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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. 2014

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    There are so many other songs that should be out before Love Come Down, I actually can't.
  2. Why Me Why Now is absolutely shit. The other four range from mildly shit to meh. In short, well done everyone.
  3. What sort of world are we living in that allows Love Come Down to leave before On the Radio? I wonder which single will leave first...

    Also this is my favourite rate I've taken part in so far.
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  4. I am not happy about this Chasing Lights cull. Stop it now.
  5. Ooh according to my time hop I met these beautiful women 6 years ago today. What a great day that was.
  6. I enjoyed both covers from Disco Love not as good as the originals though Martine McCutcheon's version On The Radio is amazing. But still better than the crud like Christmas Wrapping and Please Mr Postman. What Am I Gonna Do is quite forgetful and average.
  7. I absolutely love the commentary as well, so great job everyone (and Daniel for putting everything together so cleverly).


    Screaming, again.

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  8. Glad you're liking the write-ups! I know some people prefer just a bullet point list of the commentary, but I feel this format makes things more fun and lets each song have more of a moment. It's a bit more work, but I think it's worth it.
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  9. Why Me, Why Now is a really cute song.

    And @Daniel! your write ups for the commentary are fabulous!
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  10. I think so too!

    The fact that you seem far more invested in this than some others are with their rates also make it far more enjoyable. #Oops
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  11. Well, thanks to this thread, I've grabbed Wordshaker and it's secured a position as my favourite album of theirs. Very nice (if not exactly anything new) pop album, and it showed them carving out a firm identity for themselves - which they immediately dumped once they got out of the Colour By Saturdays era, but never mind. It might say something about me that I like almost all of the (non-B-side) songs that have left so far...
  12. Four people will lose their 11 today. Get perched.
  13. Good lord, it'll be a massacre.
  14. It best not be what I think it is?!?!
  15. Is it four 11s or is it multiple people giving 11s to one or two songs? Hmmmm.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It's mine....I'm sure of it.
  17. If either Walking Through The Desert, Last Call, Lady Killer, All Fired Up or My Heart Takes Over goes today I will kill!
  18. I think they are all safe except maybe 'Walking Through the Desert' but even that shouldn't leave before a few others.
  19. Don't want it all to stop...

    We're here and that's enough...

    Not anymore.

    63. Somebody Else’s Life


    Score: 6.179

    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (WhenTheSunGoesDown)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (Number)

    Originally used as the theme song to their E! ‘reality’ series Chasing The Saturdays, the song later made an appearance as the final track on the standard edition of Living for the Weekend, after also being released as an acoustic version as part of the “What About Us” single. The song ended up being a bit of a shambles, with shoddy production and some frankly bizarre vocal processing choices, the song makes for a far more pleasant listen in acoustic form, and a few of you agreed…

    “The acoustic version is actually better, the studio version suffers from generic production,” says CasuallyCrazed, as does Guy: “The acoustic b-side is a massive improvement to the album version, but it's still far too cheesy for my liking. Their acoustic performance in Dublin is truly magical, though,” and Vixen: “Ugh. Definition of a wet fart, I guess. The acoustic version is cute”.

    Mikey1701 (“The album version is distinctly average and I much prefer the acoustic version (which is the one I rated). I could listen to the vocals and just the girls and Una's guitar for hours.”), Jacket (“What kind of bargain-basement tin can production? The acoustic version is 50 times better; as it stands this is just annoying.”), and GhettoPrincess “The acoustic version is beautiful (I would give that a ten) but this is just weird, I still enjoy parts of it. Frankie's vocals are awful on the middle 8 although she does Una's part beautifully on the acoustic. Una sounds great on that part here.") don’t enjoy the album mix very much either, but WhenTheSunGoesDown dares to be different and gives the song a 10: “I'd listened to the acoustic version of this a hundred times before hearing this one. The production on this one was… unexpected. It's so loud and insane and shouty but I think it's super fun”.

    MrJames is also quite a big fan: “I just LOVE the 'don't want it all stop' bit. I think that's gorgeous and one of my highlights on the entire album,” and Philllll also calls it an album highlight, saying it’s in his top five, and Midnight even calls it the best: “Probably the best song on the parent album. It has that spirit, that essence... Something that the rest of Living Mess lacks (apart from 30 Days, maybe). It might be messy, but my mind fell completely for it. Releasing that album might have been worth it even if only for this track. Oh, both the stripped-back mix and the proper, album mix are fantastic!”. phily693 thinks it gets too much hate, and says “if it was left off the album you just know people would’ve been asking for it to be a B-side or a bonus on the album,” and DJHazey may be inclined to agree there: “I don't really understand this song at all, but something about its sound keeps me coming back. I love how the verses flow along, the prechorus kind stalls things out for a second, and then "magic in this city" brings me into chorus like it does. I love that kind of song composition”.
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  20. It's not a good day for any Living for the Weekend fans...

    62. You Don’t Have the Right


    Score: 6.223

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 (Pim-Em-Elle, Call My Name, Entropy, Totto)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 (CasuallyCrazed)

    The only ballad to be found on its parent album, this was written by songwriting legend Diane Warren. Shame she couldn’t knock together something a bit less shit.

    “I think in general I am a Diane Warren stan, but this really is rather great,” says tylerc904 in disagreement, and Pim-Em-Elle thinks it’s one of the girls’ finest slowies: “a hidden ballad that took me a few listens to really appreciate. One of their best ballads for me even though they sound different especially Una (the actual reason I found it 'meh' at first). Middle eight is totally lovely”. Entropy also likes it, and too praises Una: “Aw, this just takes me back to my first term of second year. I had a very specific playlist for the whole term and this was one of my favourites. I love Una in the second verse, and just overall love the lyrics to this. Very relatable. FANTASTIC,” as does Guy: “This is actually so lovely and emotive. The latter half of the album's saving grace, to be honest. Una's chorus is heaven to these ears. Frankie's verse where she makes allthetearscried all one word really bugs me, though,” while DJHazey and Philllll both continue the Una love, but also say that “everyone sounds great”.

    runrocketboy brings us back to reality. “This album just keeps getting more basic,” he says, and CasuallyCrazed calls it “middle of the road and completely forgettable”. GhettoPrincess is a bit nicer, and also gives the vocals more love: “Lovely ballad but not their best, I think Una really shines on it. I also enjoy Vanessa's adlibs on the middle 8 part and Mollie's harmonies over Rochelle's outro. Rochelle actually sounds good on the outro too which is rare for her to actually emote properly on a ballad,” and Vixen thinks much the same: “Used to quite like that one as well, but it doesn’t do much for me these days. It’s no ‘Last Call’, that’s for sure. Again, the girls sound good on this, even if poor Vanessa seems to be at the top of her range. The Mochelle bits at the end are everything. In fact, Mochelle always sound good together (see 'Ego' acoustically) but we barely never get any of that,” and lastly, Midnight manages to shoehorn in a Nicole Scherzinger reference, of all things: “Mostly unconvincing. I don't know how to feel about its production at times. The melody is lovely and the delivery is convincing. Rochelle and Una get to shine here a lot. Unfortunately, after the second chorus the pieces of the compostion start to fall apart... Oh, Diane... Why not another Trust Me I Lie?”
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