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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Right. Go ahead and twist the knife, @Vixen.

    I love you.
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  2. Good God, when is My Heart Takes Over leaving this thread?
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  3. Until it reaches its rightful place at 3rd or 2nd.
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  4. I adore Chasing Lights, so happy that it made it as far as it did. Probably unpopular, but I'm 100% ok with it being a Vanessa solo.

    Delighted that My Heart Takes Over is still in too.
  5. We need to eliminate the basics that gave it a good score. Obviously they hate The Sats and wanted Ina to take the victory.
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  6. White Lies, Ego, Up, Notorious & One Shot should never have beaten the last three songs.

    Crying for Move on U.
  7. Proud moment for me.

    Really happy to see Chasing Lights go this far. Brilliant track.
  8. I didn't vote in this rate, but I am happy to see that White Lies is dominating. In fact, I approve of the entire list except for Disco Love, Ego, and Get Ready Get Set.
  9. Anyone that doesn't approve 'Disco Love' and 'Get Ready, Get Set' is heathen in my books.
  10. Happy to be of service.
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  11. You guys, I know it hit #1 but 'What About Us' is dreadful...
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  12. It is when that era was awful except from Walking Through The Desert.
  13. I'm shocked Chasing Lights made it this far. Shame its parent album didn't do better.
  14. Three major eliminations for me (all 10s)! But at least they're in the top 20!

    Faster - just a wonderful song with heart, it should've been a single instead of 30 Days. I also think it deserves to be above Move On U.

    Move on U - such a jam, love to bop on this one before a night out! It only just clicked with me that Vanessa is very much absent from that track, did they record it whilst she popped to the loo?

    Chasing Lights - beautiful track, such a missed opportunity to include a studio version with shared vocals for the greatest hits. Still, the studio track is just great to listen to, Vanessa leading is flawless and the final chorus where you can hear all of them is just something.

    My 11 is still there, standing (oh whoa oh oh oh, yeah), to fight another day/few hours (probably)
  15. My 11 is going next absolutely but I'm willing it to make the top 10. Watch it fall short like Missing You in the mid weeks.
  16. I have a feeling 'My Heart Takes Over', 'What About Us' and 'White Lies' will miss the top 10.
  17. Your score for Chasing Lights proves you have no soul.
  18. It should have missed the Top 40.
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  19. What is wrong with you?
  20. It's iust so basic. Believe me, I've always wanted to love it but I cant. It's mired in its mediocrity.
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