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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. So nice to see these issues brought out. This is something a lot of us have to deal with within the community and it sucks. Unless you are feminine, you really don’t understand. It’s not even just the masc4masc gays but We also become the punching bag for the “I don’t feel gay” gays.
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  2. This reminds me of the time these white guys in Boston tried to speak to my boyfriend in Spanish when 1) he only speaks English and 2) he's not Latinx nn.
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  3. I hate when people say that a movie like speaks to them or whatever. Like I always side-eye the Rocky Horror Picture types (sorry!), but Hedwig is it.
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  4. The whole tone of this post goes against the messages both those films have spoken out to me in the past.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

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    Drunk white guys are always...a mess! On my birthday last year my friends brought some British executive with them and when he learned it was birthday he legit did this to me


    At the bar and I'm like....WTF. To him it was a friendly gesture but to me I'm like...y'all come get ya boy.
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  6. So last night I'm drunk in the gay bar ordering a vodka. This man comes up to talk to me at the bar, he has his fifteen year old son with him (I was so confused). The dad ends up buying me a drink I'm thinking "Ooh he will do, but why is the son here?"

    Turns out he knows the security and they let him bring his son in to watch the drag shows before it gets rowdy/late. His son has been struggling with his gender identity and the dad wanted to get my perspective on it. He told me he doesn't understand why he wears a skirt to school and asks to be addressed as a girl to "create more problems for himself". I basically said that he obviously feels more comfortable with that and asked him if he'd feel uncomfortable showing up to work in a dress and heels, because that might be what his son feels like dressing as the male gender? I was actually so stumped on what to say though, because 15 is still young and I have never actually struggled with my gender identity.

    But the dad left with a more open mind, I simply told the son to be who you want to be but don't rush it's not a race, that it's 2021, people are way more accepting now and it's amazing that your dad is taking the time to try to understand.

    I just wanted to share this because I thought it was beautiful that whilst the dad clearly didn't understand what his son was going through, he was asking so many questions and recognised that he was alittle ignorant on the topic, he wanted to learn.

    The way at first drunk me thought I was going to leave with a hot dad but I ended up spending two hours explaining the entire logistics of the gay community to him and his son though dddd.
  7. That is so lovely but...
    You’re so lucky and I hate you.
  8. It was so heart-warming!

    The dad was so happy because the son thought he was being homophobic, but I explained that he just didn't understand the gender issue and how awesome it is that he's taking him for a pizza at a gay bar to see a drag show!

    My dad still won't go to a gay bar with me and I'm 26 dddd.
  9. Does already being in the gay bar your dad and his church group enter to hand out leaflets about how we need to repent before we go to hell count?
  10. Oh my God, I would DIE. What did you do? Please tell us more ddd.
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  11. You know that Drag Race gif of the two (Liza's?) glaring at each other? It was kinda like that.

    A lot of "stay the fuck away from my religion-free spaces!" followed later that evening.
  12. I'm just imagining feisty drag queens getting up and causing a scene ddd.

    Messed up that the church group felt the need to go out of their way to enter a gay bar though! I've never witnessed anything like that.
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  13. Uno


    I'm surprised they were even able to get into the building? The security should've kept them at the door. Get the fuck out of my safe space with that BS!
  14. It was a fairly provincial bar in the middle of a Saturday, I don't think they could afford security.
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  15. Island

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    Me when guys say "tell me something nobody knows about you":
  16. Grindr's marketing department sending 100GB of hole pics and a price list PDF over to advertisers

  17. pffffffffffffffffff not this

    AN ERA!
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