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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Poor Not Good Enough, wasn't good enough for top 50.
    Now rest in peace my sweet Not Good Enough, you may rest now.
  2. Deeper and Not Good Enough hurt the most. The former is so inoffensive and y'all just fucked it over from the start. Thankful the latter hung on a bit. I want my eleven to sweep this.
  3. I like to believe my 11 has all the chances in the world to be top 10, but they have such a strong catalogue that it might fall to #11 instead...which would be a shame, but slightly ironic considering the score.
  4. You did.
  5. Yay at my 11 making the top 50 (watch it be eliminated next). I can't see it lasting much longer. I really want another single to go out soon just for some drama.
  6. There's been no major losses so far but 'Don't Let Me Dance Alone' is far superior to 'Ready To Rise'.
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  7. Totto!

    Ugh darn, devastated
  8. Open up and I can't wait are still in? Oh dear
  9. Hmm.
  10. Don't Let Me Dance Alone is fucking amazing you dunces.

    I wouldn't know any of the others if they came up and bit my ankle. Especially sad since I just listened to them to rate them.
  11. Not Good Enough is the only thing I really care about leaving.
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  12. There is so much shit left to get through.

    Just Can't Get Enough, Died in Your Eyes, Karma, Lease My Love, What Are You Waiting For and the majority of the B-Sides besides Flashback.
  13. Sad about Don't Let Me Dance Alone getting eliminated. So much rubbish left:

    Just Can't Get Enough, Died in Your Eyes, Lease My Love, Lose Control, Open Up, My Heart Takes Over

    Just to name a few.
  14. Girlfriend.
  15. Just Can't Get Enough still being in is extremely unnerving. Like one of those horrible nightmares which makes you see the real world slightly differently when you wake up.
  16. Oh. Clearly I'm lost (and this forums taste is not). Thank you, Rocket.
  17. Chasing Lights needs a good cull, but hopefully not the wrong tracks will be affected by this.
  18. Half of what's left for Chasing Lights, "Wordshaker" (the song), the "Do What You Want With Me"-"Faster"-"Last Call" Unholy Trinity from On Your Radar, the "Lease My Love" & "Leave A Light On" combo from Living For the Weekend, and "I Can't Wait" can leave and everything is basically a 7+ for me.
  19. *heavy breathing sounds*
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