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Liam Payne - LP1 (a terrible pop album, but very effective contraception!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Quite. I'd really appreciate it if people could stop coming in here to post about his music. It's most disappointing to click on the thread and not see a naked picture of him.
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  2. I'm positive we'll get hole pics on the album release week.
  3. And the sad part is he'd still flop.
  4. Just watched a bit of a documentary on Sky called ‘Straight Talking’ with Liam and someone called Ant Middleton interviewing him.

    He’s quite boring and monotonous but he seems like a decent enough guy to be fair. There’s just no star quality there from what I see. He could just be the hot guy in the office who’s a bit of a show off.
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  5. Yeah, I listened to the Table Manners episode with him and if it wasn't for Jessie and Lennie being their fabulous selves, it would've been a struggle to sit through an hour(!) of him talking. Jessie asked him if he likes the music he's making now and he sounded rather unconvincing in his response if you ask me.
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  6. Can you blame him nn
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  7. Usually an artist denounces their previous work only when they have something new to promote.
    Liam changing the game by already denouncing it before release? Innovative.
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  8. Seems like he isn't that bothered.
  9. I'm interested to hear the new songs.
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  10. He was used to getting chart hits. And he's not anymore. He's not stupid enough to know his current output isn't working for him. Well i don't think he's stupid enough.
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  11. I'm interested to see the hole project.
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  12. I want this picture without the text so I can frame it in my room.

    I hate myself for admitting and posting THAT.
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  13. Same.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. OMG YASSSSSSSSSSS it better be in hi-res.
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  16. I can’t believe this is finally out on Friday. It’s going to do atrociously, isn’t it?
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  17. I really need to stop clicking on this thread in work.

  18. I saw a TV advert for the album (on ITVBe ddd) and was shocked the label are bothering with that kind of pricey promo. The album font on TV looks even more basic if you can believe it. I'm expecting it to miss the Top 40.
  19. He'll be top 10. He has physical bundles, signed editions and he's doing signings. All that and he's done quite well with streaming. Stack it Up has been an absolute disaster but that's how it should be as it's by far his worst song.
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