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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I really would love to keep obliterating filler until the Top 30.

    Daniel - the pace is excellent!
  2. I am perched for the next eliminations.
  3. I am proud that we can at least agree on one thing Saturdays related.
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  4. Look at us enjoying the exact same part of the song. Also yay for Booty Luv comparisons.
  5. Do we really think "Crashing Down" is better than "Gentleman?" I didn't know the forum was declining this bad. "So Stupid" is much better than that as well. Ugh, tsk, tsk, tsk. I shouldn't have rated singles in a different bracket than I did the albums. "What About Us, while more enjoyable now then when it released, it doesn't deserve to be over some of these songs at all. It has no sustenance at all.
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  6. So Stupid is pretty great and deserved to outlast much of the dross remaining. It would have edged my top 20.
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  7. Be careful what you wish for...

    53. Not Good Enough


    Score: 6.58

    Highest Score: 10 x 8 (Vitamin, Sweet Music, Deborux, Robsolete, Totto, Blob, Conan, Jersey)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (Utopia, phily693)

    Not good enough for me, indeed. This Wordshaker track is one of my absolute least favourite Saturdays songs, it is such a fucking mess. The verses are a melody-free zone, the chorus tries desperately to be huge but instead just crashes, burns, and destroys three neighbourhoods, and the grammar, good Lord, the GRAMMAR. I still gave it a 4 though, oop, because that middle eight is blooming lovely, and I feel so sorry for it that it has to be part of this crappy song forever more.

    I’ll get the positive stuff out of the way first, shall I. Here’s Jersey to start with, who thankfully did not give this his 11 as I feared, but still gave it one of those eight (!!) repulsive 10s: “My favorite ballad from the girls which definitely see it's way out early which is a shame because everyone sounds so strong and wonderful on the song. Not to mention that monster of a chorus, LAWD. Melodrama at it's finest”. Blob also nearly made the worst mistake of his life by almost giving it his 11: “I love everything about this song, bad grammar included. But saving my 11 for another”. Thank you both for at least having some semblance of decency.

    Guy needs his ears checked: “The initial screaming in the first 3 seconds usually scares me into skipping this one, but when I accidentally listen longer, the chorus actually has a really pleasant melody. Who knew,” as does munro: “Grabbed my attention from the very first second, sIay,” and DJHazey tries to explain himself and what the hell he’s doing enjoying this racket: “Yeah, we all know what each and every shrill "not good enough" should do to someone's ears, but in this song they break all the rules because they are sonically amazing. The simple structure of "my ____" and how they want nothing to do with you as explained by Vanessa; the part is done in such a killer way. Tell me how to get the hell out of your life all you want, but it's going to be hard when you deliver the message like this”.

    GhettoPrincess says she’s not sure why people don’t like the song, and calls the chorus “powerful”. That’s one way to put it. Vixen disappoints me: “Okay seriously beside the obvious grammar mistakes in the lyrics, this is actually a bop? I like it,” and Jacket does too: “Aside from “my eyes doesn’t wanna look at you”, this is beautiful”. Midnight finds the bad grammar contagious, and catches some bad taste along with it: “My ears does want to hear it again. There's no denying it's better than some ballads on the album. One of the most emotional moments on Wordshaker. I can almost feel an outburst of anger and tears materialising in front of me. What a big, crying chorus! Love the additional string section at the end of the song. Also, probably the most emotive Rochelle moment in the girls' entire discography”.

    Deborux at least gets something right despite a pile of disgusting other praise: “I’ve always loved this but I remember it being slated when the album came out. The production is huge and Vanessa completely owns that massive chorus but Rochelle steals the show for me in her middle 8 when it breaks down into the guitars and her emotional delivery,” as does Pim-Em-Elle: “some of the lyrics construction really bother me otherwise it's a good ballad but not great. Middle eight is the best part”. That poor middle eight, what did it do to deserve this song?

    Now let me revel in some hate, although there is not nearly enough for my liking. “Not good enough (for public consumption). This song is literally complete shit,” correctly states runrocketboy, and WhenTheSunGoesDown says: “Plodding and annoying. Skip!” The correct reaction. that boy is a monster calls it “horrid” and adds: “The screeching on the chorus - I can't take it. A shame because there is actually potential somewhere here.” Pssst, that ‘somewhere’ is the middle eight. That's the last time I'll mention it, I promise.

    tylerc904 was disappointed when it showed up uninvited on Wordshaker, as it was originally recorded for the debut album: “I had the leak prior to Chasing Lights and wasn't all that upset when it didn't make the cut. When it popped up here I thought "waste of space”,” what possessed them to rake it out of the bin, I shall never know. Shockbox wasn’t impressed by this either, saying it “still sounds like a demo,” and Entropy could do without it too: “It’s okay. I remember having this for some reason way before the album was released, did it leak month before or something? It was definitely a slow burner for me but the flame didn’t ignite much. Does that make sense? I doubt it. Frankie sounds really weaker than usual in this too. Sub-par”.

    Good riddance!
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  8. I would have gave 'Gentleman' a 10 had my average for 'Living for the Weekend' hadn't been so freaking high. I had to change that and 'Gentleman' was only one of the too many tracks that got a bit of a cut.

    I actually think it's great and definitely believe all the tracks that have ranked above it, for now, aren't as good. But, oh well!
  9. 'Lol' at Daniel calling the verses of 'Not Good Enough' melody-free. Let me see what you have to say on a few tracks that should be coming soon enough and have not even a bit of melody whatsoever.

    You iz in danger, sis.

    I regret not giving it an higher score, now. It deserved it.
  10. How the hell have Don't Let Me Dance Alone and Just Can't Get Enough survived this long? Gentleman and the On Your Radar cuts deserved to outlive such atrocities.
  11. I love seeing why people disagree with me on stuff but I genuinely have never understood why people hate Not Good Enough so much.
  12. I love Not Good Enough.

    I think this is why.
  14. Admittedly forgot about that line but it still doesn't warrant beating the lyrical gems in Gentleman.

  15. Whitney working her magic from the beyond. Look at God, won't he do it. MY LORD!

  16. 'Gentleman' did leave too soon, yes.

    (Is that, ahem, Good Enough, @flapjack- ?)
  17. I am stunned. "Not Good Enough," better than "Gentleman?" I could really yell and lecture you all but I'm sure you're subconsciously ashamed deep down so it's okay.

    You're beautiful, oohhhh, I hope you know.

    It's passable. Enough? There could always be more Vixen.
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  18. These slutty heels are killing me... f*ck they're the best.
  19. It was one of my eights, but I think I should have opted for a nine with this one. With No One and Deeper having left prior, this is the last stellar moment of Wordshaker. Other tracks simply fell out of favour. Even Wordshaker, the anthem.
  20. But you already have the milk, why would you want the cow?
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