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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. More, @Daniel!

    Hear my body cry with desire.
  2. A final two to end the day...

    Doo-doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo-doo dooooooooooooooo!

    65. Love Come Down


    Score: 6.143

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 (Vitamin, lalaclairi_, 2014, Totto)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (leewallace19)

    The first of the “Disco Love” b-sides to leave, this is a cover of Evelyn King’s 1982 original and was recorded by the girls specially to compliment their disco themed single release. I’m particularly fond of Una turning into a robot in the middle 8.

    phily693 liked the girls’ fun idea: “I love that they properly committed to the disco thing for the B-sides too. Very cool,” as did DJHazey, but the song unfortunately didn’t hit the mark: “Considering the song it was released with, you can understand the influence in sound. Shame the song doesn't live up one bit”. 2014 loves it though, thinking it’s “easily their best B-Side overall” and saying he’s “a sucker for songs that are clearly inspired by the 80s,” and Entropy raves about it too: “YAY this cover is so good. I’d never heard the original so it’s like a whole new Saturday’s song for me. The production is fun and dancey and they sound really good. The perfect partner to Disco Love”. Mikey1701 was already a fan of the original, and also enjoys this version: “The Sats have done a great, faithful cover here and I do my get my life,” but says it’s “overshadowed by On The Radio,” which Midnight corroborates: “massively overshadowed by its sister B-side,” and is now true at least for the rate, but Guy (“Fun cover, slightly edges On the Radio.”) and Totto (“I wish they did this live instead of On The Radio, to hear Roch’s big note.”) disagree somewhat.

    Deborux also liked Rochelle’s vocal, and praises the song’s “cool disco vibe,” although remarks it’s “definitely B-side quality,” and Pim-Em-Elle feels similarly: “now that the novelty has worn off, it wasn't as incredible as when I first heard it but it's still a great cover nonetheless,” but it’s the opposite situation for Vixen: “Quite the grower! Love it now”. Philllll says: “This song puts me in a good mood, but there is no repeat,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown leaves me wondering just what is going on in their mind when they hear this: “I feel like this song is secretly super dirty, but I'm not 100% sure so I'll just say that I enjoy the production on this cover”. I’ll leave you to speculate on what that could all be about.
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  3. My dirty secret's knocking at the door...

    64. What Am I Gonna Do


    Score: 6.17

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (Sweet Music, Jam, Totto)
    Lowest Score: 1.5 x 1 (munro)

    The b-sides are positively tumbling away here, and this time it’s the very first one, which accompanied “If This is Love” way back when, leaving “Crashing Down” as the last remaining Chasing Lights b-side.

    Entropy reminisces: “Ahh the first B-side. This provides fond memories of falling in love with the Saturdays and getting to know who sang what, who was who etc. I’ve never experienced a girl band from their inception before and this song just gave me another reason to love them,” as does Jam: “loved it ever since I bought the If This Is Love single on a bit of a whim. Prefer it to it’s a-side,” and Deborux also has a bit of a nostalgic moment: “I played this to death when it was the B-side for If This Is Love and I still think they should have stuck to this sound,” and Guy also says he “played the shit out of this song,” and that The Saturdays provided him with the perfect soundtrack to his studying woes, as he played it “at the end of my spring semester when I had 47 procrastinated assignments due in less than a week, and I had no idea what I was going to do. True story. I tell it at parties.”

    Vixen (“Cute. The production and the vibes are interesting. I wouldn't exactly want them to go in that direction for a full album, but the odd b-side like this is always welcomed I guess.”) and phily693 (“It’s not very them, I think this was recorded when they didn’t know quite what direction to take them in.”) disagree with Deborux saying that the girls suited this style of music, but Shockbox loves the “live band feel to the production,” and Midnight has something interesting to say about the production too: “This track has hypnotic powers. My mind becomes fixed with that bass in the background. The production brings about some weird kind of sensation, dizzyness. Also, I used to freak out over a very small bit, namely "looking my direction". In-saaane, such a delivery. One of the most interesting sonically tracks to come off the Chasing Lights era.”

    Not everyone could find things to like about it, however, as munro calls it “awful, just awful,” and Jacket shakes his head: “This is no. Just no”. Philllll finds it to have grown on him just a little bit: “I don’t dislike this as much as I used to, but this is not great,” and Mikey1701 sums things up: “Obvious b-side material. It's average at best”.
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  4. How the hell did people score Golden Rules lower than Unofficial and Love Come Down??? Jeez
  5. You have got to be shitting me?!?! Now What Am I Gonna Do? Is gone. Such pop injustice in this thread!!!
  6. Crashing Down doesn't deserve that crown. I hope it leaves soon.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    In what world is Crashing Down the best b-side from Chasing Lights?? And how would anyone think that it's even a better cover than Love Come Down. PopInjustice.
  8. By the way, I'll be updating the leaderboard as we go in this post on the first page, and I'll also post periodical roundups every so often to remind everyone which songs have gone.
  9. I'm ready for the shocking eliminations. I'd be okay with every B-Side out, maybe except for Flashback.

    And I don't mean my 11, Daniel.
  10. Come on, you know that one is going to be safe for a while... surely?

    There may be a shock elimination tomorrow. Maybe even a single. Maybe.
  11. 'Gentleman' or 'Just Can't Get Enough' wouldn't be shock eliminations, would they? Sure it would be a shame if they were to leave that soon, but it's hardly like they are praised around here, so...

    I need some real shocker. Like, All Fired Up leaving now or something, you know what I mean?

    I don't hate 'Had It With Today', but I'm quite surprised it's still in considering most of the b-sides have left and even a few albumtracks have as well. Nobody ever talks about it or praise it (but then, no one seems to hate it either. Like I said, no one talks about it!). Sometimes I forget that it even exists.
  12. Jam


    Shame Unofficial and What Am I Gonna Do are gone. Love Unofficial's chorus and What Am I Gonna Do brings so much nostalgia, from back in the day when I was becoming a proper fan of the girls.
  13. The back end of Chasing Lights (everything after Set Me Off onwards) is pretty unremarkable and drags down a great album so I'm glad to see some of those tracks go. Love Come Down is boring and a terrible cover, how is On the Radio still in though?

    Gentleman needs to fuck off.
  14. I still consider 'Fall', 'Vulnerable' and 'Why Me, Why Now' to be the unholy trinity of 'Chasing Lights'.
  15. Yeah, but I'd also throw Issues in.

    Hmm, I also wonder whether Daniel! is hinting something with that 'maybe'. A neglected single? A song that was supposed to be a single, but has never become one? I might be reading too much into this.
  16. That cover for What Am I Gonna Do though.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    TBH, the Chasing Lights era fashions were NOT great in any way until they got up to the Issues campaign...
  18. Kii. I wanted an early picture of them, so I nearly made a cover for it using the iconic first photoshoot...


    Count yourselves lucky I didn't!
  19. I love this option where you select a quote and then hit reply, it automatically quotes it for you. This new PJ is everything !
    You're such a babe.

    I found this new love for Crashing Down, it's definitely became one of my favourite sat songs. But I didn't expect the other b-sides to leave before Crashing Down.
  20. To me, 'Issues' falls in the same category as 'If This Is Love', 'My Heart Takes Over', '30 Days' and 'Forever Is Over'. They are not highly praised around here (very much sadly for some of them) like the rest of their singles, but people aren't exactly going out of their way to bring them down like they do with 'Gentleman' and 'Just Can't Get Enough'. Also, they have their fair share of supporters.
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