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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. What's left?

    EDIT : I think the next one is going to be either 'My Heart Takes Over' or 'Chasing Lights'. Their ballads never seem to make it to any sort of "general top 10", so I'm thinking one of these.

    Truly, I think it's time for 'White Lies' to go.
  2. How dare you!

    I cannot make sense of you, Vixen.

    Go on, go on, go on. Bye bye.

    14. Chasing Lights


    Score: 8.339

    Highest Score: 10 x 14 (Vitamin, Shockbox, lalaclairi_, Pim-Em-Elle, JamesJupiter, phily693, Call My Name, Robsolete, flapjack-, Jacques, Remorque, leewallace19, Number, Markus1981)
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 (Sweet Music)

    This shimmery guitar-driven ballad is the last album track to leave from the album it gave its title to, leaving just “Up” and “Work” left from Chasing Lights. This is one of the girls’ favourites, and they often choose to perform it during acoustic sessions, and it was part of the Greatest Hits tour setlist. It’s also the best-selling Saturdays album track!

    imaduck describes it as a “classic pop song, timeless,” and tylerc904 calls it “gorgeous,” while MrJames says “Go on, go on, go on... Beautiful,” and Mikey1701 has his lighter in the air: “The lyrics are a little saccharine, but it doesn't stop it from a great track. The chorus takes off gloriously”. Jacket is glad it remains something of a concert staple: “Vanessa sounds gorgeous. I’m so glad they keep performing it now,” and JamesJupiter also thinks Vanessa sounds lovely: “Gorgeous. Vanessa is incredible, but it would nice if the vocals were spread out a little more evenly. Still, in my top 10”.

    A lot of you picked up on how Ness-heavy the song is, and a great deal also commented on how they think the live acoustic version is superior. GhettoPrincess was the first of many: “I really wish they released a group version of this, would've given it a few more points. I don't like the studio arrangement,” and Guy likes it despite this flaw: “Obviously we all wish there was a studio version of the live arrangement of the song where all the girls have their own solo, but Chasing Lights is still a 9/10 song. Vanessa's voice is so effortlessly beautiful here, and Frankie's harmonies just take the track to a whole new level. The strings are a nice touch also,” and Blob links to his favourite performance: “The album version doesn't live up to this one;

    phily693 likes hearing the other girls’ voices shine through: “The harmonies in this are brilliant, especially in the final chorus. You can hear all the girls! Yes it’s too soppy/sweet for this album but it’s a brilliant little mid-tempo. The acoustic version they’ve performed several times is beautiful,” Pim-Em-Elle isn’t too bothered that there’s so much Vanessa: “when I first heard this song, it was instant love. It was the third song I heard from them. Although the song would have been better if they all had parts. But I don't mind if it's a Vanessa solo. And the chorus is uber lush I'm not even kidding, it's like a euphoric feeling. The concept of the song 'Chasing Lights' at the time when I first heard was really poetic so it holds a special place in my heart,” and Vixen also likes the lyricism: “Obviously, I’m kind of rating a mix of the live version and the studio version here because who wouldn't? ‘Chasing Lights’ has such gorgeous lyrics that really hit home with me. It’s beautiful in a proper understated way. So is Vanessa’s delivery, but nothing compares to how much better it sounds when all the girls give it a go live. It really lifts the song up, doesn't it? 'Go on, go on, go on...' It would have actually made a decent closer for the album”.

    Entropy is yet another wanting to hear more of Mollie (That’s what I’m getting from all of these comments, after all!): “I would have scored this higher if it wasn’t just a Vanessa solo. I loved the acoustic version they did as a group so was pretty disappointed when I found out the final version was purely Vanessa. I still love it though, the production is so dreamy and nostalgic. The lyrics are quite emotional too and Vanessa does portray that very well. A cute song,” and Mr. Humes likes to see Molls show off her talents: “The song is at it's best when performed accoustically with Mollie finally getting to show her guitar classes on YouTube paying off, of course, and I will never understand why they gave Vanessa the whole studio version, really,” while Midnight is a fan of the song in any incarnation: “The brightest and possibly the most sophisticated moment (when we talk production) on the debut album. Despite it basically being a solo album track, live performances proved that the girls are capable enough to make it a decent group effort. Beautiful and cathartic, indeed! 'Chasing lights' not only is a good metaphor, but I feel like it's reflected amazingly on production side, with dynamic strings and airy synths at places”.

    Totto puts a dampener on things, calling it “so overrated,” as does munro who says it’s “pretty much just a basic pop song that offers nothing special”. Sacrilege! DJHazey says something a bit similar: “Kind of generic sounding, but cute how every "I don't wanna..." reminds me of Paula Cole's "I Don't Want To Wait" and that gives me nostalgic chills,” (Who?) and WhenTheSunGoesDown is taken back in time: “Reminds me of early 2000s pop. Like if Atomic Kitten had more than 1.5 good singers,” (drag a bit) as is Deborux: “this song was dated even on release and could have easily have fit into a Dawson’s Creek soundtrack from the late 90’s/early 00’s but they really make it work (pun intended). Vanessa sounds gorgeous as always and they all sound great together in the chorus. I always thought this should have been the ballad single instead of Issues. Just imagine the acoustic performances of this”. No need to imagine, there are plenty to go around!

    Shockbox also thinks it would have been a nice single: “Would have been an excellent Xmas single instead of Issues,” and lastly, that boy is a monster finishes up succinctly: “This is nice. Nothing especially noteworthy and even a little cheesy at times but whatever they all sound lovely”. Now, let’s enjoy the most recent performance of the song:

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  3. I know you're probably kidding every time you do this, but I'm going to take every chance I can to actually educate you, since it always seems to be the opposite.
  4. Happy that Faster, Move On U and Chasing Lights made the top 20. I nearly gave 10s to Move On U and Chasing Lights I adore them that much. I prefer the live version of Chasing Lights more due to Mollie and Una on guitar and the more even vocal distribution. They really shine as a group during acoustic performances.
  5. 'Move On U' beating 'Faster'

    Okay Popjustice. Okay.
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  6. Chasing Lights is nice enough but it was definitely not Top 10 worthy.
  7. Anything beating 808.

    Are we sure that's Vanessa's face? It looks like she borrowed it from Tila Tequila.
  8. Chasing Lights is an absolutely beautiful track but there are better songs left.

    This elicited the stankiest face I've ever had to make at any of your posts, Vixen.
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  9. I did the same face when you changed your multiple Mollie avatars only to settle down for.......... a Rochelle one.
  10. The tea.
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  11. Not a good round of eliminations for me, losing my 11 and two 10s. I'm glad Faster made the top 20, at least.
  12. Who gave the first 11 that was eliminated? I think there were a couple before me at least...
  13. I adore Chasing Lights. It's pretty much one of their 'signature' songs even though it was never released. I mean, they performed it on the Work tour, the Greatest Hits tour, they performed it at most of their random gigs in 2008 - 2009, they sang it during their shows in America and it was their acoustic performance of this song that they showcased to Scooter Braun and other major record label executives on Chasing The Saturdays, plus they seem to still throw it on to the setlist for any appearance they do (the PA for Sheen in the video posted above).

    I think the girls really connect with it and probably regard it as one of their favourite ever recordings. I wish it was a single so much. It's just stunning.
  14. Do you really wanna know?

    I don't remember who, but it was someone who gave it to....................'Golden Rules'.

    I'm scared.
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  15. "Why Me, Why Now" (from @tylerc904) at #68. That's it.

    Here's what we have left, by the way:

    All Fired Up
    Disco Love
    Get Ready, Get Set
    My Heart Takes Over
    Not Giving Up
    One Shot
    What About Us
    White Lies
  16. Cackling at me being a lowest scorer for Move On U. I just can't abide by those whoaaaaohohs.

    Chasing Lights is really beautiful and should have at least bypassed the saccharine My Heart Takes Over. Work, Up and Disco Love can vacate soon too, please.
  17. I love every song that is left, but if I had pick any out for cutting they'd be My Heart Takes Over, Work, and of course All Fired Up.
  18. Settle down for a.... better one, just say it.

    Is White Lies really that good? I mean I really love to play it once in a while even though I think it's shit, I just can't believe people here and on Buzzjack has it as their all time favorites.
  19. Stop! I couldn't find a Mollie one as fabulous as Daniel's so I felt inferior. Rochelle needs love too and the avatar I'm using now is one of my favourite photos of her. It's stunning in bigger quality.
  20. Shady.

    Mine is pink just like the forum! All the struggles I had to go through to make that..................

    (Kidding aside, that's actually one of my favorite pictures of Rochelle as well. But she's always gorgeous.)
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