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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I have no milk!
    This thread does not have the livestock I thought it would.

    I am baffled!
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  2. At least Not Good Enough had a flawless cover to go with it's elimination. I knew it was coming but it doesn't make the blow any easier. Bitches.
  3. I'm not gonna lie, made me cackle enough to make Vanessa proud.
  4. Hi there Sats fans! I come in peace from the Sats Forum on Buzzjack! *waves*
  5. How nice of you to stop by! I hope you'll be keeping up with the reveals.

    Another two hopefully coming soon for tonight, provided I avoid distraction...
  6. Oh I definitely will! Has Wish I Didn't Know been eliminated yet?
  7. Yass, Cameron babe!

    (which is, by the way, I'm dead certain, a Saturdays leftover. It was written by Ina and produced by David Eriksen.)
  8. *.* Tatiana
  9. "Wish I Didn't Know" is still in, but this song has seen its last day...

    52. Don’t Let Me Dance Alone


    Score: 6.598

    Highest Score: 10 x 5 (Mikey1701, Fascination, Philllll, Red Coat, WhenTheSunGoesDown)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (Number)

    Living for the Weekend sheds another track now, leaving it with only half of its standard tracklist left in the rate. Co-written by the girls, this song features more than a passing resemblance to Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in the chorus, and it was performed as part of a medley of the girls’ favourites on the Greatest Hits Live! tour in 2014, with some ballroom-inspired moves in the routine to reference Frankie’s impending stint on Strictly Come Dancing.

    Shockbox sounds the alarms: “Generic dance pop alert,” and Midnight comes running to answer their call: “The lowest the parent album has sinked. Mostly awful. A mutated, prone to die-off descendant of highly evolved I Say OK. Rest in peace, truly”.

    Apart from that, pretty much every comment was in some way positive, with Red Coat making the outlandish remark that this song is “better than anything on that new Carly album. (I'm not joking),” maybe in your fa-an-ta-sy it is, and DJHazey’s comment leaves me bemused: “Whoever inspired this song needs be smacked. She's looking hot, yet you're not going to her take out and show her off...what's the matter with you? Una's "YOLO" moment is insanely moving and this song does everything to me. I love every single one of The Sat's 'take over the dancefloor' songs and who wouldn’t?” Well, quite.

    Pim-Em-Elle says the song is a surefire mood-lifter: “it's cheeky and I love it for that. It's a really fun song. So 'boppable'. It never fails to cheer me up,” Philllll seems to imply that he would have liked it to be a single (HMMM) and likes that each girl gets to shine: “I would just love a video for this song, so many great moments. They all get their moment and that’s what I love,” and Vixen shamelessly jams: “This is the definition of guilty pleasure. You just know you shouldn’t be liking this, but I just do? I DIDN’T PUT THIS DRESS FOR YOU TO TAKE IT OFF BUT SINCE YOU'RE WITH ME RIGHT NOW. Yasss, Vanessa. Shame Una’s bits are the cheapest thing in all their discography. In all honesty, this probably should be getting a lower score but I can't help but love it somehow so there goes the 8.0. #oops”. You go girl.

    Despite the production’s best attempts to repel listeners, many of you couldn’t help but give into temptation. “The production is their worst ever. But I literally cannot help but bop,” admits Jacket, with tylerc904 (“The production is sloppy and noisy but this grew to be an enjoyable little jam”) and MrJames (“It's tacky as anything, but undeniably catchy”) agreeing, and GhettoPrincess is swept up in it all too: “Oh this is amazing despite the unfortunately poor production. Vanessa is great, Mollie's verse is amazing, Una's robotic middle 8 is lush. I really wish the standout tracks on these albums would've been better produced, there's lots of potential for them all to be much better”.

    Mikey1701 gives me a bit of Robyn: “Another one that I seem in the minority to stan for. Sure there are mixing issues, but this is a balls-to-the-walls thumping dance anthem and the chorus is perfection. I can relate to wanting someone to dance with (every fucking time I go out) and the Whitney reference in the chorus gives me life,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown gives me a bit of a giggle: “I love me a song that sounds like it was recorded on a broken Gameboy. All the points!”

    Not everyone could look past The Jam’s all-out assault on the senses, however, with Guy saying that Mollie is the only true saving grace of the song: “I KNOW there is an incredible song buried deep beneath the horrendous production. I'm so upset The Jam, once again, ruined what could have been a really great song. The melody on the chorus is nice, but Mollie's "it took you 20 minutes, just to come and say Hi" is what brings this song up to a very generous 2/10”. Quite right.
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  11. And one more...

    I'm leavin' the past behind me...

    I'm gonna move on and find me!

    51. Ready to Rise


    Score: 6.652

    Highest Score: 10 x 5 (Mikey1701, runrocketboy, phily693, Remorque, that boy is a monster)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (leewallace19)

    Both Headlines b-sides are out now, with this being the one to come out alongside “Missing You”. The song is a self-empowerment anthem about extinguishing that old flame with a confident kiss-off, then having a bit of a boogie to yourself.

    Some of you really enjoyed the production on the song, with phily693 saying: “Love the thomping production here,” Entropy adding: “I love the production on this, it’s so euphoric and clubby. Very summery. The vocals in the chorus are kind of flat but it’s not too bad. A very good B-side,” and Mikey1701 also complimenting it: “This kind of production gets me everytime and I am always here for a triumphant “I'm done with heartbreak” bop and the chorus is everything. Slé”.

    Deborux thinks the chorus lets it down, however: “solid bop with great verses but a pretty lacklustre chorus that doesn’t hit the highs of the production,” and Totto doesn’t think anything fits together: “The Pre-chorus and the chorus aren’t made for each other”. Pim-Em-Elle disagrees though, saying it’s a “cool song from start to finish” and runrocketboy stans: “AMAZING. A TRUE STOMPER”.

    “Whatever” is all Vixen has to say, and Guy also struggles to come up with anything: “I really don't have anything to say about this one. It's just...not a very good song,” and I honestly can’t tell whether WhenTheSunGoesDown’s comment (“I could totally see this as a Lithuania/Slovenia/Cyprus Eurovision entry or something”) is supposed to be positive or negative, but I’m leaning towards the positive since the last thing I can remember from any of those countries is this gloriously basic bop. What a jam.

    munro definitely thinks this suits its b-side status, saying it “sounds like an unfinished demo of sorts,” and Midnight agrees, and reminds us all of Una’s """choreography""" for the song: “I used to like it very, very much. I have developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with the production. Perhaps some kind of nostalgia saves it... There's something great about the track and at the same time I perceive it as something cheap and not polished enough, 'yeah, that will do' etc. vibes. Una's dance routine to it in a certain flip sprouts to mind at times when listening”.

    Let’s watch that to finish off the evening, shall we?

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  12. Wait, 'Ready to Rise' was still in?!


    Oh my god. Seriously, so many b-sides should have left before all of these albumtracks.

    Shame about 'Don't Let Me Dance Alone', but as I said, it's more of a guilty pleasure of mine than a proper favorite.
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  13. No One and Lose Control aren't out yet Don't Let Me Dance Alone is gone. Surprised.
  14. It's a shorter batch this time, but Imma do it now since we will be enterring the top 50 tomorrow.

    51. Ready to Rise - 6.652 - 5.5
    52. Don't Let Me Dance Alone - 6.598 - 8.0
    53. Not Good Enough - 6.58 - 6.5 (I thought I gave this a 7.5 and I would actually gave it a 8 now!)
    54. So Stupid - 6.571 - 6.0
    55. Crashing Down - 6.545 - 6.0
    56. Promise Me - 6.5 - 6.5
    57. I Say OK - 6.491 - 5.5

    Except for the guilty pleasure, the scores are oddly similar, so obviously, no big loss for me again.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    No One was the third song out...
  16. My two favourite Living For The Weekend bops cruelly cut.

    The devastation is so real.
  17. Cam !

    Also you can't use Emoticons here, just so you know babe.
  18. I feel like Leave a Light On is slowly running out of its matches. Feluna will have to meow her middle-8 to the moon.
  19. My recap:

    51. Ready To Rise - 6.652 - 6
    52. Don't Let Me Dance Alone - 6.598 - 9.5
    53. Not Good Enough - 6.580 - 8.5

    I probably overscored "Don't Let Me Dance Alone" a tad, and my "Not Good Enough" commentary was a complete mess but I had an actual thought behind it I swear.

    That 'Ready To Rise' video just posted was cute as hell. When the hell would Mollie ever show up to a shoot "looking like a beast"??? I wanted to give Una a hand with her dance routine so badly...
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