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Liam Payne - LP1 (a terrible pop album, but very effective contraception!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Cee ya!
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  2. RJF


    Drag us, fifteen year old.
  3. Liam's not even the most popular one in 1D and being in-touch with young people or at least young (23, hey!) should make you aware of that. The people I see championing him are saying he could be like "Gary Barlow or Robbie Williams", so if we're gonna mention being out of touch....

    Juicy J himself feels like a highly out of touch choice and something I imagine a gay manager in his late 30s would advise Liam to work with "to get all those urban young kids listening, he was on that huge Katy song!".
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  4. Liam can hit notes.
  5. Kimba can hit notes too! Just not the right ones.
  6. This read, Pez!
  7. I follow One Direction fandom- more people care about Niall than Liam.

    But at my old age of 27, I guess I'm forever doomed to be one of those perpetually cynical horrible millennials.
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  8. How dare you be so haggard and bitter though?

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  9. This is the first time my opinion has been attacked on the basis of old age! I feel kinda sad this milestone was wasted on Liam Payne.
  10. It was just a bad joke. I'm on your side haha
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  11. I know! I meant the original poster who insulted all over 25ers. Maybe I should cut them some slack though, I'm pretty sure I told my mom I was "old" the minute I turned 15.
  12. I thought you knew, and then realized I haven't slept and laughed/spat on the laptop out of sheer confusion at the situation. Don't talk to me about teenagers. Ugh.
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  13. I'm 19 and I mean, I know I'm 1 person but most people I know around my age know who Liam is. I think one key thing is that social media wasn't around when those other groups disbanded and this is probably going to be the first huge group to do it in the social media age so I think it's harder to judge how their trajectories will play out and whether they'll be similar to groups that have come before them.

    I also wouldn't call Juicy J an out of touch choice. He isn't dominating the charts constantly but he's well known. I Don't Mind was barely a year ago and was a decent sized hit.
  14. Seriously now, Liam is a really good singer. I don't understand some people claiming he is next to Louis levels of mediocrity, when he's actually a better singer than Harry. Liam's voice is easily the most versatile out of all the five, he can do all of Zayn's big notes and his voice can go super high. Personality-wise, on the other hand, he's bland (and may come off as the usual douchey white boy). I think he'll be some sort of a Nick Jonas' new coming? As someone suggested, shirtless covers of Attitude and Fabulous would be fitting. He could go for those gay coins.

    I reckon Nick Jonas created his first big buzz with a shirtless Instagram pic? Liam is getting ready (but clearly not there yet):
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  15. Juicy J and 1D share the same label publicist. Think that explains the Liam collab.

    Honestly, though, Liam is the best vocalist in the group - the only one with any form of vocal control & harmonizing ability. He's the only member with any sort of rhythm, and the only one who bothers making an effort onstage. That, plus the fact he's the most attractive, make him the ideal solo choice for me. As mentioned, he has zero personality, but that hardly makes a difference in this day & age. Nick Jonas might be the least interesting pop star I've ever met, but it hasn't stopped him from doing well.

    When it comes down to it, I can't think of a group this successful with such low solo prospects. They worked as a group for a reason.
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  16. Agree on the Nick Jonas front and why they worked as a group.
  17. Should note all this optimism is coming from a 29-year-old. One who's seen 1D live 10 times, but still.
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  18. Good to know that there's some people that see the potential in Liam. He is the most versatile, consistent and hardest worker in the group. What he lacks in personality can be maintained by a carefully crafted PR rep. Look at Zayn.
  19. Sis, it's literally 2016.
  20. Here for his "Not Such An Innocent Boy".
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