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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Elliot seems to be a wonderful person who has always used his platform for good. Hopefully we will still see him in plenty of movies because he’s mega talented and always has been. Congrats!
  2. I’ve actually had Page on the mind lately. He’s so good in The Umbrella Academy!
  3. He's basically the most famous trans actor in history at this point, right? Phew.

    I'm excited to see what he does, but also I really hope Hollywood won't shy away from giving him roles, because they.. generally don't have the best track record in terms of supporting diverse talent.
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  4. So happy for him embracing his true self I’m sure his world feels a little lighter.

    I do wonder how they’ll tackle this on Umbrella Academy, could be fantastic visibility as it’s quite a popular show I think?
  5. Not Elaine Paige trending in the UK
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  6. I was thinking all of this exact thing.
    I am excited for the advocacy and all that that he will certainly bring because I think the trans community really needs that right now. And he's proven plenty of times in the past to not be shy about using his voice for things.
    As far as work, his acting really speaks for itself. And I would hate to see them typecast him into only just trans roles from now on or something. I'm optimistic though.

    The probably-gay interns that run the Netflix and Umbrella Academy twitters both replied to his tweet, saying they're proud and can't wait for season 3. So I am imagining the show will continue to embrace him. And assuming they transition the character with some good writing -- I wouldn't be mad at that either honestly.
  7. Netflix has already updated the cast page on The Umbrella Academy to say Elliot Page
  8. These are some exciting news. So happy for them!
  9. This may sound clueless, but the first times I went out to gay events, there was so much hostility I stopped going to those for about a year. It took quite a bit convincing by some friends of mine until I decided to actually go to an event again.

    I've grown as a person and I'm fully comfortable with myself, save for extreme anxiety and OCD issues, but I'm working those out and I can talk about them to most of the people I know. Still taking it one day at a time, but reading all of your posts really solidified this place as my sanctuary.

    And I'm incredibly happy for Elliot!
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  10. So, so happy for Elliot! As some of you have already pointed this means a lot for positive representation. It must be scary to do it so openly, but his heart is always on the right place, I’m sure he knows this will impact a lot of people looking up to him.

    I would love if they make Vanya transition in the series too, with sharp writing they could make it great.
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  11. Amazing news, I’m so happy for him. He’s always seemed so cool and down to earth, and brave - what a fucking king!
  12. Ahhhhhh I'm so happy for Elliot! I love him, he's one of my favorite actors. I'm really excited to see if they'll have Vanya transition on Umbrella Academy, since they've proven they can balance these huge plots with strong character writing and development. I think they'll do him and the character justice.

    As to what y'all were talking about before - I've been lucky that I haven't experienced the discrimation from the gay community that some of y'all have. The majority of my friends are queer, but in so many different ways, and we love each other for it. I can't imagine we'd ever want to exclude someone just because they express their queerness, or are queer in a different way then we do, or if they aren't queer at all. I will never understand how a community that has faced so much exlcusion can exclude people of their own.
  13. Today being World AIDS Day has had me talking about that online.
    I've posted on here before about my hiv+ coming out, during a drag performance, and none of the queens here showed any level of support for me. Kind of ties into the conversation here about how exclusionary the queer scene can be, despite touting it is the opposite.

    But, anyways, since today is today, A friendly reminder to you all to get tested, know your status, but also just get educated and make sure friends are doing the same. Every single person really should know how HIV is and isn't transmitted, that there is treatment, that there is PreP, what Undetectable means and how U=U / Undetectable=Untransmittable is a thing.
    And also just generally knowing some backstory about how this all came about in the 80s and was a really tragic loss for our community while President Reagan and the government knew thousands of people were dying, but did not even mention it publically until 4 years after the AIDS crisis began.
    Stigma and ignorance on the virus is one of the greatest factors in why people still get HIV. And the only way to fight that is to really know what HIV/AIDS is and all those things I mentioned.

    And if anyone here now or ever has any questions about HIV, feel free to quote this or @ me anytime. I don't have all the answers but i've educated myself and enough partners and friends over the years to be able to answer most things.

    Also I just saw this tweet that really sums it up nicely:
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  14. I posted this in the UK news thread. It’s probably good to post it here as well. I hadn’t heard about this.

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  15. It’s human nature. We’re intrinsically programmed to frame everything through a “us” vs “them” lens. We have an innate need to create a pseudo form of pecking order - when “them” doesn’t exist, we invent them. I have a dim view of humanity.
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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    See also: the ways in which non-black ethnic minorities in white-dominated countries are still capable of anti-black racism.
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  17. And this is why I love this thread. We are able to cut through the complexity of the key issues (identity/gender/race) in a way that mainstream media somehow refuses to. I don’t believe for a moment it’s because they don’t understand it.
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  18. This is very upsetting.
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