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Liam Payne - LP1 (a terrible pop album, but very effective contraception!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. K94


    Going on my business card to be honest.
  2. Yes.
  3. K94


    Out of all of them and what they do next, I think I'm (by some margin) most apathetic about Liam. I don't even find him particularly cute and you can kinda already tell the direction he'll go in.
  4. Surely his material will be more interesting than Harry no?

    I definitely think Zayn's the one to look out for though.
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  5. Hasn't he posted 'straight people rule!!!!' tweets before?
  6. Well, not exactly like that. But he has said many poorly worded things about gay people and then goes to Twitter to proclaim he's not homophobic. For example, during the intro for Girl Almighty at a concert he said something about how this song was for boys, because girls wouldn't understand how it feels to like a girl. More heteronormative than outright homophobic, but his reaction on Twitter was pretty annoying when people brought it to his attention.

    Also the Duck Dynasty thing, which is explained in that article too.

    I never said he had an awful voice; it's just not particularly interesting.
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  7. He wouldn't be wrong if he did. Some of my best friends are straight.
  8. Liam got so good at covering up the vocal shortcomings of at least three of his band mates and being the vocal glue of the band, that it feels like his voice has been denuded of anything even remotely striking in itself. Maybe he can find some kind of something to make his voice interesting but to me he just comes off as a competent (highly so) but thoroughly un-compelling singer, like someone who should be singing Disney on a cruise ship.
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  9. Maybe he could just try to release some basic country jams to appease the Duck Dynasty bumpkins. It definitely seems like the best bid for success for the most "regular, degular, shmegular" member of 1D
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  10. He should try to be the next Michael Buble.
  11. Oh dear god no.
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  12. Right now I see that being a more successful route for him than Nick Jonas lite. But maybe he'll prove me wrong. I wouldn't be upset if he did; I just don't currently see huge success for him unless it's behind the scenes as a producer.
  13. If I was managing him (luckily I'm not) I'd push him towards doing Train/The Fray/The Script-esque anthemic pop very much geared towards US radio. Those kind of songs don't need any kind of personality, image or particularly interesting voice behind them. I can't see another 'lane' for him where he wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.
  14. Am I wrong in thinking that he liked R&B like Zayn and wanted to make the similar music?
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  15. I can see Liam being a one man Westlife *shudder*
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  16. It's been clear for years that Liam is the one more than any of them who was most interested in the pure spectacle and performance of pop stardom, but was always held back by the others who were either too awkward or too "cool" to bother with such things. Add to that him clearly liking pop-R&B/hip-hop, I could see him coming back with something trendy and fun while attempting proper choreography.
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  17. Liam probably had the most diverse tastes in the group, he liked that pop rock/indie rock stuff 1D started making (and was responsible for writing most of it) but he also likes pop-R&B etc. and went through a phase where he clearly wanted to be Justin Timberlake (hair-wise, excessive use of mediocre falsetto) and he likes dance music etc. That said, I'm disinterested in seeing him attempt any of these - I have a feeling I won't know where to 'put' him and his future musical endeavors until I hear it.
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  18. You are not wrong. Like was mentioned earlier he's into a lot musically. When he was collaborating with Louis, that turned into writing sessions (rock/pop) for their albums. When he was jamming with Zayn, it was RnB stuff that wasn't suitable for the band. I like that he's very capable and versatile, even though people can't see it.
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  19. All I can see him doing is this kind of music (not that I think it's exactly the right choice):

  20. Well JT is a good starting point imo.
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