Liam Payne - "Teardrops" + General Discussion

Why were people roasting Jack Harlow?

I don't understand what the insinuation(s) is (are) regarding Zayn: Zayn's family were against him being a popstar? Or is it Zayn who doesn't want to be one?

The Rita Ora collab is his career highlight but in all honesty he could have been anyone. A Mikky Ekko on "Stay" tea.
It's so jarring seeing the viral image of him now and then logging onto Spotify and seeing the banner where he has some puppy fat still.

That said, the viral image is similar enough to the very striking jaw displayed on LP1 and the "Strip That Down" cover.
He has... aged himself ten years dd.

From what I've read about this buccal fat removal it actually makes you look a lot older as you age... I mean good luck and all but there was absolutely nothing wrong with his jaw before.

Horrifying that this seems to be a Hollywood trend.