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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. So after all these depressing posts about ghosting and what-not, of which I've had my share too, time to share a happy update!

    I am still dating my ideal guy who lives pretty close. Our last date was me visiting him on Thursday and we ate together, he cooked a pretty simple and healthy meal. We shared a bottle of wine too and the dessert was German apfelstrüdel, delicious, yum yum. I insisted on helping him clean the kitchen so I did my share too. Afterwards we had some quality time, of course - yes it was very good again, and he asked if I wanted to stay the night, but we both slept pretty bad that week already, and then sleeping together would make me quite tired for the weekend. So we decided to do that next time again, which will be Saturday when I'm visiting him again.

    In the mean time, we text every day. I get good morning texts which I love (I remember when a guy that I dated previously did this... and I wasn't that enthusiastic with it at all... Not sure why, but these are great - feelings huh?). We chat through the day and sometimes send cute pics, talk in the evening and every day we look forward to meeting again.

    I can invite him over to my student house... but it's damn crappy, and less privacy and roommates, and my bed is just for one person. So I rather not. But I am moving in January so he can come over there and help with painting and such. I think we can set up a date to just show him the city I live next to, which is adorable.

  2. Just be careful when screensharing nn.
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  3. Sis when someone says 'sleep over' you sleep over.
    Those first few nights are cute. Fuck good sleep.
  4. Hey @Jesus when is it my turn for this UH?
  5. I need to get a bunch of signatures on documents for work and I keep typing "cigs" instead of "sigs" help!
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  6. PHEW girls, two different tops got so mad at me for not giving them my number that they went on a rant and insulted me every way from Sunday!

    This is why I don’t fuck with tops anymore, fucking yikes.
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  7. This is honestly gross nn. The way breeders are sex-negative unless it's heterosexual and procreative. Disrespectful fuks.
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  8. And I can’t even get one top to even acknowledge I exist.
  9. Ranting tops aint tops.
  10. Letterboxd! And here I was thinking that Instagram was the new Grindr.
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  11. Ddd apparently he also met his ex on Letterboxd. I basically know it as the dating app for cinephile gays at this point.
  12. NOT the good sis Chopin being a horny cig like us!
    Poland found crying hehe.

    I wonder if he visited the Liberty loos @Jacques
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  13. Chopin served quite a lot of bops too. One of us!
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  14. [​IMG]
    How can you even chat on there?
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  15. I actually had my first date with a gay man via Napster messaging.
    We spent one hour talking about Madonna and then said goodbye.
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  16. I hope you said it with some power
  17. I think I was downloading some Whitney Thunderpuss 2000 remix off him and back then you could message people while the download was taking place. We're still friends now which is cute. He's still a Madonna stan.
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  18. There's a messaging system on Instagram dddd.
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