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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Enjoy Tranessa
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  2. You clearly have awful taste.
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  3. Not @Mina's reputation for being the contrarian coming on strong late in this rate as well.

    Again I disagree with you, but you're still amazing anyway!
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  4. Rochelle almost peaking in the last chorus, when it was already too late.
  5. Daniel, I would love it if you could post all the artwork used at the end of the thread once the rate is done
  6. I have to agree with this as much as I love Move On U.

    Speaking of, to the person who said they like the demo version; Mollie's still on the final version with those vocals. The first bridge into the chorus is Rochelle/Mollie and the second is Una/Frankie. You can hear her "me-e-e-e" on the track, and the vocals do the reprise in the middle 8:

    "Beats are flo-o-o-o-owin, when I lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ock"

    Such a nice little middle-8.
  7. Little would be the word, yes.
  8. Well, Move on U is better than Faster. Almost everything on On Your Radar is better than Faster.
  9. All this ill talk about 'What About Us' makes me fear about its chances in the top 10...
  10. I don't dislike it as much as you seem to, but this bolded bit is me as well. Because it was so big for them, I really tried to like it but I just don't.
  11. .............. I'm suffocatin'.
  12. Get your tissues out guys.

    'Cause if there's a chance we might've missed...

    And if there's a ray of light in this...

    Baby, you should know that this is where...

    13. My Heart Takes Over


    Score: 8.455

    Highest Score: 11 x 2 (Call My Name, Jacket), 10 x 17 (Vitamin, Mikey1701, Shockbox, lalaclairi_, Pim-Em-Elle, Utopia, Fascination, runrocketboy, Robsolete, Lindsay Lohan, elektricblue, Lost In Japan., Jacques, leewallace19, Conan, imaduck, Markus1981)
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 (CasuallyCrazed)

    At long last, a single from On Your Radar sadly leaves us, and this was the one used to launch the album. While that may not have gone spectacularly, it doesn’t change just how spellbinding the song is, with a beautiful string and piano arrangement, heartbroken vocals, and touchingly poetic lyrics all combining to create something stunningly melancholy. It was performed on the All Fired Up! and Greatest Hits tours, and also on the 2011 Children in Need live broadcast.

    Call My Name gives it an 11: “The best song the girls have to their name. It’s just stunning, the lyrics are so relatable and have genuine depth and emotion to them which isn’t something that can be said to most Sats songs. I was honestly blown away when I first heard it, and it remains fantastic to this day. If I could only listen to one Sats song ever again, it would be this”. Jacket also gives it a more-than-perfect score, and has some wonderful things to say: “This is the song of their career. It’s meant a lot to me these last couple months with the breakup of my first proper relationship. Vanessa and Rochelle’s vocals have been criticised for being “icy” or “indifferent” but the detachment intertwines thematically with the lyrics; they’ve tried so hard to make it work but they can’t be the only one to put in the effort anymore. For me, it’s a story and a demonstration of two people who loved each other and perhaps still do and it’s not working but they’re not ready to let each other go. Any song that has a lyric as profound as “and if there’s a small piece left of us, baby somewhere in the battles we have lost” is absolutely worthy of every accolade”.

    Mikey1701 may well have found two new friends here: “Anybody who stans with me for this beautiful ballad is a friend of mine. I cannot begin with how good this is. The heartbreak is palpable and this so much more than just another girl group ballad. It's raw, it's beautiful and it is glorious,” and tylerc904 calls it “beautiful”. munro thinks it should have down much better on the charts: “The response to this song was tragic, it deserved so much more it’s an amazing sound for The Saturdays,” as does Guy: “Absolutely stunning. Everything from the vocals to the music video. The only thing that let's it down is the lack of proper middle 8. I'm still so bitter about it massively flopping, it did not deserve that,” and Entropy: “I LOVE THIS. I really do. I was obsessed with it when it was released. Odd choice to lead the album with and it didn’t really work, but I still love it. The only criticism I have with it is that it is basically a Rochelle and Vanessa collab. They looked bloody beautiful in the video too didn’t they? Must have been chilly though”.

    MrJames also thinks it was an iffy choice as the launch single, and isn’t as taken by the song either: “I'm very up and down with this song. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I think it was a mistake to release the album off the back of it, but I adore the wintery vibe of the video,” and Totto just says it’s “not a single worthy song”. GhettoPrincess thinks even less of it: “Probably one of their worst singles, Ina drowning out the actual girls on the chorus is just not good and the song itself is beyond bland,” and CasuallyCrazed, our low scorer, needs help: “Terrible, I don't understand why people enjoy this. One of the worst Vanessa vocals”. 2014 thinks Vanessa sounds good, but doesn’t think the song is anything special: “I don’t really see what everyone else loves about it, Vanessa sounds great but it’s a bit limp and average, should not have been a single,” and phily693 might have even preferred it left off the album: “The obligatory ballad, but it sticks out for all the wrong reasons,” while Deborux just thinks it’s a “nice ballad but nothing special”.

    Philllll thinks the opposite: “My favourite ballad of theirs, because it doesn’t try to be like any other ballad. I wish they could have given some lines to Mollie and Frankie, which would have made this a 10. The video is stunning,” and runrocketboy has recently been hit by it like an icy blast of Icelandic wind: “I’ve never really been sold on this one until recently, when it just came into my mind and obliterated everything. Gorgeous. Seriously should’ve SLAYED the charts”. Pim-Em-Elle is close to tears: “ABSOLUTELY ADORE this! Lyrics are really emotive that I could cry and they seem to touch my very soul,” and Vixen gets emotional too: “I was listening to it while trying to figure out what score would I give and I was just really touched all over again by the song. It’s a gorgeous song, isn’t it? I do wish Mollie, Frankie and Una were more present, especially during the chorus because they have managed to sound just as good as Ina live. Vanessa’s verse is an highlight, it’s gorgeous. All the alternative versions of the song truly bring something to the table as well. In fact, My Heart Takes Over kinda has a special place in my heart… *insert sad emojii*”. *SOBS*

    Not everyone is as enraptured, sadly, with WhenTheSunGoesDown just wanting to skip to the good bit: “Yay to the chorus, snooze to everything else,” and Mr. Humes just wants a bop: “I'd go with the Rokstone Mix over the original anytime. I appreciate the vulnerabilty in this, though”. Midnight finds it a bit meh: “Unfortunately, this time creative ideas clashed a bit. Although the lyrics are fine, the melody is quite bland and the production makes for another loss. Good to read, not so good to listen to. Pity as it's probably Ina's most dramatic ballad and deserved something more,” and it’s not as good as it once was for Jersey: “It's gone a bit sour since it's release but it's still a pretty little song”.

    Shockbox says: “I'm a sucker for a pretty ballad set in Iceland,” JamesJupiter almost gives it full marks: “Ina’s slightly overbearing vocals in the chorus stop it from being a perfect 10. Still gorgeous, though and one of their best videos,” and lastly, DJHazey wishes it all the best: “This is never going to be all-time favorite of mine, but that's not to say it's not absolutely gorgeous. In fact, despite the fact that I can only go as high as a 9; I would not mind if it won the rate. It's a fan favorite for a reason and represents the group very well”. It may not be a winner, but I think it has done pretty brilliantly!

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  13. I am happy, very happy. The fact that it's #13 fits very well too.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  15. Exactly.
  16. It's gorgeous and I absolutely love it, but #13 seems appropriate in my eyes.

    I'm starting to think your lack of taste has probably put 'White Lies' in the top 10 when truly it should leave before that. I'm guessing 'Work' might sadly be one of the next two eliminations.
  17. I will actually be doing two more tonight, so let's have some predictions!

    A reminder...

    All Fired Up
    Disco Love
    Get Ready, Get Set
    Not Giving Up
    One Shot
    What About Us
    White Lies
  18. One Shot and Up are the weak links left. Still amazing though.

    I honestly think Last Call or Wish I Didn't Know should have been the last ballad to leave On Your Radar.
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    One Shot and Notorious can go.
  20. Work and Up can leave as far as I'm concerned.

    Thank God you bitches got Move On U to #15. I really didn't think it'd do that well and beating Faster just makes it all that sweeter!
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