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Liam Payne - LP1 (a terrible pop album, but very effective contraception!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. I'm a pessimistic person in general, but I'd be really surprised if they come back in the next 1-2 years like Niall, Louis, and Liam were promising. Many noted that Harry did not make any such promises.
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  2. I don't see it happening either. They're done as a group for me.
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  3. They still have the means of reuniting one day for a greatest hits which they could have easily just put out instead of Made in the AM.

    I think it could be without Harry though as I see him being the one who makes it solo.
  4. I feel like his music will really serious and he'll think he's being all 'artistic' and 'authentic' and no one will give shit.
    He has no star quality.
  5. We're not gonna be completely satisfied until there's a thread for each One Direction member, are we?
  6. He's vaguely attractive but the nose is too big and the personality is...where? Where is it?

    Liam Payne feat. Juicy J sounds like those random (Hollyoaks Stars) feat. Pusha T singles which chart #13 in Ireland #19 UK first week and then literally fly right out the bottom of the charts.
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  7. Let's make a commitment to never start a Louis thread.
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  8. I mean, hell will likely freeze over before there is a Louis thread.

    Literally every 1D performance since they were formed. You know, compared to the other members. Off stage, though, I'm certain it doesn't exist.
  9. I'm mad I missed the Louis thread. I went to a four-piece 1D concert once, all I remember in between vodka shots is Liam yelling "Sing it!!" every five minutes. But bless him, he was certainly trying more than the rest combined.
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  10. Wow meow!!
  11. Apparently, you can't trust some people. @strangekin.

    At my concert Louis and NIall were non-entities. Harry has the most stage presence, but Liam was decent.
  12. I want Liam's Big Payno.
  13. RJF


    You manage about three posts a day right now and that was one of them?
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  14. You need Josy.
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  15. Liam is the epitome of my type, he could top me like nachos.

    However, with regards to his music, let's not deny the fact that his vocals have carried the group since day one. He's the most vocally versatile, and he was able to fill in Zayn's high-notes after his departure, as well as mask some of Harry's crumbling vocals in the past year. Producers have said that he is particularly involved in the studio, but that could obviously work against him if he insists on putting out self-penned material at the expense of actual hits. I don't think he has that star power of a solo artist, but as with any popstar, if you have the right songs, you can power through at least one album campaign before the public lose interest.

    Honestly though, if he dares serve up anything like the last 1D album, I'll be pissed. It can't be overstated how bland and uninspired 80% of Made in the AM was.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Harry and Zayn are the only ones I can see having any real chance of being soloists, but I'm ready for Liam to surprise me.
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  17. No to this potato face and his bland af music/personality/everything. Just get him on the X Factor Australia and call it a day.
  18. Zayns too unlikeable with the tact of a dung beetle.
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  19. Liam, Harry and Louis were responsible for almost all of 1D's output post-TMH. I trust none of them to deliver anything vaguely interesting on the musical front. But maybe one of them will surprise and deliver a "Story of my Life" reloaded.

  20. Don't even with that hashtag.
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