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Liam Payne - LP1

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. New single Stack It Up out tomorrow. Hoping for another low key bop!

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  2. Does that snippet sound like "Havana" or is it just me?
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  3. Either One Direction get aback together, I liked them as a group, or call it a day.

    Liam trying to do the whole 'gangsta thing' was just.....ehhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. It actually sounds exactly like something else and I can't put my finger on it. Not Havana.

    Edit: Same Old Love.
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  5. It's EXACTLY the same. I wonder if Charli is also singing the chorus to this one, though?
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  6. Again, go back to the Dannii thread, dear.
  7. You're right. It is "Same Old Love." Wasn't "Havana" criticised for sounding the same as "Same Old Love" when it was first released as well?
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  8. I’m very sorry you can’t handle opinions , and therefore need to act like a child .
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. You can literally sing Same Old Love over this, what the fuck dddd.
  11. Why do I feel he’s released this song already.
  12. Just release the NOODS nobody cares about the MUZAK.
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  13. No thanks I’d rather have music.
  14. I’d take both, please.

    The new track is another nameless bop, which is all I need from him. It sounds just like Same Old Love, as well as half of his own (and Ed Sheeran’s) discography, but it has me moving.
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  15. I dig the new song, so I’ll gladly take it (and his nudes too). Thank you!
  16. Love it! Instant for me. Very catchy. Seems like the sibling to Nadine Coyle's 'Go To Work' - very Ed Sheeran. They're clearly hoping to emulate the success of 'Strip That Down' - decent.

    At this rate his first album will end up being a hits collection! I don't know what his record company are worried about, he's had loads of hits + he's got the 1D fans support. It wouldn't flop that hard...
  17. I-
  18. aux


    Don't feed the troll sis, let ha live in her delusion
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  19. He's obviously the mayor of Cringetown but he has the second best solo 1D output after Zayn. I know benchmarks are pretty low but still...

    Edit: Not that keen on Stack It Up, though.
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