonsense from random Instagram "influencers" and comparative nobodies with a decent-sized reach (remember croptopboi or whatever his name was?) - so I'm struggling to understand why suddenly there's all this energy about not dragging porn stars when they do the same thing.
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  17. Fair. I just think that there’s more to a conversation about supporting sex workers that is so deeply tied to class that it’s something I’m interested in talking about.
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    That’s nice, but (1) let’s not assume a person’s socioeconomic class based on the fact that they do porn; and (2) let’s not forget that POC exist across all classes, and it’s not rocket science for someone (regardless of class) to understand that racism is bad.

    Nobody is cancelling these people for being unable to produce a 40-page sociology thesis on race relations in America. It’s literally “please don’t say that black people should be shot or that systematic, repeated police brutality based on skin colour is equivalent to you being called names on a train”. That awareness is not something that is dependent on someone’s level of education or income.
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  19. To be honest I should not have aimed this at you, that was unfair and I apologise.

    Oh I agree that it is sad that Grindr had to wait until now to do actually act upon it for sure! No one should have to die for corporations etc to acknowledge racism exists or for the world to change, but that is exactly the world we live in and its extremely sad. What my main point was though is that a corporation is acting upon what is going on right now and is not staying silent, even if it is a small act and that is a positive change even if it is long overdue.

    Stopping something that is harmful to the gay community is positive. I'm not saying Grindr deserve praise or a gold medal for changing the filter, I'm saying that it is a positive change and rather than attacking them for doing it we could direct our attention to other companies not willing to change.

    I also didn't say anything about a donation absolving them of criticism, in fact I didn't mention anything about donations.
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  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    As I said: I’m happy they did it. But I also stand by my statement that it feels like them doing the bare minimum. Is it better than nothing? Yes. Should they be doing more? Hell yes.
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