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Liam Payne - LP1 (a terrible pop album, but very effective contraception!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. I'm pretty sure no one had a strong opinion about him before the album came out and now he has the entirety of Twitter tearing him apart. An iconic album release.
  2. Yeah dont give him the streams. Its top 5 right now, we need it to drop if we're gonna get some dick pics/videos.
  3. I'm so confused what stage did he manage to book?
  4. Ddd I've thirsted over him like the basic mayo gay that I am, but I don't think I have an ounce of attraction left after listening to Both Ways.

    The aural equivalent of looking at a hot Grindr profile only to see some variation of fem-shaming or racism & immediately blocking.

    Ugliness is ugliness x
  5. Imagine breaking a forum hiatus of 7 years just to post this. Well actually, I guess if you're still stuck in the same mindset you had in 2012, then I guess it's not surprising.
  6. I'm wet.
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  7. He was on the Jingle Ball lineup today at the O2.

    The only time he’ll ever play in that venue, as a solo artist anyway.
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  8. I wouldn't mind that.
  9. This thread is joyous! I have no idea (well I have a few) what makes me glad this exact thing has happened to him like it was destined to or something.. but yeah he flops and I agree with the universe

    PS I don’t consider myself an ‘urban’ genre aficionado but between this and Ed Sheeran.. leavebritneyalone.mp4
  10. Might as well do what you're good at.

    Because making an album clearly ain't it for him.
  11. The production on some of the songs is actually halfway decent. If the lyrics weren't...what they were, and it wasn't being performed by someone with inverse charisma, I think me and my basic-ass taste would actually be stanning.
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  12. Maybe he will end up lost in the forest, wiping his ass with tree bark like Justin Timberlake did.

    The last time I remember an album release being this cringe-inducing was when Robin Thicke tried to get his wife back with that horrifying campaign.
  13. I feel like everyone at his label are like


    As they leave the office for Christmas, knowing by the time they come back in January the album will be dead and buried and they can stop investing/pretending to care, drop him and finally move on with their lives
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  14. LOL good joke tell another
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  15. The list goes on, and on. Must be a fun release weekend for him!

  16. Yet another disappointment for Katy Perry.
  17. This thread... He lied through his teeth ddd

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  18. OK sidebar but the way that every member of One Direction has such visible contempt for their fans is a teensy bit iconic. They don’t even attempt to hide the fact they think their stans are unpleasant and deranged. Niall is the only one who can muster a thin veneer of patience with their nonsense.
  19. In all fairness to Harry, he always makes time for them/takes photos etc. without exception. You never really hear a bad word.
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