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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Unrelated kinda, but, This guy I dated in highschool... probably like 11 years ago at this point. It was like a flimsy highschool relationship so nothing serious, we don't talk anymore except sometimes I reply to his snapchat story and make smalltalk about whatever video game he's playing on there but ANYWAYS. I keep seeing his grindr profile and he ALWAYS has it listed that he is 19 years old.
    And i'm like Yikes dude, you were like 17/18 when we dated... 11 years ago so you're like 28/29 now. That's a big gap to lie about. He is really skinny, twinky kind of guy so like, it's not hard to believe that that could be his age if you don't know him, which just kind of makes me think that he is doing it to attract 18/19 year olds who want to date someone young... And that is creepy to me.
    I know it's none of my business. But like a year ago I messaged him and was like "Hey I saw you on grindr, it says you're 19! Boyyy!" and he was like "Oh I forgot to change it" (For like 10 years? okay dude), and then months went by and I was like "C'mon punk, your grindr says you're 19" and he was like "Oh that's not me, It's a fake profile" but it's clearly not.
    At this point i'm just going to leave it alone.
    But like... It gives me major creep vibes and also thank god no one knows I dated him 11 years ago otherwise they'd be thinking I dated an 8 year old... picking me up with his drivers license in his sports car that barely worked...

    On grindr you can literally set your age to be private from view on your profile... I don't know why he wouldn't just do that if he didn't want people to know, unless, like I said, he is purposefully trying to attract young guys.
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  2. Guys who don't take that well should definitely be avoided. It's totally understandable that some people are just uncomfortable with dating or hooking up with someone significantly younger then them. If it were me, I'd rather a guy just be honest about it then have an excuse to not see me.
    You know you love me xx.
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  3. The worst part is their attitude comes across like I should be grateful they're even talking to me. Like, no. You reached out to me, man. I have no time for young egos.
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  4. I'll admit when I started uni this year everyone just assumed I was fresh out of high school and I didn't correct them ddd.

    Girl: "This is different to school isn't it?"
    Me, 26 years old: "Yeah it is isn't it!"

    I've got a baby face so it's not hard to believe, but I'd never lie about my age on Grindr.
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  5. ...Ew.
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  6. @Lapras is my dad - he deserves the world. (Please be safe, king.)

  7. 18 to 22 is still kids young adult. It's literally the same age group.

    Meanwhile why is Spotify Shuffle trying to make me horny?

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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    ok Tulisa
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  9. It’s because, even in 2020, young men tend to want to be seen as a “man”. I had a young coworker and every time I’d touch upon the fact he was young (only when it was relevant) he’d be quick to correct me that he was A man. He wasn’t the first nor will he be the last, I’ve seen it many times even secondhand.
  10. LTG


    You have to laugh
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  11. All my boyfriends when I was 19-21ish were in their 30s. I've always liked a bit of aesthetic wear n' tear. Sometimes it worked nicely, other times they were too serious about things and the generational gap seemed huge (I remember "I'm too old for rollercoasters" being a deal breaker one time).

    Now I am that demographic, it's flattering when young guys are into me, even if when they divulge their 'dad' fantasy it makes me feel 103.
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

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  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Happy new year!

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  14. The way I reluctantly ditched the gay bar last night for a shisha bar with my straight friends and now I've got a man in my bed.

    My New Years resolution was to not have meaningless one night stands dddd GOODBYE.
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  15. I need advice

    I’ve been in a relation with my boyfriend for 6 months and it’s moved very fast. I love him but we have problems with the relationship such as arguing. We argue a lot and although I love him and I don’t want to break up it’s causing a lot of stress because of my problem.

    So basically my flatmate doesn’t like him and she has been jealous of our relationship from when we first met as she ended things with her girlfriend a few weeks later. This has caused so many problems for me and it’s got to the point where they have had really bad arguments ending with my boyfriend smashing a glass on the floor (she caused the fights by the way). My flatmate and I are not friends anymore because she has caused so many problems. Her mum recently came to stay at the flat and she got drunk and started calling my boyfriend an idiot and was extremely rude to him. He tried to control his anger but she carried on saying she thinks we should break up and he got so angry he threw everything from the table on the floor and stormed out. We all ended up fighting quite bad in the living room and now my relationship with my flatmate is dead.

    So the problem I have now is my boyfriend told me he won’t stay at mine anymore and he thinks I should move out. He wants me to move in with him now because of this, as he already asked me to do so in April when my contract finishes. My problem is I’m not ready and I told him I might not be ready in April. He lives with his family who are lovely and he thinks that I should move in with him and his family so I can leave here but my problem is I can’t afford to live somewhere else alone and I don’t want to move In with another stranger, but at the same time I’m not ready to move in with my boyfriend. He said he will probably break up with me in April if I don’t move in with him as I’m wasting his time and I understand that as he feels that he isn’t getting what he wants from me and that’s his choice.

    But what do I do now because I don’t want to be with my flatmate but I’m also not ready to rent a place with my boyfriend but I also don’t want to move out and move in with his family because then I don’t have the option to live alone.
  16. Sis what?

    I'm sorry but even if that's his choice, it's entirely selfish one and you deserve better than that. If anything he should be striving to find an alternative where it works out for both of you, and willing to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle.

    You do what feels the most comfortable for you and try not to put anyone else in the equation when it comes to your own comfort / safety. While not any of them sounds like an ideal one, you still have to make a choice.

    If you are not ready then you're not ready and he's gonna have to accept that fact no matter he likes it or not. Moving in with someone is a big commitment and will test your relationship even more.
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  17. Yeah frankly he sounds like he has some anger issues as it is (regardless of who starts fights, I don't really think it's a good sign that he's had multiple incidents where he's breaking things in that short a time span), and giving an ultimatum of either moving in with him or breaking up is...not a good look. It reads a bit controlling and manipulative to me.

    Obviously do what you feel is best, but I feel there's quite a few red flags there that at least merit discussion.
  18. New year, new you.

    Dump the boyfriend, ditch the flatmate, move in with someone else if you can't afford to live by yourself.
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  19. You should really consider moving out of your current shared flat. The situation with your flatmate sounds extremely unhealthy.
    Since you already see the potential conflicts with moving in with your boyfriend and his family, you really shouldn´t move in with him. It would make you extremely vulnerable.
    Try to find a new place to share (you have 4 months to find a place). If your boyfriend threatens to leave you if you don´t move in with him, you have to accept the fact that he´s trying to take control over your life. In this case you have to decide if you actually like being controlled in a relationship.
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