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Liam Payne - Debut album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Don't do Rachel Stevens or Holly Valance circa 2003 like this.
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  2. Holly Valance's State of Mind is still that earth shattering ahead of it's time bop. Thank you for reminding me of it.
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  3. I'd say this better than all the other songs but it just sounds so dated, too familiar (pun intened), its like something Ricky Martin would do 10 years ago.
  4. Yes, it's list time, which just reinforces how tragic it is that his best effort is still pretty average.

    Get Low
    Bedroom Floor
    Strip That Down

    *No I'm not included For You in this ranking, because Liam's cameo adds nothing and quite frankly I don't want to acknowledge his label's tragic attempt at bringing a defibrillator to his rapidly flat-lining solo career.
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  5. For You and Familiar have been much better than the awful Bedroom Floor.
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  6. You wouldn't know from these songs that he had the most writing experience in the group alongside Louis.
  7. I hate myself but I fucking love this.
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  8. No surprise coming from this biased party, but he's 5/5 for me.
  9. This is actually the first song of his I like non ironically.
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  10. When you’re confronted with the reality that Louis probably did most of the songwriting.
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  11. Familiar is very pop by the numbers circa early 2000's, I LOVE IT!!
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  12. It's curious that he isn't credited as a writer on any of the songs he's put out bar Strip That Down when he and Louis got the most credits as a duo across the latter 3 albums and Liam even did some production work. Even Louis seems to be doing most of his own writing and you can hear a somewhat consistent lyrical voice across his material (regardless of the quality).

    I personally don't care much as long as the music is good but it's just very strange because people typically leave manufactured groups to become more involved with the creation of their music, not the other way around.
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  13. He should just re-release Get Low as his own single this time and push it harder.

    Are they still sitting on that 'Can't Stop The Feeling'-ish song?
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  14. I completely addicted to this!!! The basic hip-pop-latin jam I didn't knew I needed in my life
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  15. I'll be adding Get Low to his album. It should have been released as his 3rd pre-single
  16. All those early 2000s descriptions are so very accurate. Very along the lines of:

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  17. 'Get Low' got the same treatment as Taylor's 'Ready for It' and just got released too early. It was totally steam-rolled by the first single, and really meant it never got to be the hit it should have been.
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  18. Sounds like James Charles singing and the song is basic.
  19. This is legitimately the first thing he's done that I unabashedly love. Such a catchy, early 2000's anthem.
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  20. I didn';t want to like Fa-Milla-mmill-ar. But I's decent!

    He's had it good so far in his career....he is lucky Strip That Down (with Quavo) was just HUGE everywhere. But Bedroom Floor did alright (not as well), but so did Get Low (with Zedd) & For You (with Rita Ora) and now this! They want him on collabs because they reckon he needs some help...but it's working this strategy and I think they want to release the album once there are a bunch of hit singles.
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