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Liam (is a) Payne

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. He hasn't made any official announcements yet but he's been working with Juicy J, and is apparently in LA now with Juicy J and a few other folks "making magic":
    How fun would it be if Liam pipped both Zayn and Harry with some Dark Horse level masterpiece? I would cackle for a century.
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  2. I'm so ready for BIG PAYNO to blow us away with his articulate and charismatic persona on a solo record (feat. The Bigots of Duck Dynasty).

    Seriously: this will flop all over the place. The public at large would find it difficult to identify Liam and Louis out of a line-up. The UK isn't really here for Juicy J (outside Dark Horse) and would US Urban radio really play a song by someone who isn't Zayn from One Direction?
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  3. I thought he'd end up as a Michael Buble tribute act in all honesty.
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  4. Maybe Liam Payne is the Dark Horse of 1D.
  5. Finally! Hit me Payno with your best shot!!
  6. Big Payno aka Adonis Payne aka The Payne Train has always been the one to watch from 1D. He's always carried the group, talent-wise. Now become the JC & give me that underrated bop-filled debut we know you're capable of!
  7. Stop.
    Are you okay?
    Absolutely, spectacularly incorrect.
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  8. It's not gonna happen for him. Not in the slightest. He's the Sarah Harding.

    He could have played 2nd fiddle to Harry, but Zayn jumped ahead of both and knocked Liam into "who cares?" territory.
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  9. He's the most attractive one from the group and has the better voice too, can't wait to hear what he comes up with. Get a Tinashé collab and I'm on board.
  10. If he is the Sarah Harding, does that mean Louis gets to release an album full of covers of show tunes?
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  11. He just needs some regular GT/Attitude/Fabulous shirtless spreads, a decent-performing album with a #1 single and I'm pretty sure he's all set. I'm positive he'll be as succesful as Zayn or Harry in some sort of manner, he's the most genuine in the band by far.
  12. He has the best voice of 1D but he is so uncharismatic it will surely affect his solo career. The man looks like his cat just died every time I've seen him interviewed.
  13. His accent doesn't help either, no offence to those from Wolverhampton.
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  15. It says something when I'm more intrigued for Zayn's output than Liam's...
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  16. I wonder if their fans really believed them when they said there would be no solo music.
  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Yes, many of them did. It's pretty sad and hilarious.

    Oh, Liam. I had affection for you in the group because your voice didn't reach Louis and Niall's tragic levels, but I just don't care about your solo stuff. Now that I've said this, he's probably going to eclipse Zayn and Harry.
  18. Have One Direction split up or something?
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  19. They're "on a break," while all pursuing solo projects. Take that as you will.
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