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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. The dynamics will change. Their priorities will change. It's something that I have been experiencing for the last few years (I'm in my mid-30s now). But it really isn't the end of the world. I always refer back to one of my mom's best friends, who was single throughout the whole time my mom brought up me and my sister. While my sister and I were young, they had a lot less contact than before. And when me and my sister got into our teen years, that changed again. That's why I believe good friendships are going to "survive" this, and yes, right now I am not hanging out on the weekends with some of my friends as much as I used to. But I love them, I respect the life they want for themselves and that fulfills them, because they also respect mine, and based on my mom's experience I also know that at one point these things can change again. That's just the way life works. Things don't stand still, but if there really is good core friendship, it won't make a difference in the long run.
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  2. If you're willing to embrace it you'll be fine. But for me, as soon as I started getting invited to baby showers and kids parties instead of 21st birthday parties I started to lose interest. I was happy for them and all, but I was finding every social event they had was full of other parents they met at their babies daycares, at parks, etc and that was all the conversation revolved around.

    I eventually moved away for four years to the Gold Coast (party Central of Australia) which was amazing, then I came back and now I'm friends with a new group of friends who are childless ddd.

    I'm still friends with my old friends group, but it's gone from seeing each other every weekend to probably twice a year.
  3. It's also so fucking expensive to be the one gay friend in a group of straight girls. I spent over $2000 two years in a row on weddings, showers and bachelorettes. Money I would a) never ask my friends to spend on me and b) will never get in return for said life events I shan't part-take in.
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  4. Oh my god, just dump the friends at that point.
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  5. The last kids birthday I went to I spent $200 on gifts for my friends kids, only to be greeted with "Oh nice, they've already got one of these at their nans but thanks".

    That's when I decided to take a step back.
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  6. I never spend more than $20 on a kid's birthday present now - considering it will probably get ignored and discarded fairly quickly when they receive at least 20 different things on the same day, and likely have my attention span dddd Maybe this is an Australia only thing but you can get cute things for under $20 very easily at K-Mart, Big W, Target etc so the present does not even look that cheap compared with the other options on the pile...
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  7. Maybe my mistake was going to David Jones dddd.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I don't even get gifts for my damn nieces, y'all be easy now
  9. I have three nephews and one niece, and I only get gifts for my niece cause she’s my godchild and her birthday is on Christmas.
    Buying gifts for friend’s children?? Saints.
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  10. In this economy?
  11. I figured since I missed their first few birthdays I would make en extra effort, it didn't help that I went to an overpriced department store though dddd.
  12. I don’t buy gifts for... anyone, and I don’t expect to receive them from anyone either dd
    It’s never ever been a thing among my small circle of close friends?
  13. I buy gifts for my niece, but I actually like kids and I love her ddd.
    I haven't considered buying gifts for my friends kids though.
  14. I am team buying gifts for friends' children. I actually bought them this one (they are all having a birthday in December):

    I will educate them with music.

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  15. Been thinking about this post I made when I was in high school a lot today:


    The way I was actually listening to Hilary Duff and had all her albums though dddd.
  16. Ddd this reminds me of when I was in high school and would try to hide the obvious gayness of my music library. One time a straight and very masculine uncle (who is like 10 years older) asked me about my favorite artists and I mentioned some male singers I would never listen to, like Justin Timberlake etc. Then he said that he was a big Britney fan during college and I was like whaaaaaat??!! I never lied about my favorite artists after that ddd.
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  17. My sister plays this card all the damn time. She never asks anyone else to exchange things, only us. She forgets my birthday regularly and tells her daughter we're rich as we don't have kids so to ask us for stuff.

    Consequently their gifts from me are getting deliberately crappier and crappier.
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  18. So you outed yourself as straight and of shit taste.
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  19. There's literally no friendship I wouldn't be willing to end with immediate effect if this is the kind of money I was expected to spend.
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  20. I remember the straights in the the PE changing rooms grabbing my phone and going through the music I had on it to find Hollaback Girl. I got bullied so much for it fff
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