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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. On the topic of young homosexuale musical tastes, I remember this time in 6th grade when we were asked to share "fun facts" about ourselves. I proudly declared that my favorite album was Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill", and got some funny looks from my small-conservative-town classmates.

    Then there was the time when my douchebag brother decided to tell everyone about my Spice Girls and Ace of Base cassettes for some cheap laughs. That was a fun junior high experience.
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  2. I have really enjoyed reading everybody's stories about this. Reminds me of when I was like 14-15 and was so determined to fit in with my hetero friends that I pretended to like heavy metal. Put myself through some horrific concerts and even bloody Download festival (dreadful din). Just for it all to be undone when my brand new iPhone 4 pocket-dialled PRIMADONNA GURRRRL, YEAH! during registration. Memories...
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  3. I also had to hide my music tastes, especially from my parents. It honestly left me a tad traumatized because I still do not talk about it with anyone and went through a relationship without ever telling him I stanned Britney. It's just sad.
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  4. I used to do lip-syncs to the Spice Girls in front of my parents

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  5. The first CD I ever actually owned was Brit's debut, given to me as an Easter gift by my parents.

    So I think they had their suspicions.
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  6. What was everyone's earliest 'wait I'm a cig' memory?

    Mine was being 3 or 4 in nursery school (?) right before the Christmas holidays and seeing a pyramid of yellow toy track boxes for the boys and one with boxes of dolls (wearing spanish dressed like the La Isla Bonita one dd) and being aware I was getting the truck but trying to come up for a scam to get the latter.
  7. I was about the same age--I think preschool and nursery school are the same thing?--and was basically the only boy who wanted to play house with the girls. Which is kinda funny, actually. Practicing heteronormative relationships solidly confirmed I was "not like the other boys!"
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  8. I'm late to the trauma bonding, but y'all made me remember the time I used Britney's Get Naked for an English project in 11th grade. The girls couldn't take!!
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  9. Waring sign was when I begged my parents to buy me toy kitchen set (pink) for my birthday gift.

    Revelation came through when me and two of my friends had... a time while bathing together on 6th grade camping trip.

    upload_2021-1-9_10-26-7.gif upload_2021-1-9_10-26-7.gif
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  10. Tea though. When everyone called me a f*g in 9th grade and I wore black for a whole week in rebellion!!!
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  11. He


    My gay uncle would dress me up and I would perform Madonna or Nina Hagen from his album collection! Literal baby's first drag.

    Borderline and Prima Nina in Ekstasy were my favorites.
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  12. Doing things like frolicking over to the girls on the playground and jumping into their skipping rope ddd
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  13. Being emo was iconic. Me telling my friends I stan Marilyn Manson then promptly suggesting them The Dope Show music video teas.
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  14. The accuracy of that gif. I’d tape performances on VHS and learn/teach the official choreography to all my cousins and we’d put on performances for our family. Yikes.

    I also remember taking my parents boom box and Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection cd and dancing to Like A Virgin in front of my INCREDIBLY religious, denim skirt wearing babysitter who didn’t even own a TV. She nearly died at that very moment.

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  15. The gay agenda at work!
  16. ok we need videos
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  17. I think I was about the same age I believe. I was into what was considered a lot of boys toys however I would play with my sisters Barbie that would make a kiss sound when you pressed the button on the back and she had the Barbie RV and corvette and I loved My Little Pony.

    I also used to put on my sisters robe and spin around pretending I was Dorothy stuck in the tornado and throw myself on the couch and pretend I just woke up in Oz. If that didn’t confirm it I don’t know what would of.
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  18. I remember in primary school that I liked to queue behind one particular lad in my class for PE because I liked to touch his silky gym shorts.
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  19. Iconic. So cute.
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  20. He


    Let me look for the betamax tapes.
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