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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I am living for Daniel's persistent shade towards these erly losses.

    Despite the nature of it being particularly "marmite", 'Gentleman' just doesn't really rouse up anything in me any more. It has good parts and it has some truly terrible parts but I admire their decision to release it. That said, its music video is one of the worst things I've ever seen.
  2. Of course, Kellan Lutz is relevant. For that body alone.

    This @Guy is amazing.
  3. Poor Gentleman, I expected it to get some bad comments but not even cracking the top 40? Come on now.
  4. I do remember his GIANT boobs stealing the show in Legend of Hercules 3D. Super distracting.
  5. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    You Don't Have The Right was my favorite album track off Living For The Weekend, it's the only one I still listen to really. I do like Mollie's opening part on Anywhere With You but that rap...

    Gentleman was such a misfire. If Not Giving Up or Disco Love would have been the second single the album campaign would have done a lot better.
  6. One more for today, just because the title is sort of apt...

    58. Had It With Today


    Score: 6.455

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (tylerc904, runrocketboy, LPMA)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (Entropy)

    This song started life as an Una Healy original, featuring on her self-written EP Sorry, which was released in 2006, circa one year B.S. (Before Saturdays). It was then dug out and reswizzled into a banging dance-pop track in 2010, and released as the b-side to “Higher”. Una still does most of the vocals, but some of the other girls get to warble about a bit in the background too, and the word "bitch" is much less audible in the lyrics of this updated version!

    runrocketboy likes the Sats remix: “I loved this song when it was on Una’s EP, but the band version is even better. Truly euphoric,” but Entropy is very much in disagreement: “Eugh they absolutely butchered this didn’t they. The production is awful, the song sounds so much better with acoustic solo Una. The chorus is far too rushed and jaggedy. Not a fan at all,” and JamesJupiter backs him up: “I prefer the original version”.

    Deborux (“definitely a B-side quality song, although Una sounds amazing in this one.”) and DJHazey (“This one just takes flight and carries me away. Part of that is Una's affecting vocals and part is the dramatic production that makes this simple song about having a bad day become an anthem.”) enjoy Una’s vocals, while Vixen gets a bit snarky: “Lol Una. Lol,” and Totto (“Love this song. It’s a nice Una solo song, I’m glad Rochelle was able to provide ad-libs for once”) and Guy (“Strangely enough, Roch's robo "haddit wit today"s are the best part of this song for me.”) are both pleased with Rochelle’s very minor contribution.

    Pim-Em-Elle doesn’t seem too into it all: “it would have been better if someone else sang the second verse. I like it although it could get boring at times. The middle eight is nice,” and neither does WhenTheSunGoesDown: “I can never make up my mind - Do I think that Higher and Higher bit is brilliant or awful? The rest of the song isn't very remarkable to me,” but Mikey1701 is very much taken by it: “The perfect companion to Higher, that stands just as tall on its own. Probably my third favourite b-side after Golden Rules and Ready To Rise,” although Midnight thinks it could have done with a bit more work: “The melody is pleasant, I guess. My favourite moment is when the second verse begins; I'm melting. Oh, and how could I forget "Bitch crossed my pain". This body of work left the studio prematurely, I feel... It's weak”.

    And that's your lot for tonight!
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  7. It should have been out about 5 songs ago. It's not bad at all, but I'm shocked it managed to go this far.

    Anyway, for the second batch :

    58. Had It With Today - 6.455 - 5.5
    59. Gentleman - 6.437 - 8.0
    60. On the Radio - 6.428 - 7.5
    61. Anywhere With You - 6.277 - 6.5
    62. You Don't Have the Right - 6.223 - 6.0
    63. Somebody Else's Life - 6.179 - 3.0
    64. What Am I Gonna Do - 6.17 - 6.0
    65. Love Come Down - 6.143 - 7.5
    66. Unofficial - 6.107 - 7.5
    67. Vulnerable - 6.098 - 4.5
    68. Why Me, Why Now - 6.089 - 4.5

    No big loss again, although it's a shame about 'Gentleman'.
  8. I'm so glad Gentleman is out.
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  9. I quite like Had It With Today I though it would be out a lot earlier so quite pleased with its placing. Most of the rubbish from Living From The Weekend has gone so that's a good thing. Excluding Somebody Else's Life open your eyes as Una would adlib it's one of the best album tracks from a piss poor album. The acoustic version is heavenly too.

    My scores for this batch are:

    58. Had It With Today - 6.455 - 8
    59. Gentleman - 6.437 - 8
    60. On the Radio - 6.428 - 8.5
    61. Anywhere With You - 6.277 - 5
    62. You Don't Have the Right - 6.223 - 8
    63. Somebody Else's Life - 6.179 - 8.5
    64. What Am I Gonna Do - 6.17 - 7
    65. Love Come Down - 6.143 - 8.5
    66. Unofficial - 6.107 - 7
    67. Vulnerable - 6.098 - 7
    68. Why Me, Why Now - 6.089 - 8.5
  10. I actually think 'Bigger' is probably the biggest loss thus far. The verses would need a major rework but I like the melancholic tone it strives for.
  11. Not 'Mushroom' liking a leftover from 'Living For The Weekend'.
  12. When they were allowing tripe like 'Lease My Love' and 'Somebody Else's Life' on there, I don't think it's a matter of quality. Including 'Bigger' and 'Turn Myself In' would've bumped it up to about a... I dunno, 5/10.
  13. 'Turn Myself In' was indeed criminally left out from an album, that's for sure.

    Not sure it would fit that album so well, however. Although, you could easily say 'Living For The Weekend' isn't exactly congruous and cohesive in terms of overall sound, granted.
  14. Turn Myself In would fit best on Wordshaker I think. Or maybe Headlines.
  15. Gentleman is one of the single worst songs ever committed to record. Thank fuck its out. Embarrassing for all involved.

    Fascination, you gave Anywhere With You your EVELEN?! I cannot deal with that. One of the absolute worst tracks on an album full of career lows. Each to his own, I guess.

    And @Shockbox I agree with you about On the Radio haha, every time I hear it I think of Michelle McManus's cover (it was also the b-side to the All This Time CD single!)
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  16. Not surprised at "Gentleman" leaving but I wouldn't have wanted to give my 11 to any other song.

    The subversive pop feminist anthem of 2013. Spice Girls vibes. Perfect.
  17. It's a shame I was out of time to comment on the tracks. I'm living for those.

    PS: Waiting for Forever Is Over shameless elimination (yes, Hazey, it's coming).
  18. I love Gentleman but it was a mistake making it the second single. It seemed to undo everything What About Us did for them.
  19. Not Giving Up should have been the 2nd single but retitled Eyes Wide Open.
  20. Una is absolutely the worst thing on You Don't Have The Right, the praise in the commentary, dear god.
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