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Liam Payne - LP1 (a terrible pop album, but very effective contraception!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

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  2. Who woulda thunk I have any standards, but a D’Amelio (especially one named Dixie) is where I draw the line.
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  3. Didn't he release a shit Christmas song last year too?
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  4. Cheryl must be so embarrassed for him...
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  5. Cheryl probably doesn’t even think of him.
  6. Cheryl being asked what she thinks of Liam:

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  7. Clearly the label paid for this lie.
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  8. Rob


    Are even his looks fading? 2020 looks like its been rough on him.
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  9. I want to RIAA police to force him giving it up and a Tweet to rectify the 3M sold.
  10. Just popping in to say - Liam’s given a charming interview this week bragging about how he drifts in and out of his son’s life and it’s cool that he goes months on end without seeing him because Bear is a “chill” kid who doesn’t notice.

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  11. I know it shouldn’t but he really does it for me here:

    As long as he keeps that pouting mouth shut.
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  12. This really annoys me, how is he not being called out? He keeps saying it’s best he doesn’t see Bear during lockdowns - he is legally allowed to see his son not matter what the Tier is, poor boy! I feel so sorry for Bear that, that’s his sorry excuse for a dad...
  13. Just lost my appetite
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