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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I'm going to go ahead and say what the ACTUAL fuck at Anywhere With You being out already?!

    I'm going to end up leaving this rate with PTSD.
  2. I just noticed that each of their albums have a song with 'up' in them.

    Up from Chasing Lights
    Open Up from Wordshaker
    Puppet from Headlines!
    All Fired Up from On Your Radar
    Not Giving Up from Living for the Weekend

    Except, of course, Finest Selection (but if you want to argue, both Up and All Fired Up is on there so.).
    So I think renaming 'Not Giving Up' to 'Eyes Wide Open' would break the pattern.

    I'm being silly and I've got nothing else to do.
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  3. Amazing. I laughed so much at Puppet. It reminded me of

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  4. Some eliminations coming your way a bit later on today, it's been an unexpectedly hectic day on my end!
  5. Consider me devastated at Gentlemen's exit and appalled at everyone's lack of taste.
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  6. I was hoping for a bigger meltdown from @Fascination , I'm not gonna lie.

    I can already picture one of my beloved 10s leave quite soon.
  7. Catching up on this has been horrifying. Losing my 11 sucks but I knew it was coming.

    Vulnerable, Had It With Today, 2am... all outstanding and deserved better. LEASE MY LOVE is still here?
  8. So today is @Totto 's birthday so I suggest that we all sacrifice Breakfast2 in order to buy poor old favorite of Totto - 'Lease My Love' - a few more rounds (judging by the few comments on it recently, it's going to need all the help).
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  9. Believe me, @Vixen, a meltdown is being had.

    (Rather I've just been playing Anywhere With You on loop for a while now.)
  10. Bingo.
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  11. This album couldn't stay safe forever...

    Girl, that ain't pretty!

    57. I Say OK


    Score: 6.491

    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (Utopia)
    Lowest Score: 1.5 x 2 (Entropy, Guy)

    After surviving twenty-one eliminations, On Your Radar takes its first hit. “I Say OK” is about being confident and ignoring the haters if you’re feelin’ yourself, they’re probably just jealous anyway. I’ve always seen it as a bit of a sequel of sorts to “Lose Control”, as if it's grown up a bit and is hitting the clubs, but is still really just as juvenile at heart.

    “Strange yet amazing,” begins tylerc904, and DJHazey also likes a bit of weirdness: “I love the lyrics in this song, they are pretty quirky but put a smile on my face. "You bet that I kept my heels on, when I went up to dance" and "Hey-ey-ey, then I'd rather be ugly" do things to me and I have no idea why. Oh and I love that Una doesn't give a “shhh”,” and Pim-Em-Elle also enjoys the lyrics, even finding them rather educational: “I said 'okay' in the past but this song managed to worm it's way in my heart. The lyrics helped a bit. And this is where I discovered the 'lbd'. I searched it on Google as soon as I heard it. Ha!”.

    Deborux is another fan (though I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the criticism…): “I love this. Frankie and Mollie’s weak vocals almost ruin it, though. The chorus is such a high and the song sounds more like the old Saturdays before they went all dance-y,” and Midnight thinks it’s the “most fun moment” of the album, adding: “It used to be one of my favourite tracks on the album. Lyrically, one of the best from it (if not the best). I love the concept. "In the corner of my eye saw someone falling off their seat" is an amazing lyric. Una's ad-libs are another brilliance. What an atmosphere,” and Jam agrees: “I can’t help but enjoy it, particularly Rochelle/Una’s parts”.

    MrJames loves the bridge, like, really loves it: “AMAZING BRIDGE. Literally, I adore that bridge so much,” and Jersey references it in his comment too: “This has no right being as good as it actually is but I ain't mad. I'm just sad that Una couldn't hold up to Rochelle's ferocious verse during the beginning of the track”. Hey, Una may not be as sprightly as she once was, but let her have her fun!

    Not everyone is having as much fun as Una though, with Totto saying: “I hear the intentions, but the it just wasn’t good enough. Really love the pre-chorus, I must ad-mid. And who thought it was a good idea to leave that awful Nessa middle-8 on the track, “AINT PRETTY”, she sounds like granny witch,” Vixen calling it “whatever,” and phily693 feels his mind drifting: “Totally forgettable. So forgettable that I sing Vanessa Hudgen’s terrible Say OK instead”. (I used to like “Say OK”, leave it alone!).

    Finally, a couple of you picked up on one lyric in particular. Yep, that one: “The lyrics are clunky as hell in places, but again I enjoy the melody and the production. I can do without the reference to Simon Cowell,” says Mikey1701, and Entropy mentions it too: “Gosh I always forget about this one. Quite shite isn’t it? The lyrics are awful and the production doesn’t do much to redeem it. The Simon Cowell call out is awful too. Bad chorus as well. This might be my least favourite Sats songs,” while Guy actually becomes Simon Cowell: “It’s a no from me”.
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  12. I love this song.
  13. What's this?

    Another one?

    56. Promise Me


    Score: 6.5

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (Vitamin, Call My Name, Blob)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 3 (Sweet Music, Guy, Jersey)

    Yep, it’s a double whammy for On Your Radar here, and I have something to say about this song. Let me hop into the confessional for a second, and admit that this song is the ONLY song in which I think that Mollie sounds… bad. FORGIVE ME. But seriously, at least it wasn’t on something better, eh? The chorus is pretty weak, but it’s a pleasant enough track overall, though easily my least favourite from the album.

    Midnight feels the same as me: “The main letdown of the album. I don't get the production at all. It seems like the easiest synths and sounds were thrown together to create the song. The middle-8 is awful,” as does tylerc904 (“The weak link on the album, easily”) and Mikey1701 (“High end filler, but filler regardless. There isn't wrong with it, but it feels like it's here to pad out the album.”), and Shockbox thinks the chorus needed something more: “Hate the repetitiveness of sounds,” but Guy thinks the chorus needed less… of Frankie: “Frankie's part of the chorus genuinely makes me want to bash my head against the wall. So, so dreadful. This song really brings down what would have been a 9.5/10 album”.

    Philllll thinks Frankie did a good job, however: “I feel this is a really underrated song. Frankie really delivers here,” and MrJames also feels the song is underrated: “I am continually surprised by the lack of appreciation for this song. It was my early favourite”. Jacket likes it too, calling it a “fucking jam,” as does munro: “A simply great bop”.

    Deborux likes the verses, saying they’re “great,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown agrees, but is another of you let down by the chorus: “The verses are a 10, the chorus is a 6,” as is Totto: “One of the On Your Radar tracks I really struggled to get into. It’s catchy I admit that, but the Chorus sounds so corny. The song built up very nice with the pre-chorus and then the chorus immediately ruins it”. Entropy has something nice to say about the chorus, though: “A guilty pleasure. It is very basic I know, but I can’t help me drawn into it and love it to pieces. The chorus is repetitive I know yet somehow works for me. One of my favourites from this,” and DJHazey likes this. sick. beat: “That beat can restore life! Rochelle slays every word like a queen from the onset. The song becomes admittedly basic the rest of the way, but that opening sequence is striking.”

    I’ll finish with Vixen, who is probably never going to talk to me again after my little confession: “I kinda grew tired of this, but I will forever live for Mollie’s verse. Do wutchu moma said, luv or leave alone”. I’m sorry, alright?!
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  14. At least it's two of the albums weaker tracks that took the first hits. It could have been White Lies.
  15. 'So I threw my crown on to the ground and I ripped up the sash. I traded my ball gown for an LBD and a bunch of cash...'

    GOD, I just love it.
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  16. Just catching up. My eyes MUST be deceiving me. Just Can't Get Enough can't still be in!?
  17. Did you already forgot my 'Forever Is Over' commentary? I would say we're even.
  18. Damn, I love Promise Me. I can't imagine any other On Your Radar tracks leaving any time soon now. Also I'm so shocked my 11 is still in.
  19. I'm sad to see a song as shitty as 'For Myself' still in the competition. It was such a bore on tour as well.
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