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Liam Payne - Debut album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. They want this to be his Justified so badly.
  2. Which is exactly why I'm in so into him.
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  3. Same, honestly.
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  4. This song is being HAMMERED on Capital, I very irregularly listen to it, but lately, every time the kitchen radio does gets turned on this is playing.... and I actually really love it!
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  5. I love you queens of bad taste.
  6. Taste is subjective. Liam's sex appeal is not.
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  7. His album is getting released on September 14th

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  8. So they will wait another four months and in the meantime see what sticks, and when (IF) it will be finally released it will be "a good mix of..." which means they'll try any spotify frienly sub-pop genre.
    Not that I care really, but you can sense the desperation of the label.
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  9. Be still my heart and my bussy.
  10. 12 laughably sexy pop tracks genre chasing and struggling to find an identity...into it
  11. His live lounge performances from last week. Amazing choice of cover even if the execution isn't great. I honestly wish for performances like this, he'd slow down the arrangements and take the vocals down an octave. He's struggling as is.

  12. I can’t get over the fact his new song has a part that sounds like Alexandra Burke’s “Start Without Ya”. I giggle every time.
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  13. So, Familiar is top 10 on iTunes...

    What are they waiting for a duet between Liam and Bebe? That would be PopJustice glory and this forum will never be the same again
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  14. This guy is a tool.
  15. Cool, thanks.
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  16. I can work with this tool
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  17. Hasn’t @lushLuck suffered enough?
  18. I would probably just kill myself at that point.
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  19. I only just realised that Liam has released a handful of songs and still no word on the album? I mean, I'm not particularly a fan but his singles seem to be charting OKAY so I wonder what the delay is?
    I feel like they're throwing everything they have, seeing what sticks like grits and then release the album off the back of that? Kinda like they did with Havana.
  20. Besides the fact we have a release date....
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