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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. If I had to guess, they're 2 tops who have entered into some kink-filled father/son roleplay scenario where they invite bottoms over to join in on this roleplay as like "One of the sons friends who gets invited over for dinner". They are just handling it ALL WRONG. I bet if they were upfront and just said "Hey would you be interested in this roleplay scenario?" they would get takers.
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  2. Why the hell would they bring up them being two tops and claim THAT'S what makes it not incestuous? Wouldn't you just say, "He's not my real son."
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is still the GAY thread at heart I see.......
  4. Very much. Last year they rejected my beach speedo pic that I had already had as a profile pic (somehow it got removed after I swapped my profile pic) and every time I try to reupload it it’s denied.
  5. It's Grindr being cautious because Google will pull your app without warning if you allow sexual images as profile photos, or if they perceive you as doing that even if you aren't.
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  6. Hey, thanks for the advice! I guess it seems obvious that I just have to put my foot down and say no, but you both helped me think about how to verbalize it to him in a way that is mindful yet pro-active.
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  7. Update and let us know how it goes. Hopefully it goes well, although he will probably act upset for a bit - that's not your problem really. It can actually be very manipulative of someone to trap you in a "No you can't leave me, I'm depressed because of this" type thing... Who knows if he'll try that but you've got to back away.
  8. I'm beginning to feel kind of feel silly for using this thread to talk to myself about ace stuff to be honest. Is this even the right place for it? I'm not sure.
  9. The last two pages... I can't.
  10. Yeah, it's an interesting topic. There's value in inclusivity, and there's value in affinity group discussions. Not sure we've found the balance here.
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  11. Solenciennes

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    It’s the LGBTQIA+ thread! Don’t feel silly x
  12. Kind of the issue when trying to unite the entire sexual/gender spectrum, no?
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  13. kal


    Some guy from Grindr offered me to be his sugar baby. The red flag was raised immediately, and I rejected the proposal promptly, but he was adamant to tell me all of his rules, and the amount of strings attached is just not worth it. I suppose it would be a great deal for someone more submissive, but it’s not really for me. I low key love that he’s some allegedly rich American, and he’s targeting guys in Bulgaria. I assume it’s because we’re cheaper to keep on a leash?

    I’ll keep my financial independence, thanks.
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  14. Wait, are we hooking up again? What are we doing re: Miss Corona?
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  15. kal


    I’m definitely not hooking up, but I am using the apps for communication.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. matthew.

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    Here in Chicago the North Halstead business alliance sent out a survey asking if they should change the name "Boystown" to something more inclusive.

    I absolutely agree with changing the name since Boystown is basically synonymous to white gay racism, but I was thinking the best way to make it inclusive would to be just call the neighborhood "North Halstead." It doesn't focus in on any one group and naming it something like "Queerstown" would probably be too much for the city council to consider ddd. I don't know if my thinking is wrong and I wanted to check here before I turned in my survey.
  18. Why not just Gay Village like Montreal and Toronto? North Halstead is very drab as a name.

    Or something like Rainbow Road, Rainbow District.
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  19. I filled it out, as I also live in Chicago. I wrote in North Halsted because I think calling it NoHa is cute. I'd be like "YOU DON'T EVEN 'NO HUH!". Queerstown sounds like some Dr. Suess nonsense. No one would seriously call it that. I think NoHa is the best chance at having a nickname and it actually being used. Rainbow Road was another idea and I also think it sounds like a joke.
    My favorite is the drag artists that jokingly said we should just call it "B*ssyc**tsville"
  20. He


    "Gay" is just not inclusive enough, and erases quite an important part of the queer community.
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