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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I didn't hide anything from my parents ddd. They were fully aware I loved Britney, as well as Barbie and Bratz and Hannah and all the other Disney girls when I was a kid, and later on Monster High ddddd. But they also never gave me any shit for it - though I know my dad wished I had other interests nn - so I love them for it.
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  2. Me choosing Anastacia's Left Outside Alone for a "complete the lyrics" exercise in my English class teas.

    When I was 5 it was okay for everyone to play pretending you were the Spice Girls at school and perform in the morning break, but if you were a guy you had to be Mel C or else.

    I would also do full-on performances of Thalía and Paulina Rubio with my cousin in front of our family and you know my hips were thrusting, my non-existing hair was whipping and my back was arching like it was my job.
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  3. BTG


    Like any self respecting [redacted] of a certain age, I knew I was gay because of Kimberly.

    I also used to wear a towel as a dress and perform female country music tales of heartbreak from my parents’ record collection. Suddenly the bumpkin was me.

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  4. I always opted to be Sailor Mars when we played Heroes/Villains at my All Boy School!

  5. Me and my neighbour would always play Super Mario outdoors, like recreate it, and I’d always be Mario and make him be Yoshi so he could carry me around.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Translating English Eden's Crush songs into Spanish dd.
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  7. Without actively knowing, probably when I was about 4 and my mom found me parading around her bedroom wearing one of her bras, pantyhose and strappy heels.

    The first time I actually thought about it, I was sitting at the kitchen table listening to Gloria Estefan's wonderfully camp cover of "Everlasting Love". I remember thinking how much I loved it, and then after a moment going "....does this mean I'm gay?"

  8. I’m late to the school chat but I remember in Year 4 (8 years old) we had to write a version of Cinderella but with different characters... I called mine Minderella and wrote it about Kylie. I’d just been to the V&A exhibition, read La La La and watched the Feel The Fever & Body Language Live documentaries so I was in full stan mode. I’m sure my Mum has kept it somewhere. I even used the 2006 Calendar/Homecoming programme font for the title page! William Baker was Prince Charming too dddd
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  9. I knew I was... different when my (female) best friend got a ladybird buggy at 4 years old and I desperately wanted one too. It wasn't the wanting of it that I thought made me different, moreso my Stepdad's insistence that I couldn't have one and that I shouldn't have wanted one in the first place. My Nan went out and bought me one anyway for when I was at her house, which was like 3 days a week anyway.

    Nanny Something said fuck gender norms ddd.
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  10. I had not even thought about ciggy me in school and I just unearthed a memory where I performed My Heart Will Go On in front of the whole thing for world peace day '98

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  11. When I performed Wannabe with my 4 straight male friends they made me be Sporty, I was fuming! To be fair I had an actual ginger friend so of course he was Geri but I was still majorly pressed about it.
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  12. I think the biggest "thing" for me was... not liking sports soccer. As a Brazilian™ it was like the biggest "hm what the fuck?" thing other boys would say about me. Unthinkable! This was even more othering and traumatic than stuff like watching (and drawing) ciggy cartoons like Sailor Moon.

    I also distinctly remember casually telling my parents I wish I had been born a girl in the middle of a car ride, oops! They were mortified ddd I, of course, didn't turn out to be transgender, I just wanted to have pink sparkly toys ":("
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  13. I recall in preschool, no one questioned my constant desire to be ‘daughter’ when we played house, my continuous talk of wanting to marry Zack Morris when I grow up, or my playing dress-up with all the girls. But I do remember a ton of kids and parents expressing confusion and concern when I showed up to the Halloween events in the ‘Alice In Wonderland’ costume my mom made for me at age 5, wig and all. It’s the first time I remember people telling me, ‘boys aren’t supposed to do that,’ and I just recall feeling immense confusion because I’d never felt different before that moment.
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  14. That your mom made your costume makes me smile, though. I’m wondering how she reacted when you eventually came out?
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  15. That’s one thing that surprised me... My mother never said “No” to my gay Halloween costumes as a kid. She allowed me to go as Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman when I was 5. She made the entire outfit herself and even put all the stitches on it. Then the next year I went as Ursula from The Little Mermaid (my twin went as Maleficent) when we were 6.

    Even after all that and the Spice Girls, she still took my coming out moment rather hard but I also kind of came out to avoid getting in trouble for not turning in homework after my school advisor called up one night.
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  16. I will say I have a very unique, fortunate situation in that I never actually ‘came out.’ I was pretty open about my faggotry as a child (as noted by the examples above) until I actually learned what homosexuality was, and then just refrained from discussing my love life with my parents. They never asked, but I’m fairly certain my open obsessions with Spice Girls, Britney and Kylie (a lot of which they financed), my active participation in competitive cheerleading/drill team throughout my teen years, and lack of female suitors provided any answers they may have needed (plus, that time I begged my father to buy me a ticket to an event called Big Gay Out while we were in London so I could see Girls Aloud in concert for the first time). When I finally entered my first serious relationship at 25, I just brought him over one time and said, ‘Oh by the way this is my boyfriend Michael.’ And life just went on from there...we’ve still never had a discussion about my sexuality, so it either came as no surprise to them or they felt supportive enough to not make it a thing. Either way, I couldn’t be more grateful, and I’m fully aware what a luxury that is.

    The other thing that always sticks out to me as a kid is when McDonalds would have the Barbie & Hot Wheels toys. As a gay stereotype, I always wanted the Barbie toy, but when the employee saw I was a boy, the default was to give me the Hot Wheel. So my parents would have to specify every time that I wanted the ‘girls toy’ because there was always a question of confusion from the employees about why their son wouldn’t want the ‘boys toy.’ And when I’d go with friends parents, I’d always have to tell them to ask for the ‘girls toy’ for me.
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  17. This sort of never actually coming out thing reminds me so much of how it worked with me and my father/stepmother. I told my mom about my sexuality; my dad just kind of figured it out and started asking when I would meet “someone.” I have to give him a lot of credit, actually. He didn’t really care about with whom I wanted to be; he’s just worried I’ll end up alone ddd.
  18. Did anyone else use Play-Doh to make big stiletto nails but called them ~monster claws~ jsbhgsdofnjifv

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  19. Sis, it was all about the Bugles!
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  20. I still scream that we were in the same event. Legends meeting legends (unawares)!

    This THIS is what I'm talking about when I say that LGBTQIA+ kids have so much more on their plate / head than other kids. I'm wearing a white towel on my head for hair = 'yeah yeah I am an Arab I guess'. La Struggle.
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