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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Exactly but on it's own, it is graaaaaaaaating.
  2. It's definitely not just you! That "Where Did Our Love Go" influence is one of the reasons why I like "2am" so much. The other reason is the aforementioned "Cause my heart's got a really good excuse..." part and just the fact that the Saturdays have not one but two songs that talk about a heart as if it's a person. I don't know why, but that's really funny to me. I'm glad "Issues" is still hanging around.

    I'd never heard "Golden Rules" before this rate either, but I liked it a lot. It's probably because of the Girls Aloud sound of it for me, too. Oh, well.
  3. Our first of tonight's reveals will be the cause of great distress for one of you in particular...

    Poor @tylerc904.

    68. Why Me, Why Now


    Score: 6.089

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (tylerc904), 10 x 3 (Pim-Em-Elle, runrocketboy, Jacques)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 2 (munro, imaduck)

    Just pipping fellow album closer “2am” is “Why Me, Why Now”, the first Chasing Lights track to be eliminated, and also the first track cut from the rundown to receive a score of 11. An alternate version of the song which was performed on The Work Tour has a bit of a Motown feel, and a demo version that leaked had more pronounced drums, but the final version is a bit more chilled out in comparison. The girls also performed this during their iTunes Festival ’09 set.

    “Whatever,” shrugs Vixen, “it’s cute, but no,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown isn’t moved either: “This sounds like it was made for me with the super bubbly instrumental but I don't enjoy it at all for some reason. And boooo fade outs”. Midnight also calls it cute: “So the lyrics and the mental state of the character get brighter only at the end? OK! I don't have anything against it. It's a cute, little track that surely contrasts with almost everything from the debut. A nice change, I guess”. Jacket finds it “unintentionally hilarious if a bit unremarkable,” and Shockbox says: “Reminds me of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, no idea why”.

    Philllll likes the production: “Very pretty. This production is what a lot of the album is missing,” but runrocketboy (“if this were the demo/alt version, it would be my 11. The album mix is still amazing, but that leaked version was SO DAMN GOOD.”), and Guy (“The motown-y mix they used on tour is far superior to the album mix”) both prefer the other mixes to the album version, and Guy also thinks it’s the worst song on the album, although does enjoy it: “This is probably the worst song on Chasing Lights, which isn't so bad considering I'm awarding it a 7. The chorus is actually kind of anthemic; I always hum along to it”. Entropy too considers it the worst on the album, and is unimpressed: “This song just doesn’t do it for me much. It’s a bit hazy for me and the chorus just doesn’t seem to do anything. I like the first verse though. The lowest point on the album for me,” Blob is a bit harsh by saying it’s “absolutely awful," and imaduck doesn’t want anything to do with it: “The title exactly sums up my feelings everytime this song shuffles on”.

    Some of you were nice though, with Pim-Em-Elle using a favourite adjective of mine in calling it “very creamy,” yum, and adds “I absolutely adore the middle eight it sounds so lush”. Mikey1701 appreciates its place on the album: “Just the right side of a cheesy bop. I love the melody on the chorus and after a couple of ballads, its nice to finish the original tracklist with a bop,” and Deborux thinks it doesn’t get enough love: “I never see this praised but I adore it and always have. The Vanessa/Una combination is flawless as always in the first verse and bridge. The chorus is such a high and the harmonies are beautiful”.

    Since tylerc904 is in the unfortunate position of being the first to lose his 11, I’ll hand things over to him to finish up here: “Almost gave my 11 to the obvious choices (Ego, Higher) but ultimately this is my favorite here. Granted, I only use the demo because it is the version I fell in love with. Just a huge, massive chorus and instantly a reminder of great times when this first leaked.”
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  4. What???!?! This is one of their best album tracks.
  5. I can't even remember how it goes, so no loss.
  6. Felt the heat of the fire, caught a cold from the rain...

    67. Vulnerable


    Score: 6.098

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (Pim-Em-Elle, Call My Name, Totto)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 3 (phily693, Blob, Jersey)

    A second loss in a row for Chasing Lights. I’ve always found this one a bit strange in that the chorus seems a bit at odds with the verses, but let’s see what you think...

    “So dated, even then it was!” says phily693, and that boy is a monster calls it “pretty unremarkable,” but imaduck loves “the progressive feel of it all,” and Pim-Em-Elle is also a fan: “so emotional at just the right amount that I love it”. The flute causes some contention (Britney’s “Criminal”, eat your heart out), with Jacket saying it pales in comparison to when almost “Gentleman” chanteuse Tinashe used one: “This isn’t cute. The last two of Chasing Lights really lets it down. What is that flute? An All Hands on Deck flute opus this is not,” but Mikey1701 (“Well there isn't anything wrong with this per se, but it's not brilliant is it? It just kind of there, like high end filler. The fluty bits are nice on the chorus, I guess.”) and WhenTheSunGoesDown (“What kind of Chrono Trigger background music is this? That flute (?) is weird but I don't hate it.”) don’t mind it.

    Deborux likes the song, but also blasphemes: “I was obsessed with this for ages when the album first came out. I wish they’d done more stuff like this. Too much Mollie, though. Her first bridge and final line make my teeth hurt”. Maybe get a dentist to see to that, sis, as Mollie’s voice only brings joy. At least I can always count on Vixen… kind of: “Ugh. Can we not? (Literally the only good thing in that song is Mollie's final "Cause underneath I'm vulnerable..." but I don't even know if it's because it's a good vocal or if it's because I'm so glad the song is finally over.),” it’s the vocal and you know it, as Guy will attest, calling Mollie’s closing line and Rochelle’s middle 8 highlights. He praises the other girls too: “Each of the girls' solos in this sounds so epic, particularly Frankie's. It's a shame the chorus really lets this song down quite a bit,” and Call My Name also has something nice to say about Frankie: “One of their best ballads ever. Even Frankie sounds good on it”.

    Totto also thinks it’s one of their best: “This was my favorite song when I discovered them, this one of the songs that holds a special place in my heart. It’s a shame they didn’t include Rochelle lush ad-lib’s form the demo versions. This is also the only song Mollie belts an ad-libs throughout a chorus. They should’ve done this live to be honest,” but DJHazey doesn’t agree: “Never been a fan of this one, because it's one of the few on this album that I find boring. It sounds like something you could take from any of the early 00's pop girls, just five voices singing instead of one”. I’ll leave you with Midnight’s comment, which has me a bit baffled, really: “I have always liked the track. Interesting production and nice songwriting. The production and the lyrics skip nicely between the naivety in verses and fears in the chorus. I feel like the sonical composition is so varied that some elements of pop culture crawl in and out at times. What I have in mind is UFO and Titanic. Dig it and you will find it”. I'm still looking.
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  7. 'Cause I could go on and on with reasons why I should stay...

    Don't bother.

    66. Unofficial


    Score: 6.107

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 (Pim-Em-Elle, runrocketboy, Jacket, Jam, Guy, Totto)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (Jersey)

    Written and recorded by Vanessa before she became a Saturday, this was originally titled “Artificial Love”. The track was then later picked off the cutting room floor and reworked from a dusky acoustic number into a nice little piano-driven ditty and released as the b-side to “Work”.

    “Meh. Basic mid-tempo fluff,” is what Mikey1701 thinks of it, and Philllll is “on the fence” but calls it “pretty,” as does Jacket: “The instrumental reminds me so much of Ne-Yo’s Because Of You. Unofficial is dated as hell but so so pretty,” while Pim-Em-Elle explains that 10: “maybe the first b-side I heard, I think. And I absolutely loved it although the some of the lyrics are kind of awkward but most are really good. I was impressed when I knew Vanessa wrote the ‘demo’."

    Some of the vocals caused people concern, with munro branding them “terrible,” and Deborux picks on Una in particular: “the intro makes me think this song is better than it is. Una shockingly sounds really bad in her bridge”. Guy disagrees though, saying: “Vanessa's voice is just mesmerizing. They ALL actually sound incredible on their solos. I genuinely well up at the "why can't you show the world I'm yours" part of the chorus”, and runrocketboy also seems to like that part: “perfection. Best use of ‘dehydrated’ and ‘perceive’ in a pop song. Ever. SO WHY CAN’T YOU SHOW THE WORLD I’M YOURS?” as does Entropy, but I do not approve of some of his comment: “I’ve always felt this song has a sort of raw vulnerability, like you can feel and hear it in their voices and the delicate piano in the background. Sometimes the raw vulnerability ruins the vocals (Sorry Mollie, I’m looking at you). This chorus is kind of bland but slightly enjoyable. I like the “Why can’t you show the world I’m yours” parts though, the high-ish vocals are nice.”

    Midnight isn’t keen: “The starting chord progression was enough to set me off the song. Not only it assists the listener throughout the track but, unfortunately, the song itself doesn't get significantly better later. It gets rather tiring. The melody of the chorus is the saving grace of this composition. One of my least preferred tracks by the girls,” but the first part of his comment may serve to help WhenTheSunGoesDown, who appears to be in crisis: “Help! Someone with more musical knowledge explain to me why I get weirdly anxious when I listen to this. Is it like, almost off-key or off-beat or something?”.

    Finally, Vixen questions: “The strongest b-side from the Chasing Lights era *after Beggin, that is*, surely?”. I’m sorry to say that it’s actually the weakest, after “Beggin’” (and "Golden Rules"), according to the rest of you!

    A couple more for tonight coming soon...
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  8. And Golden Rules?
  9. I can't even keep up with this but shame on everyone for voting "Golden Rules" and "Beggin'" so low! Ya'll are heathens. All the other ones (while I don't agree) are passable for where they are now. "Deeper" is utter shit.
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  10. Oh yes, indeed! I tend to forget it's part of the Chasing Lights campaign because it's associated with the tacked on "Just Can't Get Enough". Fixed!
  11. Shame about 'Unofficial' but it's still no big loss for me.

    Glad the fillers from 'Chasing Lights' are leaving.
  12. Why me, Why now should not be out this early. It's my third highest rated song on Chasing Lights.
  13. Sad to see Why Me, Why Now out but not surprised either. Not really bothered about Vulnerable and Unofficial leaving.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    WHAT. THE FUCK. Why Me, Why Now AND Unofficial both out before Lease My Love, Anywhere With You, Don't Let Me Dance Alone, and all the other total shit from their last album?! You guys SUCK.
  16. The few forgettable b-sides left (like 'Had It With Today' that I can't see going that much further anymore) and Somebody Else's Life are probably next, but then I reckon the stuff from 'Living For The Weekend' will leave.
  17. Vulnerable is a nautical bop. I knew it wasn't long for this world but it still makes me sad. Always been one of my favourites from Chasing Lights.

    Can't believe we're above a 6 average already. Somebody Else's Life though.
  18. Oh my god the reactions in here are priceless.
  19. I gave all the songs everybody hates really high grades so my shit taste is probably to blame for some of these songs not being out yet.
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  20. This rate is incredible. Some of the reactions and commentaries.
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