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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. To be frank, it's not going great. Only more encouragement to distance myself from my parents from next year onwards. Sometimes there's no saving deep-rooted transmisogyny.

    The positive takeaway is that my siblings' gifts and cards to me all referred to me as Passion and they're doing all they can to use my pronouns. Appreciate all the love and encouragement on my post!
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  2. Just carry on doing your boss bitch queen shit and if your parents aren't along for the ride anymore, that's on them. It's tough, but sometimes you've got to tap out and keep people at arm's length for the sake of your own survival.
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  3. Absolutely not me this year being that sassy Queen at the end of the table addressing the questions before they are even asked, "And before anyone mentions it yes I'm still single, gay and I'm sorry but kids aren't on the cards. Thomas is the straight one though, have you got a girlfriend yet?"

    I just... get sick of waiting for this stuff to be asked every year ddd.
  4. I’ve been wanting to post in this thread for a while but wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to say. I’ve been questioning my sexuality for maybe a couple of years now. I’m a woman and would have always thought I was straight until a few years ago. I never really thought about relationships until I was in my early 20s so I guess it wasn’t something I ever questioned. It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally realized that I’m not as straight as I thought I was. It’s been a slow process for me and I’m very lucky to have open minded and accepting friends who allowed me to get to this point. I know labels aren’t the be all and end all but I would like to feel comfortable with one some day I just haven’t reached that point yet, I guess I’m still figuring it out. I think more recently I have become more ok with the fact that I don’t need a label and I’m more happy to just go with it and see what happens. I have found it difficult to verbalize how I feel and even though my friends are very supportive I’ve found it hard to have a blatant conversation about my feelings so this is just me getting it out there I suppose. Hi!
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  5. I'm always dreading this garbage. Fortunately some have stopped asking.
  6. Hi!! Not sure how much you've read, but you might have noticed this is a very open thread, so feel free to post and ask anything as you're going through this. Very happy for you that you have great friends.
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  7. A "straight" guy my friend brings to the pub sometimes (who is absolutely fine) added me on Snapchat and keeps heart reacting my photos from weeks ago on Facebook

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  8. What are you waiting for? Go suck his dick.
  9. Oh don't worry I'm working on it ddd.
  10. If I can just vent for a second --

    I went on a few dates with a guy over the last 2 years, nothing really consistant but we texted a lot and he was just busy with work so yeah. Then last fall we had sex for the first time and it was like we really felt more closer to each other. But he had told me he wishes I was more social, made more conversation. I told him this is a weakness of mine and I want to work on it and be more outgoing because I really like him anyways and I feel comfortable being more outgoing with him, it's just a process. Then obviously this year was shit so we didn't really see each other, and in the summer we made plans to hang out at a park and I was just so excited to get to sit there with him and talk to him. I was so ready to like just tell him straight up how much I like him.
    So I get there and it's good to see him and one of the first things he tells me is that he is moving away and wanted to tell me in person. And I was just like unsure of what to say, so I was just quiet and we made small talk and then we left. And I just think about him all the time but we don't talk much now that he's gone and it really hurts because I was feeling like he could really like be a person for me (I say that because I don't believe in 'The One' but, he was definitely like.... a person. for me.)

    Side bar to that, I have a fairly healthy relationship with my last ex - we broke up 4 or 5 years ago because he had to move away for financial reasons and to get a better job. And so we still have feelings for each other. But he has dated other people and that's fine. Early this year he broke up with the guy who had been seeing and me and him had talked about me taking the train to see him because we are close, talk every day, and still like each other a lot. Well. Last week I was texting with him as usual and I said that I want to see him soon so we can cuddle and he said "Well we can't" and I said "oh, why?" and he said "My boyfriend wouldn't like that". EXCUSE ME WHAT BOYFRIEND. I guess he started dating someone a couple months ago and now they're in a relationship and he didn't bother to tell me any of this. So now I feel like an idiot and heartbroken by this guy who I really want to make something longdistance work with, because clearly I am more interested in pursuing that than him. I told him I needed time to myself. I messaged him on Christmas and we talked a bit but he hasn't texted me at all. And that really sucks.

    Then today I happened to notice that a different ex of mine got MARRIED over the summer to the guy he started dating after we broke up.

    I'm just so frustrated, sexually and romantically. I've just been having really bad luck. Then I see like... everyone getting into relationships during a GLOBAL VIRUS OUTBREAK. Like damn. It's hard not to start taking it a little personally.
    Not to mention that last January, a friend with benefits friendship that I had got into his own relationship and stopped talking to me. And another friend with benefits friendship I have has been busy with work & also just us taking quarantine seriously so I haven't seen him in a year.

    I know all of the advice. "The right person will come along" and "Just wait, this year is a terrible time to meet people and to be connected with people but it'll get better" and I trust and believe those things, it is just frustrating at the moment and I am not close with anyone to be able to talk to them, Except my new therapist who just kind of hasn't had any good feedback for me yet.
  11. I think over half of the relationships people start, don’t even last a year: It’s just a moment in time and your life where you notice this happens to more people you know.

    Reading your post @Gemini sounds like the buying a purple car effect; after you buy one, you suddenly notice how many others there are. Not sure what the correct name of it is. People are always about and stuff. As hard as it is, using social media will make you compare yourself to others which is never good. You only see their good sides/days.
  12. Yeah after I vented that post, and talked to my therapist this afternoon a bit about that- This is kind of what I need to be remembering and being aware of.

    I really need to focus some on some personal projects I want to do - Like makeup-related things and the Charmed inspired tabletop RPG campaign I want to run. And less focus on *gestures vaguely* all the other nonsense going on.
  13. So I don’t want to reignite the debate over open and poly relationships that I’ve seen play out in this and the relationship thread more than once. But a friend is going through a bit of a crisis over the last few weeks as he’s found himself excluded from the couple he has been with for the best part of a year over this festive period. It’s mostly down to covid and household restrictions, not that any of them cared for the other 51 weeks of the year but that’s another story, but at the same time I feel really sorry for the guy who felt like he was an equal part in their relationship.

    When I was younger I didn’t really have a problem with hooking up with people in open or poly situations but I reached a point where I didn’t feel a lot of satisfaction from it and it basically just wasn’t what I was looking for. That said living in Edinburgh again I feel like there are a huge amount of people in the city who are partnered but open. Before the lockdown I had a pretty intense situation with a guy in an open relationship and it was a bit of a mindfuck the way he spoke about our potential future but also the life he had that he didn’t want to change.

    So, is there a term for someone having relationship privilege? I don’t know if there’s a better way to describe it but can anyone relate to what I’m talking about? Is it an actual thing or am I just dealing with selfish people using the safety of a non monogamous relationship to do as they please?

    Again, this isn’t to illegitimise people’s relationships or condemn anyone for being non monogamous.
  14. Not me thinking someone's been vindictive for no reason and got my Grindr account banned, and then seeing on twitter that it's some sort of mass ban.

    2020 y'all.
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  15. Publicly posting a private phone conversation with someone who’s still not out is disgusting.
  16. You are absolutely right. I shouldn’t spread this type of content. I’m sorry.
  17. Paying 40 euros to keep all my data HD porn collection from my broken laptop was definitely worth it now PornHub delisted every unverified video.
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  18. R92


    The one time I meet up with someone this year (pre Tier 4) for a mulled wine on a park bench and after the “date” I find out he locked his pics again and makes a profile dig at making sure you have a personality...

  19. what an asshole. You dodged a bullet.
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