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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. This reminds me of when I picked up a guy to take him out to dinner, had a great date, paid for him cause... yknow, dropped him off at home and didn't really hear from him. Well, I followed him on twitter so I was like "Is he alive?" so I checked his twitter and saw that after our date he had tweeted "Don't you hate it when you go on a date and they listen to Lady Gaga in the car?". It was like the week ARTPOP came out... give me a break, I also had it on in the background, it wasn't like I was drowning out our conversation.

    Some guys just have ridiculously stupid expectations. They hunt for the perfect guy but, no one is perfect, you have to make compromises. Like yeah I listen to ARTPOP in the car, but is that like REALLY an absolute dealbreaker? I mean, for him I guess it is, but I think relationships are about compromise - you're not 100% perfect for them, they're not 100% perfect for you - and that's okay. You just have to decide "Hey are these things that I am willing to overlook anyways to make a relationship work" and, yeah, most guys aren't into doing that.
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    To be honest, I wasn’t exactly going into this meeting enthused (I had postponed due to both pandemic fears and crazy work schedules and moreso didn’t want to flake rather than going specifically because I was excited to meet). If anything, it showed me that I’m not exactly emotionally forthcoming or available at the moment and it’s not the right time for me to date, even if I’m feeling lonely at the moment; clearly I wasn’t putting myself forward and wasn’t being as personable or forthcoming on a date that I know I can be.

    It probably didn’t help that he spent most of the time talking about his work and mostly made (valid and agreed) jabs at the company I work for when it came time for me to talk about my work and all that. He wasn’t a bad guy but clearly there wasn’t chemistry or anything.
  3. I can totally relate to this.
    I have this weird battle going on within myself at the moment where I’m dying to date again but I also can’t muster the enthusiasm for it to be as switched on and engaging as I know I can be.
    Like there’s this guy I’ve been chatting to on tinder for a while now and he keeps wanting to video chat which is understandable. I agreed we can do it this weekend but I’m dreading it because I know I’ll be either faking it or else be silent because I can’t be bothered to.
    Just this weird funk I’m caught in. I honestly just think 2020 has mentally drained me.
  4. I actually really struggle with the dating process in general. This is going to sound pathetic but I rarely even get to the going on a date part because my personality just doesn't come through via apps. I struggle to maintain a conversation with someone online, so it always just fizzles out ddd.
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  5. So this cute 18 years old guy keeps and keeps messaging me on Tinder and I’m so confused. I’m not “into” young boys usually (and they’re not into me, I think) and generally consider myself to be ‘an older soul’ (looks-wise and hobbies wise) so this feels brand new and dare I say perverse to me ddd while I know 10 years is not that much objectively and even on this very forum there are people dating someone with bigger age difference so I mean no offense.
    He’s really sweet and seems intelligent, also conventionally really handsome - Shawn Mendes-like type and will be a total heartthrob in like 4 years (gosh, I totally sound like a grandpa) but the idea of him being at a high school versus me already working after my degree is just crazy to me.
    Maybe I just need to stop overthinking it, enjoy the young D and go.

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  6. This is the deal breaker though. Does he still ATTEND High School?
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  7. I went out with a 19-year-old once when I was like 26. Doesn’t take long to realize exactly why that just doesn’t work for most people. A 10-year gap is nothing if you’re 28 and 38. It’s EVERYTHING if you’re 18 and 28. You’re just at radically different stages of life.

    I would tread carefully.
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  8. Dating I would say No.

    Hooking up I’d say that gap is okay, depending if they look like a CW type of 18 or if they look like the only bar they’ve been to is the milk bar.
  9. I would just say avoid the whole mess.
  10. Sage, wise advice!
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  11. Hey I’m not in my 30s for nothing!
  12. When I was 24 I dated an 18 year old who was at college. He was more mature than anyone my age and the first guy I ever had real feelings for. Take people as they come.
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  13. Oh probably should also mention I dated a 19 year old when I was 26.... and we’re still together after 15 years.
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  14. Thank you, I think you’re right. I’ve felt the same I just needed to ventilate it online at first to not to feel like a total creep when asking my friends for advice.

    Yes, he does attend high school. In my country, from the law point of view, you’re completely adult when 18 though but I’m probably not helping my case with this at all ddd.
  15. It’s your call, of course. I’m glad it worked out for @phoenix123.
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  16. As someone who's young, I think it really depends on the guy himself more then anything. Obviously don't make yourself uncomfortable by pursuing it if you're not interested, but overall if you think there's a chance for something and you could click with him, I'd say go for it.
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    I just wanna get to know you, @Lapras.
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    Tea - I feel like 18 to about 22 are still pretty formative years and, although everyone's different, guys around that age always show their youth eventually.
  19. I've also noticed guys I've encountered who are that young are insanely pushy and don't take, "Sorry, you're too young for me," well at all.
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