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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Check his other videos on his Twitter! He´s a gay comedy genius.
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  3. Oh thank God! I kept thinking "he has to be joking/being sarcastic" but I wasn't sure dddd.
  4. [​IMG]

    This is why he’s my ex.
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  5. Oh wow they’re fast! 7450FE1C-E1E3-45DA-904D-918CCD9F279E.jpeg
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  7. Tops: "hot aha"
    Tops: "mmm"
    Tops: "sounds good"

    Am i talking to a self service checkout luv?

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  8. Unsurprisingly there’s another part to the story!

    (in Polish but you can translate with the "translate this page" feature)
  9. Why have I messaged these exact 3 phrases in the last 2 days? Fff.
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  10. I'm being flirted with by a cute someone who lives close-by and I don't know how to handle it dddd.

    ALSO, ny first ex messaged me, with a screenshot of someone talking to him...using my face nn. What is happening?
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  11. I matched with a guy on Bumble today, turns out he is only visiting here... Boo.
    I was like "Damn only cute guys visiting match me on here" and he was like "Really? Why?" and I said "The guys around here care too much about masculine and feminine" and he was like "Well what do you prefer?" and I said "In a partner? I honestly don't care. I think everyone is both masculine and feminine and those labels are just given to things at random and it doesn't really mean much."

    He un-matched me.
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  12. Fuck. That. Shit. I think when was in my early twenties or late teens I used to be so afraid of what people would think of me if I was being my true authentic self that I know I just use shock value in order to dodge bullets. For example, a major dating hack is to casually bring up controversial discussion topics right on the first date or ASAP, like how do they feel about sex work for example or BLM, just so you make sure you’re not dating someone who’s a closeted conservative or moderate idiot. Also always roast them a little, I love making fun of men so fucking much. I talk as if I’m super experienced with that, but I’ve only started putting it to practice recently, and let me tell you it’s been working wonders.
  13. OK, negging a bit. I agree it's good to find out about the important stuff early, but you roast every person you go on dates with? Or am I misreading that?

    I would hate being roasted by my date. Fastest way to not get a second one.
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  14. I don’t like straight up roast them, I’m not mean or anything, but I guess it’s fun to like poke fun at them a little bit or be a little unimpressed at first, which doesn’t mean I’m going to sit there and be completely awful for like 2 hours. Idk if anyone else feels like that.
  15. If someone says they like Jessie J, that we don't need Pride anymore or that only super gay gays watch Drag Race you have no choice but to roast.
  16. I’m confused. Are we roasting the guys who deserve it? (By all means, call out the internalized homophobia where you see it!)

    Or just a blanket roast? Don’t be mean just to play games! I’m clearly being too sensitive dddd
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  17. The last date I went on was two years ago and it went really well.

    Then he found my Grindr profile the next night and it differed massively to the sweet and innocent guy he'd met the night before.

    Sorry but me normally and me on Grindr at 2am in the morning waiting for a taxi home are two different people.

    After this guy who I had a really cute dinner with saw my drunk desperate ass on Grindr basically begging for it I had to ghost him dddd.
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  18. The ones who absolutely deserve it for sure
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  19. Yeah, I'd probably excuse myself to the bathroom and not come back in that scenario.
  20. Ma'am, this is a pandemic.
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