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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. lesbehonest, the first 10 will be mainly b-sides. Surely.
  2. I've not (to my recollection) heard the Christmas track(s?) but surely 'Lease My Love' needs to leave first.
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  3. Just typing up now. With you in 10 minutes.....
  4. Christmas Wrapping is truly abysmal. I hate the original but their version is just a smidgen worse.

    I gave four other songs a 0 and I have faith that common sense will prevail to mark their swift departures.
  5. Okay, I'll wait to let @Markus1981 slip through, and get the first result up just after.
  6. Thanks Daniel. My scores are in! Phew!
  7. Let's get things going then.

    After 30 days of scoring, and 56 participants...

    The votes have been counted...

    The song you have decided on as the worst Saturdays track...


    78. Christmas Wrapping


    Score: 3.373

    Highest Score: 8 x 1 (Seanie)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 9 (Sweet Music, Mikey1701, CasuallyCrazed, Vixen, Jacket, SophiaSophia, Number, TheAlmightyAloud, Markus1981)

    The girls' only festive foray into the recording studio is met with a resounding "bah humbug” as it becomes our first track to be eliminated. I’m sure Rochelle is very disappointed in you all. This song was released in December 2014 as part of the soundtrack for the film Get Santa - hands up anyone who’s seen that - and is of course a cover of The Waitresses’ yuletide classic.

    “Horrible,” says runrocketboy, before calling it a “novelty song that has no purpose in their catalog,” while CasuallyCrazed deems it “not even worth rating” and Mikey1701 moans “I loathe Christmas covers. I just can’t”. Philllll keeps the snowball of hate rolling, commenting “I find Christmas songs diabolical and this doesn’t help change my mind. They are drowned out and sound so rushed” and Jacket (“I feel like the Grinch but where is the melody? This has no tune; so painful”), munro (“Maybe I’m not in the christmas spirit due to it being the summer or maybe this is just awful?”), and Totto (“I dislike the original version, but the Sats’ cover is even worse.”) aren’t fans either. It’s coal in your stocking for the lot of you this year.

    Midnight isn’t feeling compelled to hang up his fairy lights any time soon, but doesn’t mind it: “In my mind there's neither a green nor a red light for this. Just inoffensive, just there. Could receive a few listens in the year, but that's it,” and Deborux serves up a tiny shred of positivity, saying “nothing close to the original but at least better than the Spice Girls’ version”. Our most positive comment about this festive treat comes from MrJames, who carols “I've got such a soft spot for this song,” but Guy leaves us with a rather depressing thought: “Were they half asleep when they recorded this? Not so good. This better not be the last piece of recorded material we hear from them. It can't be.”

    More just shortly!
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  8. “I feel like the Grinch bur where is the melody?" Amazing.

    Guy has a point. And it's actually quite depressing.
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  9. Rather than actively participate and have to suffer through their albums collectively, I've decided I'll listen along as each result is revealed.

    Well done to everybody that gave that one a 0.
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  10. This was the only 0 I gave I'm really fussy when it comes to covers and I love the original so much and the Spice Girls version who did it justice but this is like eggnog gone off just pure awful.
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  11. So which song is sighing with relief that "Christmas Wrapping" was released?

    77. Please Mr. Postman


    Score: 4.673

    Highest Score: 8.5 x 1 (MollieSwift21)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 6 (munro, Sweet Music, Entropy, leewallace19, Number, Markus1981)

    The second of our ‘bonus tracks’ for the rate is also the second song to leave us. Poor dat. A cover of the classic girl group hit by The Marvelettes (fun pop fact: it was the first Motown song to go to number one on the Billboard chart), The Saturdays initially performed this in 2009, on the TV special Celebrating The Carpenters (who also topped the Billboard chart with their version in 1975) before it was recorded and released on the Postman Pat: The Movie soundtrack in 2014. This version is a bit more uptempo than the two I just mentioned, but remains faithful to the 1961 original by Vanessa having a go at the patois!

    “Gloriously tacky” states Mikey1701, but Philllll is less enthused, calling it “cheesy and not in a good way”. WhenTheSunGoesDown (“The return of the sort-of-Jamaican accent! I work as a mailman, and this is my ringtone for when my boss calls me, so everytime I get a work call I'm actually excited instead of annoyed.”) and Jacket (“I should hate this but it’s cute. Plus it gains about 7 extra points for “cmon deliver de letter de soona de betta”. Vanessa, ha Pon De Replay, out soon”) both enjoyed Vanessa’s nod to the original, while Vixen also calls it cute, but laments that “the live version was better”. ‘Live’ indeed.

    The hate brigade comes in the form of munro (“The only 0 i gave out in the rate and deserving so, this is a gross cover and it will remain a dark stain on The Saturdays discography”), Deborux (“I hate this song to begin with and this cover is dreadful”), and Totto (“Never liked the original performance and the version they recently released doesn’t do much for me either.”), but Midnight is markedly more upbeat: “The original song is rather lovely and the cover, of course, is not any different. Perfect for summer days and for bike trips”. And lastly, Guy, sorry to disappoint: “I'm embarrassed by how much I like this. Una's adlibs are delightful. Hope this isn't among the first few to leave”. Aww.

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  12. The best thing about this song is clearly that fanmade artwork.
  13. Of course I voted.
  14. Surely this means 'Golden Rules' is next.

  15. No way! Let it live a little while longer.
  16. The Montreal, Quebec stamp is a little random...

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    That 'Chasing the Saturdays' impact.
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