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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Hold on. Lose Control surely isn't still in this! Did I miss its exit?
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  2. The final mixed version takes a layer of tracks and has them placed at different levels. The lyric video doesn't.
  3. **
    You didn't miss anything.

    Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and watch it s*** awhile. (Watch it be in the next cull...)
  4. Wait, people really want Lose Control out?

    It is easily one of their best. So catchy and infectious.
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  5. I gave it a 2 and I'm even thinking that was too high. It's awful.
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  6. It's in my Sats Top 5.
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  7. Lose Control was an instant 10.
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  8. Ew @ "Lose Control."
  9. Lose Control needs to go.
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  10. We agree on something Saturdays!
  11. I gave a 0 to 'Lose Control' and it was highly generous of me. Barely got 5-6 words out of me as well.
  12. Y'all are crazy, Lose Control is a total ten of a track.

    I love that Not Good Enough is still hanging on, THANK THE POP LAWDS.
  13. I'll try and get five results up tonight just to bring us nicely to the top fifty, and I can work out a steadier pace for the rest of the rate from there onwards. I'm eager to trim the fat and get to the really good stuff, and I'll probably slow down a bit and give everyone more time to keep up with each reveal once we reach the top forty or so. Feel free to give me your feedback on how fast you'd like things to go, I'd really appreciate it!

    First two coming shortly...
  14. Cheated you...

    Lied to you...

    Now I'm...

    55. Crashing Down

    (This artwork...)

    Score: 6.545

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (phily693, Totto, imaduck)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (munro)

    The final Chasing Lights b-side to leave, this cover of a Nolans track was released alongside “Up”, presumably as a play on the comic juxtaposition of the song titles, which Pim-Em-Elle, sharp as ever, also picked up on: “it's an okay song, it's not bad, but it isn't great either. But being this the b-side to 'Up' is really amusing”. Mikey1701 calls it “poppers o’clock” and a “fantastic cover,” and tylerc904 likes it too: “Great cover (of a song I didn't know prior) and perfect b-side material,” while imaduck needs one more thing to make it complete: “The Nolan's realness is palpable. I just need the sassy shoulder dancer routine and I'm slain”.

    Loads of you loved Una on the song, including Deborux (“love this one. Love Una’s growly vocals in the first verse, the production and the chorus”), Vixen (“Cute. Una sounds great in this.”), runrocketboy (“Una has some sass in this song”), with a couple of you (munro: “The only good part of the song is the first 30 seconds, get those husky vocals Una!,” and Guy: “I love the intro and Una's YEAHH-EEE-YEAHHHH. Its a shame the song comes crashing down after that.”) also saying her part is the only thing worth listening to. WhenTheSunGoesDown too thinks the song peaks early: “Never lives up to the greatness that the first 30 seconds promise. But that crazy loud farty beat is wonderful,” as does Philllll, but he disagrees with that Una love: “This starts off great with the initial airiness and then Una sounds like a smoker. The chorus is not bad at all”.

    Jacket thinks the chorus is bad, though, describing it as “repetitive garbage,” and Midnight thinks the song needs more to it as well: “Ha, I remember I had this on repeat for a few days, two years ago. I like the middle-8. Still, the song falls terribly short”. DJHazey however likes the production: “Wow, this synth and bass combo is bananas!” as does phily693: “I unashamedly love this. Those opening synths kill me. There’s something very Booty Luv about this, and that is a compliment in itself,” (yay Booty Luv!) and Entropy also agrees, and thanks the track for helping turn him into the devoted Saturdays fan he is today: “They’ve got some cracking B-sides. Another song that helped solidify my Sats love. The production is ballsy and the chorus hits so hard. Good stuff”.
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  15. I should feel like crying 'til I'm dry...

    I should feel like breaking down inside...

    But all I feel is...

    54. So Stupid


    Score: 6.571

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 (Midnight, Pim-Em-Elle, Utopia, runrocketboy, Call My Name, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (leewallace19)

    Following the last Chasing Lights b-side is the first one from On Your Radar to go, and this one came with the “My Heart Takes Over” single. Aww, I really like this one, and kudos to the girls (who co-wrote it) for getting that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference in, always a good metaphor to go for.

    Literally it seems like EVERY ONE of their b-sides is ICONIC. This is no exception,” says runrocketboy, and Guy even thinks it’s their best one, as well as enjoying that reference I mentioned: “This is their best b-side me thinks. Vanessa's harsh 2011 vocals actually work really well in this song, and that Frollie middle 8 is undeniable. The line "I never realized, you were Jekyll and Hyde, you only showed me one side" really resonates with me for some reason,” and Entropy rightly thinks that every On Your Radar b-side is a jam: “The On Your Radar B-sides were pretty good weren’t they? I love Vanessa in the opening of this, the production may be a little over bearing at times but on the whole I just love this song. Una sounds brilliant too. Ballsy, poppy, dancey, yes-ey”.

    “This is not as great as so many profess, but it’s good,” Philllll says, in response to you lot up there, and Mikey1701 views the song much in the same way: “This keeps popping up on my iPod whenever I have it on shuffle and I rather enjoy it. It's nothing special, but it's hardly terrible. Functional, if you will,” and Vixen doesn’t have much to say for the song, but points out that it does fulfil key criteria: “It's cute. At least, it isn't lacking any Mollie”.

    Deborux is liking the production, but finds things off-putting overall: “I love the production but the song itself is so bland with terrible lyrics in the chorus,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown thinks the same: “Love the synths. Not super into the rest,” with phily693 being more positive, though still echoing the sentiment: “Why haven’t I heard this before? It’s great! The production outshines the melody and lyrics,” but Pim-Em-Elle thinks it’s all good: “the perfect midtempo filled with angst and it's giving me feels. One of the songs I fell in love with in the first listen. It's got everything for me, lyrics and music. (Relating to the lyrics, you see.),” as does Midnight with this rather lovely comment: “Another case of brilliance taking its time to fully unveil itself much later. I love the production throughout the track. Una's part with rich background vocals leading up to the chorus is amazing. Also, I like the bittersweet, somewhat confusing synths intertwined with 'I should...'s. Lyrics go so well with the melody and production in chorus. Sitting at the top with a few other B-sides”.
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  16. These two b-sides aren't bad at all, but again, they had to go.

    That cover art for 'Crashing Down' is shocking. On the other hand, the 'So Stupid' somehow works.
  17. Now I'm crashing DOAHAOOOWN.

    Lose Control next, I know people want to.
  18. No, So Stupid, I didn't see that coming! Oh my... Come on, Lose Control and Don't Let Me Dance Alone both need to join Promise Me in heaven (or hell?).

    Perhaps about three tracks per day? Though I'm very content with the current pace.
  19. Yeah I'd preferred we trim the fat before slowing things down...and there's still a whole lot of fat left.
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  20. Daniel, I'm ready to cry, serve me those devastating eliminations.
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