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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. OK, so this is going to be the most embarrassing post ever, but here we go...

    I met a guy online and he was quite nice the first week we texted. He said I had a nice smile and that I looked a-OK with my bald head etc. We seemed to share a variety of interests (that most people share, to be honest - like some Netflix series' and hating people who put "travel" in the tinder-bio). After we texted for half a week we talked a lot one day especially when I was working, so I suggested that I could come over to his after I left the office. He was unsure about that but thought of coming over to my place later to watch something together. On my way home, we chatted very intensely (like texting a approximately texting 2 hours without one of us putting their phone down). I bought snacks and drinks but he ultimately decided not to come. We watched from both our bedrooms simultaneously, chatted some more und sexted into the night. While that was uncommon for me but quite nice- I also think this is where it all went wrong already. Not the sexting, but not meeting right away. We seemed to have so much chemistry then...

    Fast forward to the next weeks, he increasingly got more annoying and rude. Like his whole personality was this "I'm a grumpy guy who only likes cats"-schtick. This gave me some bad flashbacks to my past relationship, as my ex was an ass half of the time. Once it was lockdown time in Austria again, it was clear, that we would not meet anytime soon, but at the same time due to that situation, I felt quite lonely and craved for human interaction, so I brushed the rudeness off and continued to text with him. Until yesterday...

    I jokingly texted him about No Angels, Bro'Sis, Preluders, Monrose, (etc.) Œuvre coming to streaming starting midnight. He said, that the stuff were there already and sent me a screenshot, with some Monrose singles that were available. I pointed out that despite the whole albums being missing, I only saw "Shame (Live)" on there, not the studio version and that that was an essential single to me. He argued, that listening to live versions and studio versions were the same if the musicians are capable and his example was Billie Eilish. I replied: Funny example because listening to "Bad Guy (Live)" is a totally different thing than listening to the studio version... Which he took as a cue to.... f*ing block me.

    I can't believe that I gave someone the time of the day for 2 months with daily texting and he blocks me over this stupid argument, when he just could have replied "cool" about that streaming thing. I don't really care for him, I very much don't care for that argument, but still I'm angry; mostly at myself. When I know better, why can't I act better. He was not nice to begin with, so why wasting all that time?! I told you this was going to be embarrassing... ":/"
  2. Men are dicks, and to block you over something like that was just pure childish. Don’t let it get you down @OlliMaus
  3. @OlliMaus nothing embarrassing about that. You met a guy who led you on and turned out to be an ass who used the dumbest excuse to block you. Sadly, it's common.
  4. It's weird the trivial things people can fall out over. I had a huge row with a friend once over fucking Big Brother and he didn't talk to me for a year.
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  5. I had a friend who fell out with her roommate cause they didn't agree if this was called a piká (pick-up) or ranchera.


  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Tinder conversation with a new match, who had a photo with a gorgeous Shiba Inu in his profile:

    Me: "Hello! That dog is adorable. Yours?"
    Him: "Afraid not. A friends :)"
    Me: "Ah. But I assume you're a fan?"
    Him: "Haha Yeah. He's a cutie. I love the idea of having a dog but I think I'd hate it. I like my home to be super tidy. And dogs smell Ha"
    Me: "Depends on the dog! Mine doesn't shed so I don't have that issue."
    Him: "I think they all smell Ha"

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  7. I'll just try to be nicer to myself from here on. When someone's not nice, they really don't deserve my time and I will not 'fix' them by being extra nice. They will remain dickheads; exhibit A: this experience.

    Thank you for your replies! <3
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  8. He


    Dog (cat, or any other animal) hating is a good filter for dates and people in general.
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  9. He


    Also, he's the embarrassment, sis. You gave someone an opportunity and they doubled down on their shittiness. That isn't on you.
  10. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Bizarrely, he said he loves dogs but just doesn't think he could live with one.

    So... basically he's saying that he doesn't think he could live with me, since I have a dog? Good to know.
  11. He


    "Because they all smell" is pretty telling. They are animals!
  12. "super tidy"? It'd be a no from me.
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  13. It’s been like 8 or 9 months since I had any male interaction because of lockdown...I did not need to see this.


    Need some dick in my life as soon as it’s safe to do so or I will go insane
  14. Damn, hope this gets sorted for you sis. There is nothing worse than a jobsworth of life. Like you know when you get a jobsworth in a job who watches your every move and is critical and insecure af and loves the job wayyy too much? She sounds like that, only she does it in real life.

    Does she even attempt to listen or change when you call her out on her behavior? If not, I’d definitely suggest moving out or telling her she needs to find a new place/or stay the hell away from you. You do not have to put up with that.
  15. Welcome to my world.
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  16. My dog smells like a biscuit thank you very much, I’ve met boys that are much Stinkier and shed way more.

    @OlliMaus The lesson you should take away from this is trust your gut, if you think he’s a rude asshole don’t give him your time of day and if you want to human chat hit someone up here! Don’t lower yourself to someone like that you are SO MUCH better than him.
  17. Yes! Mine too. He smells of digestive biscuits.
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  18. What a childish c*nt
  19. Should have just blocked him when he said that tbh
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  20. He


    One of the worst “authenticity” tests. Ugh.
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